Hey guys! I've came back from my vacation and you know what that means! TIME TO RUIN ANOTHER CREEPYPASTA! 

This crap is about Jeff The Killer winding up in Diabetesland where all tons of adorable crap happens.

Part II of The Badly Twisted Creepypasta Series.

It (prologue)Edit


Oh No, Don't You Dare Show Me Baby FluttershyEdit




Anyway those are the first two chapters planned (LOL prologue doesn't count as chapter)

Any questions? Stuff you don't like? If you give a crap talk to me on my message wall or PM me in chat.

Copyright Motion Globe Productions, Lewis Smith 2013.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Jeff The Killer or any of the preschooler shows i'm going to parody. And even if I don't, why are you still reading this?

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