Grimshot is a skilled and talented pony, his a master at sword fighting skills and at one point defeated his tutor Blade, in a sword fighting contest, Grimshot is also sometimes very lazy, like for instance in the winter wrap up song he says his maid ran back to manexico, so he cant even get his own food without a maid, so his freinds have been helping him


Blaze -

Grimshot likes hanging out with Blaze but from time to time has to fix his mishaps and try and get him out of trouble...a lot, but ether way there still good freinds

Phazon -

Grimshot and Phazon go to Sliver Dashes Cafe from time to time to hang out, along with Blaze, Sometimes Phazon and Grimshot play on the xbox to play minepony or Call of Eqeustria, or one of grimshots favourites, Transformers: fall of Eqeustria

Rarity -

Grimshot and Rarity kissed on hearts and hooves day, but Grimshot has been avoiding her ever since, because he thinks it was a mistake and also he thinks shes to clingy to her work.

Other CharactersEdit

Grimshot Theral Frost (GTF)
Visual Statistics
Cutie Mark Robust Sword
Friends Blaze, Phazon, Shockwave, Night moon, Blue, Windrider, Mane 6
Enemies Queen of changelings, Phazon God, Dark Harvester
Other Info
Location Ponyvile
Gender Male
Appears in N/A