Where We Last Left OffEdit

Masky and Hoody have found Rachel, but she knows something is afoot.





Scene OneEdit

Tim: *bolts out the door of the club and snaps on mask* Which way?!
UN Owen Was Her- Full version05:21

UN Owen Was Her- Full version

Epic Chase Music Time!

Hoody: *points* She went that way!

Masky: *runs in the direction* Hey! Stop! I just want to talk to you!

Rachel: *ignores and keeps running, pushing people aside and hopping over things*

Hoody: Crud, there's a construction zone up ahead!

Masky: We'll catch her there!

Rachel: *eyes widen at the construction zone, then sports a concentrated game face* Challenge Accepted.

Masky: No where to run-

Rachel: *frontflips in the air, and pushes hands from sidewalk and over the construction zone*

Hoody: What the heck?!


Rachel: *lands on feet and keeps running*

Hoody: How did she get so agile?!


Scene TwoEdit

Rachel: *panting* Oh, God. Oh, man. Oh, God. Why won't they get the hint?!

Masky: *pants behind mask, then turns to Hoody* I'll chase her on this sidewalk. You take the other.

Hoody: Roger, Roger!

Masky *runs faster, catching up*

Hoody: *passes Rachel on the other sidewalk*

Rachel: Shoot!

Masky: Just stop running! We want to talk to you! *tackles Rachel*

Rachel: *slams into ground* NNGH! OFF! *rolls over and kicks off in gut*

Masky: OOF! *flies backward* Gah...!

Rachel: *gets up and keeps running*

Hoody: Woah! *runs back to the sidewalk and helps Masky up* You OK there?

Masky: I'm fine. Let's go. *starts running again*

Hoody: *runs with* I mean, that looked like it hurt.

Masky: I've never seen her so violent or defensive. Something's definately changed about her...

Scene ThreeEdit

Rachel: *turns into an alleyway and hides with back to the wall, and puts hand over mouth to silence breathing*

Masky and Hoody: *run right past*

Rachel: *takes hand off of mouth* Phew... *turns to walk to the back of the alleyway* Better hide in case they come-

Masky: *clamps hand over mouth and pins her arms to the side with his*

Rachel: MMPH!! *thrashes and bucks*

Masky: Rachel, calm-

Rachel: *slams head into chest and stomps on foot*

Masky: OW! RACHEL!

Hoody: I got a better idea. *holds up a discarded cord*

Masky: *nods*

Hoody: *approaches Rachel and binds her with the cord*

Rachel: MMPH! *moves head enough to release mouth from hand* HELP! SOMEBODY-

Masky: *ties a trashed hankerchief around her mouth*

Bystander: *walks past the alley and peeks in* What on Earth?!

Hoody: *turns around, eyes glowing through hood* Go home. There is nothing for you to do here.

Bystander: *eyes widen, looking dazed* Nothing to do here... *groggilly walks off*

Rachel: *thrashes in binds, trying to get hands free*

Masky: *sets her on the round* Save your energy, friend. You're going to need it.

Scene FourEdit

Masky: *kneels down to Rachel* Look, I don't want to hurt you, but you must co-operate with me.

Rachel: *glowers*

Masky: Now, I am going to take off the gag. If you scream... *takes out a butcher knife* You'll be punished. Am I perfectly clear?

Rachel: *eyes widen, and nods, turning away* Mmph...

Masky: Good girl. *takes off the gag*

Rachel: *shakes with fear*

Masky: There you go. *sits down on the ground* Now, listen. I just want to talk to you.

Rachel: *still refusing to look up, voice angry and hurt* I am not listening to ANYTHING you have to say to me, Proxy!

Masky: *eyes widen underneath mask* How did you-

Rachel: Your palm. One line said you had given yourself away. Another said you'd killed. And the last said you were bad.

Masky: You don't really believe that, do you? I'm still Tim. I'm still your friend.

Rachel: No. You serve that MONSTER...

Masky: You mean the Master.

Rachel: *raising voice* He is not-

Masky: *raises knife* Now, what did I tell you about shouting? Let's use our inside voices, please.

Rachel: *lowers voice again, timidly* All I know is, I will not serve him. I'll live being me or die trying to be.

Masky: *sigh* I don't want to hurt you. You were my childhood sweetheart. I love you. I always have, and I will always love you.

Rachel: *curls up in binds, tears streaming down cheeks*

Masky: *eyes soften behind mask* Rachel... Forgive me... *takes knife*

Hoody: Masky, what are you-

Masky: *cuts binds and throws knife to the other side of the alley*

Hoody: Masky!

Rachel: *opens eyes, quivering* Wh-why did you-

Masky: Run. Away. Now. *lowers head*

Rachel: *gets up* Tim...

Masky: *silent*

Rachel: *leans over and gives him a peck on the cheek* Bless you...

Masky: *blushes beneath mask* You're... You're welcome.

Rachel: *runs out of the alley*

Hoody: Masky, why? It took so long to catch her!

Masky: Let's just say... Because I had to...


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