Where We Last Left OffEdit

Rachel discovers why Tim is in L.A.; To take her back to the Operator. Tim loses her trust, and late at night Rachel gets an unexpected and deadly visitor...





The Observer



The Operator

Scene OneEdit

Operator: *slowly picks Rachel up*

Rachel: *stares blankly off into space*

Tim: R-Rachel, open up! You're scaring me! *rams shoulder against door*

Hoody: *runs to Tim* What's going on?!

Tim: I don't know, help me open this! *rams self into door again*

Hoody: Wait, wait, wait. *moves Tim out of the way, then kicks the door down*

Tim: *bolts in, noticing Rachel in the Operators arms* Oh, God!!

Operator: *head turns towards Tim, and a tentacle sweeps across the floor, knocking Tim down*

Tim: *head hits the ground* OWW!

Operator: *presses Rachel to chest, then turns around and uses tentacles to pull on the trees as he makes his getaway*

Tim: *stands up and runs to the window* RACHEL!

Scene TwoEdit

Tim: *turns around* We have to go after them!

Hoody: Wh-what?!

bserver *steps in the room* What the heck is going on in here?!

Tim: The Operator has her! And he's taking her to hypnotize her!

Hoody: *lowers head* Then it is too late... There may be hope, maybe we can beg for his forgiveness.

Tim: No more begging! We're going after him. All of us.

Observer: Are you insane?!

Hoody: Masky, listen. We've irritated him. He's given us fair warnings and we chose not to listen. *turns away* I told you, "Let's just get it over with and be done with it! But you didn't listen! I told you, "This is crazy!" But I stayed with you because I didn't want you to get hurt!

Tim: And I appriciate what you did for me, bro.

Hoody: Then why won't you follow your duty?! All this could have been avoided!


Hoody: ... "None of that matters"? W-wait, wait a second. "None of that matters"??

Tim: *sigh*

Hoody: OK, OK, great. So now the truth comes out, doesn't it?

Tim: ... Yes. I care about her, Hoody. I love her. And now she's in trouble, and we have to go after her.

Observer: Woah... No way.

Hoody: I concour with Observer, Masky. The Operator is more powerful than any of us. Listen, if you want to go out there and get yourself killed, you be my guest. Because you're on your own.

Tim: ... So... This is it? This is what "bros for life" means?

Hoody: *silent; turns away*

Tim: *grabs mask and snaps it on, turning away from Hoody* Okay.


Scene ThreeEdit

Operator: *looks down at Rachel to make sure she's still under influence* The pⓍⓍr girl hasn't gⓍt a chance... *continues on to a hidden beach*

Rachel: *in head* Wake up! WAKE UP! *body twitches suddenly, pushing away from the Operator*

Operator: Hm!

Rachel: *jumps from arms and lands with feet slipping on the sand, backing up* G-get back! You're not taking me!

Operator: You knⓍw very well that yⓍu are nⓍ match for me.

Rachel: *morphs into cat-form* LEAVE ME ALONE!

Operator: *grows to full height, tentacles waving from back slowly* Stand yⓍur hand, child. I will nⓍt hurt yⓍu.

Rachel: I don't care! I'll DIE before I let you take me!

Operator: What have yⓍu against me, child? I've dⓍne absⓍlutely nⓍthing.

Rachel: You killed my mother!

Operator: Ah, yes. YⓍur mⓍther. Her death was but an accident. She fled, and I persued. She tripped and fell, simple as that.

Rachel: *fights to keep tears held back, ears laying flat against head and tail twitching weakly* Then I will die, too.

Operator: CⓍme nⓍw, what cⓍuld I pⓍssibly gain frⓍm killing yⓍu? YⓍu are sⓍ much mⓍre benificial tⓍ my cause.

Rachel: But what do you want me for?

Operator: YⓍu, child, are such a beautiful thing. Sleek, agile, strⓍng, intelligent. And yⓍur abilities make yⓍu all the mⓍre better fⓍr me. *walks around her in circles* YⓍu have such pⓍtential, child. It wⓍuld be a shame fⓍr that tⓍ gⓍ tⓍ waste.

Rachel: *closes eyes tightly, listening*

Operator: It wⓍuld be a shame tⓍ destrⓍy such pⓍwer. Besides, I've had my sights Ⓧn yⓍu the mⓍment I saw yⓍu. *stops in front of her*

Rachel: But... I...

Operator: *places hands on her shoulders* What if I cⓍuld make the pain yⓍu're feeling gⓍ away? What if I tⓍld yⓍu I cⓍuld sⓍⓍthe yⓍur hurt and numb yⓍur feeling? And it wⓍuld all be just a questiⓍn Ⓧf yⓍu letting me?

Rachel: You'd... You'd do that...?

Operator: Ⓧf cⓍurse I wⓍuld. All yⓍu need tⓍ dⓍ is let me.

Rachel: I... *lowers head towards the ground*

Operator: All yⓍu have tⓍ dⓍ is lⓍⓍk...

"All you have to do is look..."

Scene FourEdit

Voice: Don't listen to him! *throws a rock at the Operator*

Operator: Gah! *turns around* YⓍu!

Rachel: *opens eyes and turns head towards Masky; eyes widen in fear, hate, and confusion, but doesn't say anything*

Masky: Don't listen to him! He'll take you and all that you are and leave you with nothing!

Rachel: *suddenly snaps in anger* You were going to give me to him, anyway!

Masky: I never meant to hurt you! The guys-

Rachel: *shakes head and turns around, running across the beach*

Masky: Rachel! *starts to chase after*

Operator: *grabs one of his shoulders* Let her gⓍ. She is of n imprtance nw.

