Since you've all been waiting so long for MLP Escape From Glucrose to be released, I've decided to be nice and give you all a spoiler chapter for now. This real fanfic will not be released for some time so please don't hate me and enjoy chapter 2!!!! Characters that appear in chapter 2:

Dracos, Megasus, Thunderwing, Secronaut, Clastro, Toxin, Buckshot, Incitatus, Megosoro, Apache, Beatrice, Shade, Napalm, Chico, Antares, Skyblazer, Smashdown, and Nastroport.

SPOILER: Meeting of the DisharmoniesEdit

"I hate this stupid elevator, it goes SO slow!"

Megasus continued to complain as he, Secronaut, and Thunderwing made their way to the meeting room up the elevator. This elevtor was indeed very slow, but Secronaut and Thunderwing barely paid any attention to their commanders' complaints. Instead they were too busy focuing the matter at hoof.

Dracos had called an immediate meeting of all the Disharmony leaders and commanders, no matter what it was, they would obey lord Dracos' orders.

"Keep your mouth shut, Megasus. I don't want to hear any more of your bitching." Secronaut scowled.

Megasus was taken aback by this sudden outburst Secronaut had just commited, instead he flicked his blue firery mane and smirked at Secronaut and Thunderwing.

"Am I bitching? You too have been no fun at all eversince the attack on Pentrodis!"

"That's because we got our flanks kicked!" Thunderwing yelled.

"We DID blow up the emergency supply of fuel for those weak Harmonies and their precious Zanthium." Secronaut added in.

"Yeah, that was the only good thing to come from this little adventure of ours." Megasus hissed.

An awkward silence filled the elevator as the three pegasi were so close to getting to the meeting room. Thunderwing sighed and asked, "So what do you two think of the new recruits?"

Megasus chuckled and answered, "They all seem okay, except for that Antares guy, what an idiot!"

"Yeah," Secronaut added in, "and did you hear about Clastro's new apprentice? That Toxin character gives me the creeps. He looks like he belongs in a mental hospital."

Thunderwing chuckled and jokingly said, "You look like you belong on a mantel."

"Shut the buck up, Thunderwing."

"Silence, both of you.....we are here...." Megasus watched as they finally reached the top of the tower.

The three Disharmony pegasi watched as the elevator opened revieling the meeting room. Several Disharmony commanders were scattered across the room, Megasus remembered a few familiar faces: Megasoro, Smashdown, and Skyblazer.

The room was dark with only a couple light soruces above. A large table was set up in the middle of the large room with several chairs sprawled across the sides. Three giant statues stood in the front of them room, each of them portraying lord Dracos.

"It's about time.....let us take our rightful place you two." Megasus said and trotted inside with Thunderwing and Secronaut following close behind. As the three pegasi commanders made their way to their seats, Megasus couldn't help but take a look and listen to the conversations being taken place by his fellow Disharmonies.

Clastro, that insane Disharmony scientist was having a chat with one of the newest members of the entire Disharmony ranks; Buckshot.

"So Clastro," Buckshot began, "I've heard some rumors going around that Dracos was planning something big for you and your little apprentice."

"That is correct." Clastro answered in his emotionless voice.

Buckshot looked around the room and asked, "Where is that little creep?"

All of a sudden, a heavy screwdriver landed on Buckshot's head, Buckshot rubbed the sore spot and yelled, "Ouch! Where the hell did that come from?!"

A shaky and creepy voice answered from the ceiling, "Who you calling a creep?! I am but a simple little colt with a strange disorder that makes me currently unstable!"

Buckshot and Clastro both looked up to see none other than Toxin hanging from the ceiling by the shandelear. Toxin laughed maniaclly and swung back and forth while speaking.

"In other words, I'm literaly insane!!! HAHAHAHA!!!" Toxin laughed as loud as he could which caught the attention of several other Disharmony commanders.

"Toxin, get down here now." Clastro ordered his apprentice.

Toxin stopped swinging and shouted, "Make me, boss!"

"Very well."

With that, Clastro activated his blaster and aimed upwards. With one shot, Toxin fell to the ground face first and got back up with a wicked smile. Buckshot backed away and shouted, "How did you get up so fast?!"

Clastro put his gun away and answered, "Don't question it, Buckshot. Just get used to it."

Buckshot brought his attention to the little red and black alicorn staring at him with those horrid black eyes. Buckshot growled and warned, "What are you staring at, freak?"

"You of course, your body is simply perfect for my next few experiments I've been planning. They're called placing a dog's butt on the head of a pony to make it look better! HAHAHA!!!" Toxin laughed.

