WARNING: This fanfiction contains Fluff, Rape, Smut, Domincance/Submission, Violence, Blood/Gore, Heavy Swearing, and Idologically Sensitive Material. Viewer discression is advised.

PLEASE take heed of these warnings; They are put there for a reason. Do not read this fiction if you ARE NOT a legal adult[mentally or otherwise] in your country, or if you ARE NOT comfortable with the subjects mentioned above.

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I cried out as he thrust one last time, then started trembling hard.

He sighed and collapsed on top of me, shaking and panting. He wasn't crushing me, but he was still putting enough weight on me to make me aware of this position.

I swallowed and tried to catch my breath. Part of it had felt good, but it still hurt. Inside and out.

I cried out softly as he pulled out, blood and other juices dribbling down my legs as he pulled himself up to meet  me face to face.

He claimed my trembling lips with his own, and I shut my eyes tight.

"Mmm..." he groaned, moving his lips against mine, drowning in the moist sounds made from his lips connecting with mine, and from the frantic tonguings.

He pulled away, and grinned, showing his slightly sharp teeth. The cold white eyes on the coal black contrasted heavilly, and his black pinprick pupils bore down on me like a drill.

"You are mine now," he whispered, running his hand through my hair, which was splayed out along the mattress. I whimpered. 


I closed my eyes and sobbed, and he turned from me for a second, probably to tuck himself back in and make himself decent.

He turned back to me and untied my wrists from the bed. He helped me sit up, and moved one of the bloodstained sheets to allow me to cover myself.

He began to slowly rub my back with a palm, up and down. His hand, which was so more than cold earlier, was now a comforting warm, maybe even a mild hot.

I usually liked gestures of affection like this. I liked being treated like a human instead of a burden on society like I always was.

Now I only wanted it to stop. I cringed, still sobbing quietly.

He gave me a kiss on the cheek, and whispered, "Stay here, and I will be right back."



He came back with a glass of water, and a little baggie of white pills. He sat down next to me, and took out two pills from the bag.

"Take these," he said, holding them out to me with an open palm, "and you will feel better."

I looked at the pills suspiciously. Then pursed my lips, and shook my head.

He fisted my hair, tugging hard and yanking me closer to him. I cried out in pain, and tried to pull away.

"Take the pills," he hissed into my ear, "unless you would like something else going down your throat... Like earlier."

I flinched as he pulled my hair again, and once again offered me the pills.

I opened my mouth to argue, but then I figured he'd get angry with me and decide to just shove the pills down my throat.

I accepted the pills, and timidly put them in my mouth, hesitantly swallowing them with a small sip of water.

"Good girl," he crooned, putting an arm around my waist, tugging me close. He moved a hand to my waist, curling it around, over my lower stomach.

I flinched. "D-don't...." I said timidly.

He actually seemed to listen to me, and moved his arm up to caress my bare arms.

"The door to your left leads to the shower. Be out in twenty minutes, or I will come in and drag you out myself," he told me.

I grimaced. This guy was a dominant, it was as clear as day. But I can't stand being pushed around, especially by this.... This prick!

I pushed him away. "Don't treat me like a child. I'm fucking eighteen years old and I don't like it when I'm treated like a kid!" I snapped.

He smirked and chuckled, "But you are not the one in charge. I am." He raised his hand, and if he was going to smack me with the back of his hand.

I relented and cowered against the foot of the bed, raising my hands to try and block his. "P-please.... D-don't hurt me...." I sniffled.

He brought me into his arms, and whispered in my ear, "Child, I do not wish to hurt you, and will not unless I am forced. All I ask is that you do as I ask of you, which I can assure you is not much, as long as you shall remain here." He leaned back and rested his forehead against mine. "Now, please."

There's no way something so quiet should sound so forceful. I wanted to open my mouth and argue, but quickly realized I didn't really care. I felt no desire to resist, and a shower could do me good about now.

So I nodded, and went to go take the shower.



As I waited for her to come out from the shower, I changed the sheets on her(Excuse me; OUR) bed, and set out some sleepclothes for her. I wanted to make her comfortable. After all, she would be here for a while.

I had taken her, and now she is mine.


Mine, and only mine.

And I am hers, and only hers. I'll kill the both of us if she ever tries to leave me.

I smiled slightly as I heard her shutting off the water. I have the most intriquite senses in the Realm, my sight being the best of them all.

She stepped out of the room, wrapped tightly in a towel. Obviously, she didn't want me seeing anything.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and patted the spot next to me, motioning for her to sit down. She timidly complied, and I noticed she was shivering.

"Here," I offered, gently encircling my fists around her arms, "let me."

I dried her off, warming her up in the process. She refused to relax, and she did not seem to be comfortable in my presence at all, acceptable with the way I had just treated her. I was glad, though, when she had let me, although reluctantly, rub lotion on her arms, legs, middle, and above her bust and on her neck. She shuddered the whole time.

I then handed her a pair of undergarments and her nightclothes, and turned away until she was fully clothed.

I took the comb I had gotten for her, and gently brushed the tangles out of the mangled mess, slowing occasionally to catch a scent of the delightful aura of pomegranate coming from her hair and body. I could sense that she was still uncomfortable, but secretly I knew she had liked it.

When I had finished, I will admit that I did grab her by the chin, rather roughly.

But only to kiss her.

Yes, she tensed up, and tried to struggle against me, but I held her firm. As I pulled away, she tried to punch me in the chest.

Now, it would not really affect me, because something as simple as a punch could hurt a normal human, but it could not affect a remenant being such as me.

"Did you just try to punch me?" I asked her cooly.

The pride she was showing stood out like bright red in a black wardrobe. "Yes," she said, her eyes shining brightly. I certainly did."


He acted quickly, pinning her to the bed with her arms held over her head. She struggled and tried to kick up at him, only to have her legs pinned down by his knees.

"While you are here, you will NOT disrespect me. I am the only one keeping you alive right now, and one day I'll run out of patience with you and decide to do something to you if this keeps up."

"Oh, and what're you gonna do? Rape me to death?" she spat.

He frowned heavilly, and before she knew it she was yanked to a sitting position, on his lap, bound by these black things protruding from his back.

Were these things fucking tentacles?!


He knew he was scaring her, and that broke his heart. But the child had to know who was in charge here!

All it took was his hand running along the length of the inside of her thigh before she shuddered, attempting to push the hand away. She remembered how nice it felt, and how if she just gave in to him that it would give him a reason to gloat, and diminish the last of her dignity.

"Stop it!" she trembled.

"Why?" he asked, and as she tried to push away, he pulled her back.

"B-because I said so!" she retorted, pulling away only to be pulled back again.

"You're not the one in charge here. I am," he growled. He leaned forward, his breath ghosting over the shell of her ear as she visibly tensed.

"What are you- Ahh.... N-no...." she sighed regretfully and tried to push him away as he nibbled the shell of her ear gently.

The tentacles grabbed her by her wrists, even as she squirmed to get away, and he continued his work. Joey bit her lip so hard she was drawing blood, and even then it was so hard to keep quiet.

"Aahh! N-no.... S-stop, please stop," she babbled, cursing herself for intentionally stuttering.

"Why?" he bit down hard on her ear, then ran the tongue over the shell of it to soothe it.

"I-I can't TAKE it!" she squealed, trying her best to pull away. He didn't let her go, but he did stop. Much to her relief and disappointment.

"Now, you're going to be a good girl from now on," he chuckled, leaning in close to her. "Aren't you?"

She swallowed, then closed her eyes tightly and nodded.

He grinned. "And they call me the Sentinel."



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