The final Chapter...of a final Destination.


Part One:The Pilot.Edit

Uber:*Holds Newspaper clipping of Cherry after her death.He was traumatized.*Look at this.Look at this.They disgraced her by pasting her remains on the newpaper,and they don`t even show the respect to get her name right!

Jack:Dude,you shouldn`t be upset,it`s all my fault.If I hadn`t convinced you into killing yourself she wouldn`t have been mad and wouldn`t have walked into the street.The exact same spot I was in until I backed up.It should`ve been me.

John:It`s neither of your faults.It was her time.She wouldn`t have been in that situation if I hadn`t thrown her of the Train.But..but.....It isn`t my was her time and there was nothing we could`ve done about it.*notices the clock flick from 1:08 PM to 1:80 PM,and the fan wobbling right above Janey and Uber.*

  • fan wobbles rapidly,but then stops*

John:Wait...Janey and Uber aren`t left...*gasps*THAT PILOT.


John:That pilot.The one who was piloting the plane that crashed into the building in the premonition.He didn`t die because the train was sliding faster than it was in the premontion because Glenn didn`t get crushed by the Train,so he wasn`t distracted.



Jack:I`ll check his flight schedule.*looks up his flight schedule*He has a flight later today,guess who`s the passengers.The same people who were on the last plane.

John:What time?

Jack:1 PM.

Part Two:The PlaneEdit

John:*stops car at Airport*C`mon,let`s go.

John:*Starts walking but turns back and notices moving slowly*C`MON,MOVE IT MOVE IT.

  • After a few minutes they make it into the lounge,but it`s too late,the plane already took off*
  • on the plane;a can of spill gasoline is on the floor,and a man decides to light his cigaratte wityh a lighter*
  • at the airport;The plane instantly blows up,everyone ducks except Janey and Uber,and the force of the explosion throws them into the wall,and they die.*


  • Camera zooms into his mouth and zooms out of his eye*

John:(Who is still in the car)*Drives closer to the door,and decides to run in,subsequently,everyone follows*

John:(After making it in the lounge,5 minutes earlier than before)Uber,Janey,stay back.*Runs into plane,guards follow*


John:*noticing a spilled gasoline can next to a man holding a lighter and a pack of cigarattes,grabs lighter*Are you insane?You aren`t supposed to smoke on a plane anyway.

Guard 2:You aren`t supposed to sneak on one either.*drags John out with other Guard*


The Pilot:Take over,Jake*Follows John out,leaving his two co-pilots(who were also on the original plane)to pilot the plane*


The Pilot:Yeah,I left my two co-pilots in charge.


  • On the plane;The man is revealed to have a box of matchs,and strikes on of them.*
  • at the airport;The plane blows up,but this time,Janey and Uber are able to Duck in time.*


Guard:And you`re going to jail.

The Pilot:Wait,them go.

Guard 2:*looks at first guard,and looks back at pilot*OK,fine.*lets go of John*Just be careful,now.*winks*

Uber:Hey,that guard looks alot like Thea-

John:*to The Pilot*Cmon,we have something to tell you.

Part 3:A SHOCKING end.Edit


Pilot:So,I`m gonna die?

  • cuts to different scene*

Uber:Janey,I`ve been meaning to say this,I love you.


  • Cuts*

Janey:*bus speeds by in a mirror,but it wasn`t really there**gasp*JOHN!

  • Cuts*


  • Cuts to clips of bus explosions,a car sorrounded by electricity,and John being blown back*

Jack:It all ends soon,guys.It`ll kill us all one by one.

John:Not if I have anything to do about it.

COMING SOON..or maybe later today.

Chapter 1:RevelationsEdit

Pilot:So,I`m gonna die?

Jack:I`m afraid so.

John:No...If you learn the signs,and no how to read them,then you can cheat death.

Janey:John,is your car battery still dead?


Janey:Maybe I can drain energy from my car to yours.

John:Be careful.

Chapter Two:Electric SlideEdit

Uber:I`ll..uhh...go with you.

  • Janey and Uber leave*

Jack:It all ends soon,guys.It`ll kill us all one by one.

John:Not if I have anything to do about it.Stay here with the pilot,I`m gonna follow Janey and Uber.

  • John leaves*

Jack:So.....what do you do for a living.

Pilot:I`m a fuc**** Pilot. have a name?

Pilot:Of course I have a name who the he** doesn`t have a name.

Jack:....Well,What is it?

Pilot:*takes in deep breath*It`s -

  • At Janey`s cabin,John is hiding in a bush and Janey is fiddling with the jumper cables in the garage.*

Uber:Janey,I`ve been meaning to say this,I love you.

John:YOU SON OF A*Jumper cables spark in back of car.*JANEY*Pushes Janey off the car but Uber is still being electrocuted.*

Janey:You have to do something!

John:I don`t HAVE TO do jackspit.....*Janey looks at him concerned* *John looks back at her with a look of acceptence,as if he knew what he had to do*

  • John touches Uber`s shoulder,thus causing the current to pass through Uber and electrocute John*

Uber:Ahhhh...*grunts*GRRRR*Reaches for Janey`s hand and is pulled away from the car,but subsequently John falls forward,and is electrocuted futher and is blown back*

Janey:JOHN!*Screen slowly fades to white.*


  • In New York(Their original destination before the train crash),Janey,Uber and Jack are at an outdoor diner.After the camera turns John is revealed to be alive as his face was blocked by a flower pot.*

Janey:*looks around,and sees a Girl hitting a doll with a toy bus,Three tires stacked up and a kid slamming a toy car into the table*John...

John:I know,I see it too.

Jack:*looks around,and turns back*Looks like you`re next,baseball star.

Uber:*briefly turns to look at the signs but the camera pans to John*

John:I quit baseball after the crash and don`t even joke like that.

Jack:But it`s true,look at the signs,It reads Alex all over it.


Jack:Alex.Alex Browning....Final Destination?C`mon guys it`s basically our same situation.

John:I-I don`t have to take crap like this from low-lives like you.I outta here.

Jack:HEY!Where ya going Nexty?

John:Back to the hotel,where I`m actually treated right.

Janey:I`ll-I`ll go with you.

John:No,stay-stay here.*Begins walking torwards the street*

A voice:*whispers*

Janey:*looks again at the girl with the doll and sees the doll is now a boy and is infront of a doll house that looks like a hotel*JOHN!

John:*quickly turns around and a bus nearly hits him and swerves away*AHHH!

Pilot:*on the bus*DUDE,WATCH OUT

Bus driver:AHHH!*Bus crashes into brick wall,and the force of the explosion knocks down a telephone pole,and the wires go flying towards John.

Jack:*Runs and pushes John out of the way*I told you you were next.

John:*notices the wires hit a bilboard that Jack`s standing under,which reads


to pay your taxes today!"*Edit

John:Uhh,Jack I suggest you move.

Jack:I`m not leaving til I know who`s next.*The bilboard falls down and screen goes black*

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