'Eye To Eye' is a bad romance series between Masky(Tim) and Rachel, by RavenWalker.

About a year after giving himself to Slenderman and becoming a Proxy, Masky begins having memories about his childhood sweetheart, Rachel, who moved away from him when she was seven because of "family matters". Desperate to see her again, he travels to California, where Rachel said she had moved. Little does he know that a lot of things have changed since he last saw her...

Join Masky and Rachel and all of the friends and foes along with them as we see spun tales about secrets, romance, anger, hurt, comedy, and murders most foul.


Los Angeles, California.


List of characters in this series. They are based off the personalities of RavenWalker 's friends.


Age: 19


Occupation: Proxy

Reflects Off: PhazonGumball123

Abilities: Human Abilities, Tackling, Mind Influence

Fact: Masky(Tim) is very skilled with weaponry, like knives. Even though he is both Tim and Masky, their personalities swap from the gentleness of Tim to the roughness of Masky, kind of like Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde.


Age: 20

Occupation: Proxy


Reflects Off: Maskedman0000

Abilities: Human Abilities, Mind Influence

Fact: Hoody is highly intelligent. He can figure out how to get past many things, such as Raven's thrashing on their first attempt at capturing her.


Age: 17

Rachel's Cat Form

Occupation: Musician, Artist, Martial and Combat Artist

Reflects Off: RavenWalker

Abilities: Cat Morphing, Cat-like Flexibility and Agility, Quick Reflexes, Sensitive Senses, Fight Experience

Fact: Rachel's mother was killed by the Slenderman when she was ten, a reason why she is horrified when she finds out Masky is a Proxy. She also has a weakness for chocolate and catnip, she doesn't care how bad it is for her.


Age: 18


Occupation: Otaku

Reflects Off: RainbowDerp99

Abilities: Human Abilities, Fight Experience

Fact: When Rachel moved to California, she and Ayla connected instantly. And when her mother was killed, Ayla acted as her mother of sorts.


Age: Unknown(but sounds as if in his teen-adult years)


Occupation: Unknown

Reflects Off: GumballTransformerFan

Abilities: Unknown

Fact: He is an aquaintance of some sort and has been known to hang out with Masky and Hoody. He also has a notorius talent for pissing people off, often quarreling with Rachel.

The Operator(Slender Man)Edit

Age: Unknown

The Operator

Occupaton: N/A

Reflects Off: N/A

Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, Mind Influence/Control, Brain Washing, Tentacles and Limbs

Fact: The Operator has nearly gotten a hold on Rachel's mind, but she runs away before he can fully make an impact on her.

Background CharactersEdit

Alana (she reflects off one of RavenWalker's IRL friends. Will appear in Episode Five.)

Sophie (she reflects off one of RavenWalker's IRL friends. Will appear in Episode Five.)

Blaze (he reflects off Cartoonfan7360. We'll run into him in Episode Three.)
  • Alana
  • Sophie
  • Blaze
  • Master Kuni
  • Peter

Master Kuni (he reflects off ThenightowlXLS. We'll run into him in Episode Three.)

Peter (he reflects off Blue Pant. We'll run into him in Episode Four.)


Neko (he is Rachel's best friend as well as a guide and mentor, even though he's a cat. His past is lost in shadow and his catty attitude makes
  • Neko
  • Bernie
Masky fume. However, he is always there for Rachel and the gang when his help is needed, even when dogs are involved!)

Bernie (a kindly only St. Bernard stray and the only dog Neko gets along with.)


Homestuck Cameos: John, Dave, Dirk, Karkat, Terezi, Gamzee, Tavros, Sollux, Nepeta, Equius, Vriska, Eridan

Creepypasta Cameos: The Rake, Jeff the Killer, Pencilneck, Tails Doll, Shadowlurker, Bloody Gir

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