This is FTW 2 but I lost the first one plus we didn't call that one FTW so whatever


$: There isn't much time left before we use the machine. If it works it will turn all the WTF lasers into FTW lasers and the figures will be stopped. This better work, because their king is-

Imagine the sound of a dog becoming a car, becoming dubstep. This is the sound of a WTF laser.

And now you hear one.


A low humming becomes very loud


​Imagine the sound of a WTF laser, in reverse, and with more static than the inside of Bob Cabbage's mind. This is the sound of a FTW laser kicking ass.

​The laser worked. But there is still one gigantic problem. The glasses have jumped off people's faces and have now attatched themselves to dogs that are blind and somehow giving them sight. Hold on. Someone's in my office.

$: What do you want?

The sound of a revolver clicking is heard.

Nikolai: Your job.

A bullet is fired.

​Nikolai: I'm the new narrator. And things are going to change quickly with Price gone. First off, My name is Nikolai, but you can call me God. Zombies are attacking Saudi Arabia and Australian fleas are assisting them. 7,692 clocks are flying around hitting Obama and 17 llamas are attacking the Millenyan Falcat. Some guy turned into Explodinator, who explodes every time someone looks at a pig. I'm googling "Pig" on images .

A door opens.

​​The WTF King: If I'm going to die, you're going with me.

Nikolai: I'm not going anywhere, Father.

​The sound of a WTF laser and a revolver firing are heard.

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