The Operator



Rachel: Tim... I have to tell you something.

Tim: *looks up at a butterfly* Is it something nice?

Rachel: *forlorn* Not exactly...

Tim: *walks after the butterfly* Then it can wait.

Rachel: *surprised* Wait? For how long??

Tim: *running after the butterfly now* Forever, and ever.

Rachel: *sigh* Forever, and ever is a very long time, Tim.

Tim: *laughing* Forever, isn't long at all, when I'm with you. *pause* I wanna call your name, Forever. And you will always answer, Forever. And we will always be, Forever you and me. Forever, and ever.

Rachel: Forever, and ever. Is a very long time, Tim.

Tim: Forever, isn't long at all! When I'm with you!

Rachel: *tackles Tim, and rolls down a grassy hill* I wanna stay like this, Forever. If only I could promise, Forever. Then we could just be we, Forever you and me.

Both: Forever, and ever.

Tim: I wanna be with you, Forever. I want you right beside me, Forever.

Rachel: One thing you should know, no matter where I go, we'll always be together!

Both: Forever, and ever.

Rachel: *lays on grass, watching the sun set over a purple and pink sky* ... Tim.

Tim: *eyes closed* Hm?

Rachel: I'm moving away.

"I'm moving away."

Tim: *eyes shoot open, sits up* WHAT?

Rachel: *tears well up in eyes* I have to move away. Daddy says we can't afford our house here anymore, and we have to go move in with my gramma.

Tim: No, no, no! You promised we'd always be together!

Rachel: I know I did. And we will. Daddy says maybe if we get enough money, we can come back here for vacations.

Tim: *tears streaming down face* You could live with me.

Rachel: *sad smile* Where would I sleep?

Tim: *desperately* On the floor, or in my bed! You don't have to leave!

Rachel: *sniffles, watching the fireflies come out* Tim.

Tim: *wipes eyes* What?

Rachel: Remember the movie we used to watch together? 'Charlotte's Web'?

Tim: Yeah.

Rachel: Well, take Charlotte's advice; Chin up. *holds out hand, which a firefly lands on*

Tim: How much longer til you move?

Rachel: Daddy says we'll be moving on Sunday.

Tim: But, it's Wednesday now. You only have four days left here. Then you'll be gone.

Rachel: No, Mommy says that when you love someone a lot, they stay in your heart forever.

Tim: *sniffles*

Rachel: *takes Tim's hand and runs finger over the creases*

Tim: Hey... *giggles and sniffles* That tickles...

Rachel: *points* That line means you're shy. And that one means you're big-hearted. The last one means you're good.

Tim: That's cool... *sniffles* But I still can't believe you're leaving.

Rachel: But know that... *places firefly in Tim's hand, and gently closes it round it so the hand doesn't crush the firefly* I'll always be with you.

Always be with you.

Scene OneEdit

Masky: Ohh... *is now wearing an orange hoody and a white mask with blacked out eyes and lips with raised eyebrows penciled on them and sighs as the flashback fades away* Rachel...

Voice: Who?

Masky: Hm! *turns around* Oh. Hey, Hoody.

Hoody: Who's Rachel?

Masky: Oh! Um... She's... A girl... I used to know...

"Oh! Um... She's... A girl... I used to know..."

Hoody: Did you like her?

Masky: Hey.

Hoody: Did you LOVE her??

Masky: Hey!

Hoody: Did you KISS??

Masky: *jumps up, scowling behind mask* HEY! DON'T YOU TALK BAD ABOUT HER! SHE WAS A GOOD FRIEND!

Hoody: *steps back* I wasn't trying to...

Voice: Ahem.

Masky: Hm? *turns around* M-master! *kneels*

Operator. HellⓍ, TimⓍthy. Having memⓍries, I see?

Masky: *bows head* Yes, sir...

Operator: Well, that's gⓍⓍd. I think she wⓍuld be an interesting additiⓍn tⓍ Ⓧur cⓍllective. Unless Ⓧf cⓍurse, yⓍu still care fⓍr her tⓍ ignⓍre this...

Masky: I... Care not for her. She is nothing more than another person for the taking.

Oprerator: GⓍⓍd bⓍy. CⓍme alⓍng. *grabs Masky's shoulder, then Hoody's*

Scene TwoEdit

in Los Angelos, California*

Masky: So... This is where she moved.

Hoody: Gah... It's eighty-nine here, this hoodie is killing me.

