• Chucky-life-h

    Chucky in Jeff`s face.


    Jeff in the window

    Andy Barclay,now 29,has a wife and kid,living in Buckwood,NY,and is living a happy life,when a news report comes on*

News Reporter:John,I`m here at the location of the sightings and we found some buried human remains.

Camera guy:*points*who`s that?


Camera Guy:AHHHHH!

  • Static appears*

Jeff:*covered in ashes and smoke,Jeff wanders to a sign that reads Buckwood,and starts hysterically laughing,then stops*Hmph.*keeps walking into a Toy Factory,and spots a Good Guy Doll*

  • lightning stirkes the factory,burning it down,and Jeff escapes*

Jeff:Eh,two fires in one week.

  • At Andy`s house,Jeff peaks through his son`s window*

Jeff:GO TO SLEEP*a shotgun fires across the room,it was Andy*

Andy:Say goodnight*aims at Jeff,suddenly,a doll jumps through the window,and tackles Jeff*

The doll:Sorry Jack,CHUCKY`S BACK!*Stabs jeff,and drags Andy`s son out the window,and throws him in a car he had stolen,and drives away*

TO BE CONTINUED.............................