The Operator

Scene OneEdit

Rachel: *lays curled up asleep in bed, whimpering*

Rachel: *still asleep sleep* Ngh... No... No...! Go away...!

Rachel: It's you...! God, no...! NO!


Tim: *hears her cries and bursts into her bedroom* Rachel! *goes to her and starts shaking her* Wake up, Rachel!

Rachel: AAAAHHHHH! *wakes up and jumps up into the air, grabbing the cieling fan and clinging to it*

Tim: Woah! Rachel, what's got you flipping out?

Rachel: *quivers, still hanging on to fan*

Tim: Come down from there, and we can talk about this. *reaches up and grabs her by the waist*

Rachel: *allows self to be pulled down*

Tim: What happened?

Rachel: I was asleep, and there was this man, and he grabbed me, and he started choking me! Wringing my neck!

Tim: Oh, God. What did this man look like?

Rachel: I couldn't see his face, but he was really tall.

Tim: *eyes widen* Rachel. *hugs close to chest* It's OK. It was just a bad dream. I promise, it will go away.

Rachel: *hugs back*

Scene TwoEdit

Masky: *paces back and forth* Rachel had a nightmare last night. I think the Operator is trying to tell us something.

Hoody: He's getting impatient. We need to get the job done and get back.

Masky: No. I can't give her to him.

Hoody: What do you mean? We only have five days! Then he'll do the job himself!

Masky: She's too... Gah! I wouldn't expect you to understand how I feel about her!

Voice: No, we wouldn't.

Hoody: Hm! *turns around* Observer. What are you doing here?

Observer: *straightens glasses* The Master sent me here to help you out. I'm also here to troll your butts off.


Masky: *scoffs*

Hoody: We don't need your help, nor do we want it.

Observer: Boo-hoo.

Hoody: The point is, Masky, you have had ample times to put Rachel under your influence. We should be back right now!

Masky: Look, we have five days. We can go back in three. I'll have her under my spell by then. Deal?

Hoody: *sigh* Deal.

Observer: Deal, I guess.

Masky: Shake on it.

All Three: *three-way shake*

Scene ThreeEdit

Rachel: *sits in basement of the apartment complex, where all musical equipment is stored*

Ayla: *knocks on the doorway* Hey.

Rachel: *silent, writing the sheet music for a song*

Ayla: Is it done yet?

Rachel: No.

Ayla: Almost?

Rachel: Yes.

a black cat with white eyes suddenly appears from shadows, pushing against Rachel's back and purring*

Rachel: *smiles* Neko. Where have you been hiding?

Neko: Mrowr.

Rachel: Well, that's certainly interesting.

Ayla: Uh, are you talking to the cat?

Rachel: Yeah. I'm the Cat-Whisperer, remember?

Ayla: *smiles* You and that darn cat.

Voice: Her and that darn what?

Ayla: *turns around* Tim followed me, Rachel.

Rachel: *silent, concentrating on music*

Tim: *goes up to Rachel and taps her on the head* Hello? Anybody in there?

Neko: *growls low and arches back* Mmrrorrrr...

Tim: Back off, furball.

Neko: *straightens back and speaks in a slight British accent* A "furball"? I beg your pardon! I am a cat, and my name happens to be Neko.

Tim: GAH! *backs up, eyes wide* DEMON CAT!

Rachel: Careful, Tim. You break one of my instruments and I'll kill you.

Neko: Yes, Timothy, do be careful.

Tim: *points, seething with anger* I don't like you.

Neko: *smirks*

Scene FourEdit

about eight at night now in the apartment complex Subway*

Masky: *walks around looking for Rachel* Hey, have you seen Rachel, guys?

Hoody: Uh-uh.

Observer: Nope.

Masky: *sigh* Well, help me look for her.

Ayla: Uh- I don't think that's such a good idea.

Masky: Why ever not?

Ayla: Um- She's very irritable at this hour.

Hoody: *scoffs* Challenge Accepted. *begins to walk towards the exit*

Ayla: WAIT! *grabs Hoody by the leg* DON'T!

Hoody: Get off! *shakes leg*

Ayla: I'm serious, you shouldn't-


Observer: What the heck was that?!

Masky: Let's go. *walks carefully towards the door*

outside, Rachel is seen, on the ground shivering and chattering*

Masky: What's wrong with her?

Ayla: SHH!

Masky: ?

Hoody: ?

Observer: ?

Ayla: *silently gestures back to Rachel*

Rachel: *murmers softly to self, voice sounding like two at once. One wails and whispers, the other buzzes like a fly at a window. But the voices say, as one:* Not again...

Masky: *begins to step out*

Rachel: GAH! *ears turn into cat ears and move to top of head*


Hoody: Oh, my...

Observer: What the heck?!

Rachel: *incoherent babbling as fingernails become long and sharp* AaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! *long furry black tail swishes back and forth, brushing the ground*

Hoody: Is this where she gets her strength? Remember when she flipped clear over that construction zone?

Masky: *says nothing, still watching*

Rachel: *opens eyes, now slit like a cat's, and opens mouth, exposing a mouth full of small, sharp, needlelike teeth*

Rachel's Cat Form

Observer: *thinks* I'd do a wolf whistle, but I'd probably scare her.

Rachel: Hm! *ears perk and turns around, eyes darting wildly from side to side*

Masky: Oh, shit. I think she saw us!

Rachel: *opens mouth and yowls a long territorial cry*

Hoody: Ayla? What's she saying.

Ayla: I think... We just wandered into her territory.

Observer: And that's bad?

Rachel: *stares intently at the guys* Mrrrrrowwwrrrr....

Masky: I have an idea.

Hoody: What?

Masky: RUN! *turns and runs*

Ayla: Wait for me!

Hoody: *runs after*

Observer: WE ARE GOING TO DIE. :(

Rachel: *yowls again and pounces after*


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