• Uber is eating chips cautiously on his couch when Jack eneters*

Uber:It`s crazy,man.Some kid who claimed he had a vision of a building calasping finally died.


Uber:He died on our train,Jack.On our train.And in John`s premonition a plane crashed into a building,causing it to calasp and fall on me and Janey.Death....Death set him up.

Jack:Ya know,I`m next,right,so I can`t do this,and John won`t do it,Maybe if someone were to,kill himself,maybe it would mess up Death`s plan,and save everyone else.


  • later on in Uber`s car,Uber is driving,Jack`s in the passenger seat,John,Cherry,and Janey are in the back seats.*

John:So where are we going?

Uber:I have to do this.

Janey:Have to do what?

Uber:Save you all.I`m taking control of my life.

John:Are you...gonna kill yourself?


Cherry:You knew about this?!?

Janey:Why the he*car horn*are we in here too?

Uber:To decive death.He`ll think we will all die at once,but then you all jump out you dig?

John:This is crazy!

Uber:We`re closing in!


  • John,Janey and Cherry jumps out,but Jack`s door is stuck*

John:UBER!*Grabs Uber but couldn`t get Jack out*

Jack:FU-*Car crashes into water*

John:FU** FU** FU**!*Jumps in the water after him,and emerges climbing the ladder*

  • Jack falls and the top half of the ladder fall towards him,but John caught it,and prompted it back up.Then they both continued to climb the ladder*

Cherry:*Walks up to Jack who`s standing in the middle of the road*You deserve to die,you could`ve got us all killed!

John:Yeah,but he was skipped.

Cherry:Then who`s next,Genuis?You?*a speeding bus narrowly misses Jack and hits Cherry*

John:It`s Cherry!She was next.

Uber:*Shocked*No spit,Sherlock.

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