Masky: I... *shakes off* I don't care about my "duty" anymore! It can rot for all I care!

Operator: I chⓍse this beach fⓍr a reasⓍn.

Masky: What does that matter?!

Operator: This beach is knⓍwn as "Devil's Pass". She ran in the directiⓍn Ⓧf "Devil's Edge". That is where the beach ends with a steep cliff.

Masky: *eyes widen under mask* You... Don't... Mean...

Operator: *nods* She mⓍst certainly will die.

Masky: N-no! I lost her once! I won't lose her again! *runs after*

Scene FiveEdit

Rachel: *stops running and looks back, panting* I... I think I lost them... Phew... *rests head on a palm tree and sighs; starts crying*

Rachel crying. ='c

Masky: *quietly walks up behind her*

Rachel: *turns around*

Masky: *stops* Rachel, I...

Rachel: Get away from me. *stands up*

Masky: Rachel, about what happened back at the apartment... *takes a step forward*

Rachel: AH! *turns and bolts the other way* No way, Jose!

Masky: Rachel... *sighs and walks after her*

Rachel: *turns around, eyes wide in fear and confusion*

Masky: *notices she is about a foot from the cliff* Rachel, stop! Come away from there!

Rachel: Stay back...

Masky: *takes a step forward*

Rachel: I know who you are... *takes a step back*

cliff starts to shift under weight, and Rachel suddenly trips over own feet, careening towards the edge of the cliff*

Masky: RACHEL! *grabs one of her hands*

Rachel: *other hand is grasping the edge of the cliff for dear life* HELP!

Scene SixEdit

cliff starts to shift under weight*

Masky: R-rachel! Give me your other hand!

Rachel: Why?! So I can fall to my death?!

Masky: *desperately* No, so I can pull you up!

Rachel: You... You said what you did was just an act! That you never really cared, that I was just business!

Masky: I know what I said, and it was the worse mistake I've ever made! But you have to trust me!

Rachel: TRUST YOU? Why on Earth would I trust you?!

Masky: Because I'm your only chance!

Rachel: Ohhh... *looks down, tears welling up in eyes*

Masky: Rachel, you've always told me when we were kids to listen to your heart. What's it telling you now?!

Rachel: *sobbing* I.. I don't know! It's beating too loud for me to hear!

Masky: Think of it this way: When your mom was alive, did she ever do things that seemed crazy at first, then everything turned out all right?! It's time to let go!

Rachel: But how do you know?! How do you know this will turn out all right?! How do you know something bad isn't gonna happen?!

Masky: *yelling* I DON'T!

Rachel: *looks down, then up at Tim*

Masky: *looks down at her pleadingly*

Rachel: *closes eyes and lets go of cliff* AUGH!

Masky: *grabs the other hand and pulls her up, hugging her tightly*

Rachel: Y... You saved me...

Masky: *suddenly pushes her out of the way*

Rachel: What?!

Masky: RGH! *thrashes as tentacles lift him up into the air and squeeze around his windpipe*

Rachel: TIM!

Scene SevenEdit

Tim: *thrashes, trying to free self from grip*

Operator: YⓍu've mucked up my plans fⓍr the last time, TimⓍthy. *tightens grip*

Tim: *starts choking*

Rachel: NO! *pounces onto the Operator's back, digging fingernails in*

Operator: GAH! *grabs her and throws her off, then throws Tim next to her*

Tim: *gasps for breath* Well... I guess this is it, huh, Rae?

Rachel: No, I swear, we're getting out of this.

Operator: *steps up* I beg tⓍ differ, child.

Rachel: *stands up* Let him go! Spare him, please!

Operator: And why wⓍuld I want tⓍ dⓍ that?

Rachel: ... Because... Because... I... Love him...

Operator: *surprised, but unimpressed* "LⓍve him"? And dⓍes this deciever return your lⓍve?

Rachel: *lowers head*

Tim: Rachel... I love you... More than life itself...

Operator: *silent* ... YⓍur sentiments have fallen upⓍn a heart Ⓧf stⓍne. But traitⓍrs tⓍ me must DIE. *fingers turn into sharp claws*

Rachel: *steps in front of Tim*

Operator: Ⓧut Ⓧf my way.

Rachel: I'm not afraid of you anymore.

Operator: ... I dⓍn't wether tⓍ call this bravery... Ⓧr fⓍⓍlishness. *raises hand*

"... I don't know wether to call this bravery... Or foolishness."

Neko: *runs in front of Rachel* MROWR!

Operator: InsⓍlent feline. *prepares to kick Neko*

Ayla: *runs in and steps in front of Neko* Kill him and you kill me, too!

Operator: Get Ⓧut Ⓧf my way! *prepares to push Ayla out of the way*

Hoody: *steps in front of Ayla* You kill her and you'll have to kill me first.

Tim: *smiles* You're a true bud.

Hoody: *smiles back* Bros for life.

Operator: HⓍⓍdy... I am ashamed of yⓍu. I Ⓧught tⓍ punish yⓍu!

Observer: *steps in front of Hoody* You mess with my friends and you mess with me!

Operator: *steps back, staring straight at Rachel* ...

Rachel: *stares back* Leave. They aren't in your favor anymore. They want to think for themselves.

Operator: *hesitates* ... *nods, and disappears*

Tim: *stands up* Rachel? *puts hand on her shoulder*

Rachel: Hm?

Tim: Do you forgive me?

Rachel: *smiles, looking back at Tim* I forgive you.

"I forgive you."

Both: *hold hands*


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