Prologue== J. Badger never wanted to be here. Moving to some outlandish town was never what he asked for. But he had little choice. He was relocated 5 times, hopefully this place was a good buisness. Or else, he'd have to relocate again. And again. J. was very depressed. This town, this "Gorgetown," is it worth the time? Soon, J. would learn it is not just worth time, but what he'd run into would be time itself.

Grimshot and Phazon;On The LamEdit


"What do you think I'm doing, walking?"

"Shut up! We should be able to lose them in two turns!"

"Why did you do this again?"

"I figured it would be cool to see your grandpa!"

"My grandpa's still alive!"

"I meant in the army!"

"My grandpa was a shoe salesman!"

"Your other grandpa!"


The two turned and backed down into an alley. "Phew....that was close." said Grimshot Theral Frost, a scientist who just narrowly avoided a cult after stealing their algae gasoline.

His friend, Phazon Narasumas said this, "I still think your idea's stupid. How's algae gonna make a time machine?"

"It won't. Its gonna power it."

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