Then(Ten Years Ago)Edit

a few weeks after Rachel moved to Los Angelos at age seven*

Rachel's Mother(she is never described, because I think it's better for people to imagine what Rachel's mom looked like. To keep them guessing.)

Rachel: *runs into the house; slams the door shut, panting heavilly*

Mom: Good Heavens, what on Earth happened?

Rachel: I got jumped... By these dudes... The threw garbage and rocks at me... *sniffles*

Mom: Well, I say we go out there and give 'em what for!

Rachel: No, Mom, I'm not going back out there!

Mom: But they're out there now! What will they think when you just back off like that?

Rachel: I don't really care, Mom. *blood drips from a cut on forehead*

Mom: Oh, dear! You're bleeding! I'll get you a band-aid!


Mom: Indoor voice, young lady. Do you want flaming skulls?

Rachel: N-

Mom: *puts a band-aid on her forehead*

Rachel: *face burns red* MOM, I LOOK FUCKING STUPID!

Mom: Language, missy! Now, what did I teach you about cursing?

Rachel: *bitterly* Not a whole lot.

Mom: Oh. Right. I'm sorry, Rachel. I love you. *huggles*

Rachel: *sigh* I love you, too, Mom. *huggles back*

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