WARNING! THIS IS VERY GORY, A GOREFIC. IF YOU DON'T LIKE THAT KIND OF STUFF, DON'T READ ANY FURTHER! I WARNED YOU! Well, I kinda wrote this during 7th grade, my friend and I both wrote cupcakes fanfiction of us murdering each other to show how much we love each other :D But yeah.... Uh..... Just an old story I found on one of my jumpdrives....

“Ugh im sooooo bored…there’s nothing to do around here…” The girl sighed, “That is, until the clock strikes midnight. That’s when the real fun begins. ”She casually hung upside down from her bed. As soon as the clock struck twelve, the mysterious girl grabbed her cloak and mask, and stepped out into the cold and dreary night. She ran like the wind, if anyone were to walk by, they would have no idea she was there. She slunk around in the darkness until she arrived at her destination.

“Ah! Finally here! I thought I would never arrive on time!” She whispered as she checked her tiny wristwatch. “Ok, time to get to work!” She set the hood over her cloak to hide her face. Quietly and with stealth, she entered her best friend’s house. Reaching into her coat pocket, she pulled out a small bottle of a mysterious liquid. As soon as she twisted the cap off, the smell of strong acid filled the room. She crept up to her sleeping friend, covered her face, and forced her unconscious from the poison. She heaved her friend into a tan burlap sack. “This is heavy…why am I so small? No matter. Off we go!” The two jumped out the window and disappeared into the dark of the night.

When Mellisa opened her eyes, all she could see was a small light that flickered atop the high ceilings. “Huh? Where am I? Is it time for school? Damn I hate school.” The entire room was dark. Well, excepting the flickering light. Mellisa heard an ominous laughing coming from the shadows. The laugh seemed to move throughout the darkness. “Hello? W-Where am I? What is this?” As Mellisa began to struggle, she realized that she was tied up in leather straps that were tied so tight, her hands began to turn pale.

“Hello, Mellisa.” The mysterious laughing girl stepped out of the shadows and into Mellisas area of vision. She pulled back her hood revealing a bright white mask that covered her face, but it was splattered with red…Blood red. “A-Ayla? Is that you?” Mellissa stuttered in disbelief. Ayla removed her mask and smiled. “How did you guess? I guess I do need to go and buy that voice changer device… But that doesn’t matter right now! This is all about you! Well, and me too. Well, time to get to work. Hold on for just one more second, I’m going to leave you alone for a few seconds. I don’t recommend you to try to escape. You really don’t want to do that. I’m in a good mood now. So just sit tight for a bit so that I can prepare everything for our game. I’m sorry I wasn’t ready ahead of time, but you woke up a bit before schedule. Listen to me ramble on and on, I’ll be right back.”

Ayla disappeared into the darkness for a few seconds. Mellissa’s eyes began to get puffy and tears welled up in her eyes. ‘Is this for real?’ she thought. Her mind raced so fast that it hurt her head. “Ah! Found it! Sorry for the delay, I’m sure you’d like to begin the game.” Mellisa heard a click echo throughout the huge area. The whole room lit up and revealed the gruesome appearance of the room. Blood splatters littered the walls, and words were scrawled on the wall in blood. Severed heads hung from hooks and inflated intestines littered the room. Skulls hung from the ceiling. A breeze blew in through the broken window which caused the skulls and bones to rattle and clang together.

Ayla walked to a cart and pushed it near Mellisa wear she laid, tied to the bloody table. The cart was littered with surgical tools, knives, acids, and many more things. Ayla looked up and noticed Mellisa staring at the tools with huge eyes. “Oh, these? Like them? They are my prized possessions. They work so well,I just hope they don’t dull to quickly from too much use…,” Ayla stroked the knifes lovingly. “Im sorry, Im feeling rather chatty tonight, let’s get started! This will be so ,much fun! I was waiting and waiting for your number to come, I was tempted to move it up, but I decided to just be patient and leave the system alone. Well, time to get on with the game!”

Ayla picked up a long and rather sharp pair of scissors and raised them to Mellisa’s hair. “I’ve always thought that your hair was so beautiful, and after all the pain we went through together, I loved stroking your hair, telling you everything was alright. Now, I get to do that once again.” Ayla raised the scissors above her head and brought them down, chopping at her hair, hair flying about and floating, drifting throughout the air. As she chopped, she dug into Mellisa’s scalp, peeling the skin of her scalp off and causing it to bleed. Mellisa screamed and whimpered. “Ayla…how could you…I…” “Hey, Mellisa, I bet I look like Edward Scissorhands!” Ayla giggled as she chopped and cut. “I’ll leave some hair because I’ve always admired beauty, and I don’t much like ugliness. Besides, bald is kind of ugly. I don’t want you to look too mangled- yet.”

