Jacob Pukes
Dog Boy

Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 15
Activities Fighting Crime
Friends Jason Nobody,Amber Jakes,Jackie Jones(Girlfriend)
Enemies Villians,Weretiger,The Laugher
Status Alive
Location Earth

Jacob "Jakey" Pukes is an awkward 15 year old boy.One day he is bit by a glowing dog and transformed into a dog like human.He then dons the name Dog Boy.

Early LifeEdit

None is known about Jakey`s early life but at some point he befriended a homeless boy named Jason.He was born some point in the mid 90`s.

High School LifeEdit

At an unknown point Jakey started being bullied.One day a girl from his Science Class stood up for him while he was being bullied.She then asked him out.After hearing of this,Jason helps him buy a suit using money he was supposed to use buying a coat.He evetually settles on a dog costume.


While heading home from the store he is attacked by a glowing dog.After being bit he is welcomed in by his mother for dinner.
Dog Boy is Born


  • Jason and Jakey must of been great friends,as Jakey was willing to give Jason money for a coat and Jason used it to help Jakey on his date.

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