Operator: YⓍu have Ⓧne week tⓍ track her dⓍwn and bring her tⓍ me.

Masky: I will have her under my influence by then.

Operator: Pray yⓍu dⓍn't disappⓍint me. *disappears*

Masky: *slowly takes off hood and ties it around waist*

Hoody: *alarmed* What are you doing?!

Masky: If we want to get around unnoticed, we must blend in. *takes off mask*

Hoody: I will keep my identity a secret, thank you very much.

Tim: *shrug* Your choice, man. Not mine.

Hoody: *facepalm*

Scene ThreeEdit

at a Night Club*

Hoody: Let's stop here to refresh.

Tim: Good, 'cause I'm thirsty.

Hoody: *firmly* The closest you'll get to alcoholic is soda.

Tim: *rolls eyes* Fine. *starts to walk in*

Hoody: Wait. *steps in front of Tim* We are here on business. NOT to party and goof off!

Tim: We have time, Hoods, now out of my way. *pushes him aside*

Hoody: Oh, boy...

inside the Club*

Tim: *taps counter* Mountain Dew: Code Red, please.

Bartender: Sure thing. *slides a frosty bottle at him*

Tim: *screws open and gulps*

Hoody: Hey, look. There's a girl on stage.

Tim: *looks at the stage, and does a major spit-take*

Hoody: What?

Tim: She's... She's... That's...

Hoody: What??

Announcer: And now, our next contestant, RACHEL SIMMONS!

Hoody: NO WAY.

Announcer: She'll be singing in a duet, so we'll need a man from the audience!

men in crowd suddenly start cheering, pointing at themselves*

Announcer: Hold up! It will be randomly!

men jeer and boo*

Announcer: A light will flash over every man in the audience, and whoever the light lands on will sing with her!

light suddenly appears, flashing over the audience*

Announcer: And the winner is...

light lands at the bar area*

Announcer: This guy!

Tim: *eyes widen*

Hoody: *whispers fiercly* Don't go up there!

Tim: *whispers back* I have to.

Hoody: Dang it. Here we go...

Scene FourEdit

Tim: *onstage* Darn, that was sudden...

Rachel: *sympathetic smile* Nervous?

Tim: A little, yeah.

Rachel: Well, don't be. Like Charlotte said in 'Charlotte's Web', chin up.

Tim: *looks at Rachel, then smiles*

Announcer: Let it begin. Let it begin! LET IT BEGIN!!

music starts*
Cobra Starship - Good Girls Go Bad Lyrics!03:17

Cobra Starship - Good Girls Go Bad Lyrics!

Tim and Rachel's Duet

crowd cheers at the end of the song*

Announcer: And give it up for Rachel, and her very special guest!

Tim: *laughs with pride as the crowd cheers*

Rachel: *swift curtsy, then steps off the stage*

Tim: *follows*

Rachel: *goes to the bar, and orders a Mountain Dew*

Tim: Uh.. Hey...

Rachel: *turns* Hey.

Tim: You were, uh, very good up there.

Rachel: *smiles* Thank you. You were great!

Tim: Oh, stop it, you.

Rachel: I'm sorry, I didn't introduce myself. I'm-

Tim: Rachel. I know.

Rachel: Oh, yeah, I forgot, the announcer boomed out my name to the whole audience. *laughs*

Tim: Yeah, that, but something else.

Rachel: Hm? *confused*

Tim: It's me. Tim.

Rachel: *eyes widen* T-Tim?

Tim: Hi, Rachel.

Rachel: *sighs and hugs* I've missed you so much.

Tim: *tears well up in eyes* You have no idea.

Rachel: What's been going on with you?

Tim: Well, I-

Voice: Ahem!

Tim: *turns around* Hoody, not now!

Hoody: You have to take care of something. *taps head suggestively*

Tim: Not yet, I still-

Hoody: Mm! *sternly*

Rachel: Wait... What?

Tim: *turns around* Rachel, I need you to look at me, okay?

Rachel: Let me see your palm.

Tim: Huh?

Rachel: Let me see your palm. *urgently, and grabs it*

Tim: Rachel, what are you-

Rachel: *runs finger over creases in Tim's hand, and eyes widen in fear* Oh, God...

Tim: What's wrong?

Rachel: *lets go of hand, and backs up* Get away from me.

Tim: Rachel, what's wrong?

Rachel: I said get away from me! *throws the soda, and pushes way out the door*

Hoody: I told you to do it!

Tim: Never mind that, let's go! *unties from waist puts on hood again*


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