Ayla set down the bloodied scissors onto the cart. This time, she picked up the butchers knife. “You know one thing I learned from Cupcakes? To never use a hacksaw, butchers knives work much better.” Ayla hacked at Mellisa’s knees, peeling the skin off her knees. Mellisa writhed in agony. The bone begun to shine through the red of the blood, and Ayla stopped chopping. “Okay, that’s good enough for now. I don’t want to chip your bones, you need them to move. Just um…drink some milk and the calcium will help your bones heal. I think I left a few nicks. Ok, time to collect some blood. I need some, I believe yours will be quite sweet and perfect for cupcakes.”

Ayla walked to the table that held the severed heads, and grabbed a glass jar from the table. She bounced up to Mellisa and held the jar below Mellisa’s knees as they bled. Mellisa cried and pleaded, “Please…Just take me away from here…stop…I’m your friend!” “Geez Mellisa! You are like a fountain!” Ayla giggled as she filled the jar. Once the jar was full to the point of overflowing, Ayla took the jar and set it down upon the table. Ok, time to collect some flesh. Ayla grabbed the scalpel and started making incisions in Mellisa’s thighs and arms. “Oh, how rude of me, I’ll let you taste some!” Ayla shoved a piece of Mellisa’s own flesh into her mouth. Mellisa choked and gagged, nearly vomited, and then spit out the piece. Ayla turned and shook her head. “How rude you are! I gave you a snack and you spit it out like it’s disgusting? Let me guess; now you’re going to fall asleep on me?”

Mellisa’s eyes started to flutter shut due to shock and pain. “Really, Mellisa? You are rude!” Ayla walked to the cart and picked up a syringe filled with a strange greenish liquid and injected Mellisa with it. Mellisa’s eyes snapped open and her breathing began to go rapid. “Come now Mellissa, I’m sure you can last much longer than this. I haven’t even begun yet!” Mellisa screamed at the top of her lungs, “STOP!” Ayla shook her head. “It’s much too late for that. Well, let’s clean up those wounds so that you don’t go dying on me before you are supposed to.”

Ayla reached into a cupboard and pulled out a bottle marked “Cleaning Alcohol”. She walked over to Mellisa and poured it onto each of Mellisa’s wounds. Mellisa screamed at the top o f her lungs, so much that it hurt her throat. “PLEASE STOP I PROMISE I WON’T TELL ANYONE JUST LET ME GO!!” Ayla simply shook her head no.

“Here comes the most fun. Our show is coming to a close, and the curtains are about to fall. Lets have fun in your last few minutes, Ok?” Ayla grabbed the smallest and sharpest knife from her collection and brought it to Mellisa’s wrist. She dug into Mellisa’s wrists as Mellisa screamed and recoiled in pain. “Ah! There it is! Your nerve!” Ayla pulled on a blue string in Mellisa’s wrist. A sudden pop rang throughout the whole building and Mellisa began to hyperventilate as the blood from her wrist flew about. “Calm yourself Mellisa, I know you. You are strong. Show your true strength now!” Ayla pulled as hard as she could on the vein and eventually the vein popped out and blood spurted from Mellisa’s wrist like a fountain. Ayla grabbed a needle and carefully strung the nerve through the head of the needle. Ayla began threading the nerve thread to seal Mellisa’s mouth. Mellisa began to scream, pulling out all the nerves and needles from her mouth. Ayla sighed.

“How am I supposed to do any work with you squirming like a baby worm stuck inside a spider sack? No matter, it’s getting late, I need to hurry a bit.” Ayla grabbed a fishhook and tied it to a string. She plunged the hook down Mellisa’s throat. “I REALLY don’t recommend you to close your mouth or scream, or else…well you’ll see what happens if you so choose to do that. Ayla then began to pull at the hook as hard as she could. This turned the inside of Mellisa’s throat to raw meat. Mellisa began choking on her own blood as she tried to scream. “Wait Mellisa! Don’t leave me yet! Our game isn’t over yet!” Ayla rushed to the back of the table Mellisa was tied to and tipped it forward. Mellissa gagged and a mixture of vomit and blood escaped her mouth. “I’m sorry Mellisa! This is the first time I’ve tried that! I saw it on a movie! That’s more of a move for enemies than for a friend. Its ok, our show is closing and the curtain is falling, all we need now is the finale. Ayla grabbed the scalpel and began to slice open Mellisa’s stomach and she pulled out her intestines. Last, Ayla pulled out Mellisa’s heart. Ayla kissed it and said, “I’ll treasure it forever…Goodbye Mellisa! See you soon!” With one last whimper, Mellisa waved goodbye and mouthed the words goodbye before breathing her last breath. “The curtain has fallen, the show has ended…You can go home now…”

Mellisa woke up screaming and in a cold sweat. Her hands were clammy as she touched her face. A pair of scissors, a knife, and a fishhook all clung to the floor as she dropped them from her hands. She gasped in disbelief and fainted. When she came to, she looked at her chest in the mirror. She felt…empty. Right where her heart was located, there was a huge, gaping hole. Beside her bed was a cupcake that was a deep red color. Beneath it was a note. The note read Here! I left you a cupcake! Hope it tastes good! I worked very hard on it! Your friend, Ayla There was a bite taken out of the cupcake. Katie, Melisa’s sister, walked into the room. She had crimson crumbs littering her face.

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