Where We Last Left OffEdit

The gang finally finds out where Rachel's agility spawns. Rachel is displeased.







The Operator

Scene OneEdit

Rachel: *tosses head back and yowls again, sprinting after the gang*

Ayla: RACHEL! Down, kitty!!

Masky: *running for life* Is this how Rachel got so agile?!

Hoody: *running with* SHUT UP AND RUN!

Observer: *running* Shoot, I'm losing my glasses!

Rachel: *gets on all fours and sprints after, gradually catching up*

Masky: *look back* OHSHOO-

Rachel: *tackles Masky by the waist, which sends him crashing into Hoody, which sends him crashing into Observer, which sends him crashing into Ayla*

Ayla: OOF!

Observer: OHH!

Hoody: OWW!

Masky: MY LEG!

Rachel: *straightens up and growls low, ears flat against head and fur on tail frizzing up in irritation*

Hoody: We're doomed.

Scene TwoEdit

Rachel: MEOWR-YEOWR-REOWR-HISS-FFT-FFT-FFT-MEOWR! *hisses and spits angrilly*

Hoody: Uh, that didn't sound friendly!

Ayla: I'd tell you what it means, but I'd get arrested.

Rachel: *growls low, and skulks menacingly towards the gang*

Masky: N-nice kitty, Rachel! *backs up as Rachel backs him into a tree* Rachel? Rachel?!

Rachel: *sniffs, and ears perk* Tim! *bumps his chest playfully with head*

Observer: D'aww! /)OwO(\

Hoody: Heh. That's actually... Kind of cute.

Ayla: She probably remembers Tim because she can smell cheesecake on him.

Masky: I said I was sorry! I didn't know that was yours! *turns attention back to Rachel, and rubs one of her cat ears between fingers experimentally to see how it reacts*

Rachel: *ear twitches under fingers; giggles* Hey! Stop tickling me!

Masky: So this is how you've changed?

Rachel: No, I've had this ability to transform into this cat-hybrid since I was born. It became prominent when I started training with Master Kuni. The training brought out my agility, flexibility, sensitiveness, and strength.

Observer: I have no idea what you just said. I don't speak science.

Ayla: *shakes head* It means the fighting brought out the cat in her.

Observer: Oh.

Scene ThreeEdit

Tim: *lays on the grass, silent and watching the sky collide with a mirad of orange, pink, purple and blue as the sun rises*

Rachel: *walks outside and lays with* Hey.

Tim: Hey.

Rachel: *silent* ... It's beautiful, isn't it?

Tim: Yeah... *voice trails off like a broken record, and grows silent*

Rachel: Is there something wrong?

Tim: *silent* ...There was something I had to do when I came here, and I haven't done it yet.

Rachel: ...Was it something he asked you to do?

Tim: ...Yes.

Rachel: Tim, why do you listen you him?

Tim: He is my master, and I must do as I am bade. *searches for a deeper explaination of the question, but finds it's like explaining colors to the blind*

Rachel: *sits up* There's a song my mother used to sing about things like your situation. A song about always having someone to turn to.

Tim: *sits up and listens expectantly*

Candle on the Water (lyrics)02:54

Candle on the Water (lyrics)

Rachel: Candle on the Water

Tim: *thinks after the song, trying to process a flood of feel*

Rachel: I'll always be your candle on the water, Tim.

Tim: ...Rachel, I have to tell you something.

Rachel: Yes?

Tim: The Operator sent me here to- *cough, cough!*

Rachel: Yes?

Tim: He sent me here t- *COUGH, COUGH!*

Rachel: Tim?!

Tim: *begins coughing violently, hacking up blood and falling forward on the ground*

Rachel: Tim! *turns towards the apartments* HELP! SOMEONE! ANYONE! HELP!

Hoody: *bursts through the doors and sees Tim* Oh, God! *slips one arm over shoulders*

Rachel: *slips other and helps Tim up*

Tim: *coughs and hacks, wheezing for air*

Hoody: Rachel, when we get inside, I need to to go to another room other than the living room. Understand?

Rachel: O-okay... *begins to help drag Tim to the apartment*

Scene FourEdit

Hoody: We're in too deep, Masky.

Tim: H-huh? *coughs weakly, a pain in chest now welling up in place of coughs*

Observer: He is becoming impatient. He's sent you the final warning.

Hoody: You have the perfect chance to get her under your control, and you haven't done it!

Tim: You don't understand...

Observer: We understand perfectly.

Hoody: You care about her! You've gone soft for her!

Tim: Hoody, I-

Hoody: LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE CAUSED! *points to Tim accusingly*


Tim: I don't care about her! I'm just trying to earn her trust!

Observer: Okay, yeah. Sure.

Tim: Listen here, you pathetic TribeTwelver; I tell her things, I do certain things. And it's all just an act! I'll earn her trust, then use that against her. I'll get her under my control, and we'll take her back to the Master! Is that good with you?!

Hoody: Yeah. Whatever you say, Masky.

Voice: T...Tim?

Tim: *turns towards the doorway, and heart breaks*

Rachel: *stares at Tim with a mixture of hurt and disbelief* You're not my friend...

Tim: *gently* Rachel, I...

Rachel: *tears start streaming down cheeks* You were going to give me to him!

Tim: Rachel, listen to me.

Rachel: NO! YOU listen to ME! When you came here, you asked me for fair judgement! And I found the perfect one! LIAR! *turns and runs to room, locking the door behind*

Tim: Rachel! *tries to get up, but chest explodes with strain*

Hoody: It's OK, Masky. She'll cool down and let you explain. Don't strain yourself.

Tim: God, what have I done? *tears start dripping from own eyes*

Scene FiveEdit

Rachel: *lays facedown in bed sobbing* He lied to me... I trusted him and he lied to me... Did I do something wrong? I mean... *sniffles*

Voice: Raacheell...


Rachel: *raises head* Huh? Who said that??

Voice: Raaacheeelll...

Rachel: Who are you?!

Voice: CⓍme tⓍ me, child. I've waited sⓍ lⓍng fⓍr yⓍu...

Rachel: *covers ears and squeezes eyes shut* Go away! Leave me alone!

Voice: CⓍme.

Rachel: *slowly opens eyes and uncovers ears, getting off the bed and walking toward the window* Ngh... *tries to take a step back and defy the voice*

Voice: DⓍ nⓍt resist, child. YⓍur struggles Ⓧnly make this harder Ⓧn yⓍurself.

Tim: *walks up to the door and knocks sighing heavilly* Rachel. I'm sorry, we need to- Wait. Who's is that voice? Who is that in there??

Rachel: *opens the window and sees a tall, pale, and faceless man peering down at her* You...

Tim: *jiggles the door handle, then pounds on the door* Rachel! Open up, the door is stuck!

Operator: CⓍme tⓍ me, Rachel. It is yⓍur time. *slips hands around her waist*


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