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 Eternity Edit

Consciousness: a concept you are no longer familiar with. You begin to regain consciousness as you awaken from your eternal slumber. It is pitch black. You cannot move; you cannot physically feel anything. You feel as if you have no structure, as if you are one with the darkness, though you feel you are a sentient entity. The illusion of sound can be heard in the distance. A florescent colored orb begins to summon towards you. You are perplexed by the asset of sight at first, but then you adjust. The sound starts to gradually become more audible as the orb summons closer. It is you, you can hear your own voice speaking. Your voice from different stages of your life- as a child, as an adult- speaking among other voices you haven't heard in ages. You start to remember and miss these voices and the individuals that they belonged to. Memories of your previous state of being start to flood your mind, memories of when you and your companions were still breathing and existing in such a fimiliar yet foreign reality. The possibility that they may be in a mutual state in which you curently are in intrudes your mind. They are now long gone to you , as you are to them. The ability to navigate through what is perceived as three demensional space has been enabled. You roam this void as a lonely spectator now. The atmosphere begins to gradually display the cosmos. Billions of luminous stars and nebulas can now be seen. You are too lonely to enjoy such a magnificent site. Familiar and sentimental images conquer your mind as you roam. You ache for company from your former species. Everything starts fading away into darkness once more and this unfimilar concept is starting to retire. You are trying to hold on to this illusion of life but it is still waning. Thats what you always do.

Life is short. Enjoy it. - Spy (Chris C)hort

I looked back on this peice and fet like refining it.

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