Buckshot backed away and coughed into his hoof, "Just keep your distance alright?"

Megasus didn't hear what Toxin said but obviously it was something he didn't want to hear. He continued to walk forward until he passed Megosoro, Antares, and this all new stallion Megasus had never seen before. But their conversation was loud and was about to get out of hoof.

"Lord Dracos likes me best!" Antares yelled and smashed his spear to the ground.

"That's a laugh, last time I heard him talk about you was when he was trying to figure out who was the worst member of the Disharmony ranks!" Megosoro yelled back.

"Liar!" Antares yelled and got in Megosoro's face, "I am purely commited in helping the wise and powerful Dracos to whatever his heart desires! The Diamond Dogs are proud warriors!"

"The Diamond Dogs are idiots!" Megosoro placed his forehead against the Diamond Dog commander's.

"Why you little-" Antares began until a strange voice stopped them both.

"Drascoboscas, sentio con sey rey somee zesto."

Megosoro and Antares looked in the same direction to see the newest stallion with the creepy mask over his face. Megosors and Antares looked at each other and back to the stallion.

"What?" They both said in unison.

The stallion groaned and said slowly, "I said, you two are both fools. Lord Dracos does not have precious time to be choosing favorites."

"And who are you to be telling us what lord Dracos is thinking?!" Antares yelled.

The stallion glared at both of them with those beady yellow eyes and answered, "My name is Incitatus. Foshimus dran con rey semputo!"

"What was that?" Antares asked.

"I called you a bucked face loser."

"You'll pay for that!"

Antares charged forward with his spear pointed forward, but Incitatus was a very trained warrior because he tripped Antares and stole his spear. As Antares fell to the ground, Incitatus grabbed the spear and pointed it at his throat.

Antares gulped and chuckled, "Not bad."

Megasus simply groaned at these stupid brutes. Finally they made it to their seats, where a very drunk pegasus was laying his head down. Thunderwing and Secronaut sat in the seats next to the wasted pegasus and looked at Megasus who was obviously annoyed.

Megasus jabbed the yellow pegasus in the ribs which woke him up immediatly.

"Woozaa! Who called my name?"

"Nopony called your name, fool! Get out of my seat!" Megasus yelled.

Skyblazer looked at his forehoof and said in a very sultry voice, "It's only three o'clock, I'm gonna miss my dance recital!"

"You don't even have a watch, Skyblazer!" Megasus roared and bucked the legs of the chair.

Skyblazer fell backwards and groaned in pain and drunkeness. He slowly got back up and made his way to his original seat; talking to himself all the way over there.

"I wish I could've HICK tasted that sweet flank of that mare I had my way with again HICK."

Skyblazer made his way to his real seat and passed out immediatly when he sat down. Megasus picked up his chair and sat down with Secronaut and Thunderwing. All the while, Megasus was eyeing all the Disharmonies around him.

The two brothers Smashdown and Nastroport were simply sitting down staring at the table in boredom. Megasus didn't blame them, their only job was to kill Harmony captives in the great Harmony Prison. But eversince it was destroyed they have been in such termoil that Megasus actually felt sad for them.

His attention was brought over to Clastro, Toxin, and Buckshot who sat down in their exact positions. Toxin kept on twitching as Clastro petted his head and scratched him behind the ears. Strange......Clastro was treating his apprentice as a that how he saw him?

Antares, Megosoro, and Incitatus also made their way to the table and sat down. Megosoro and Antares glared at each other except Incitatus who stared at all the ponies at the table as well.

All was silent except Smashdown and Nastroport muttering something to themselves. Megasus broke the silence with what was going on through everypony's minds.

"So, when are the new recruits coming in?"

Clastro looked over and answered him while still petting Toxin, "They were not to arrive until Dracos has come in to address them."

"Where is lord Dracos anyway?" Nastroport looked up from the table.

Antares smashed his fist on the table and shouted, "Do not address the great and glorious Dracos as such!"

Buckshot smacked his face and said, "You seriously need to shut the buck up, Antares. You're so annoying."

"You need to shut up!" Antares roared, "Dracos' power fuels me with the strength to carry on his word to all who stand before him!"

Secronaut coughed and said, "This is all very fun and enjoyable but seriously, where is Dracos?"

Clastro gave Toxin a doggy treat and answered, "Dracos is coming in aproximatly 10.67 seconds."

"Well what are we gonna do for 10 seconds?" Thunderwing asked.

Toxin swallowed his treat and spoke out, "Lets play a game! It's called everyone put a hoof in the middle of the table!"

"Why?" Megasus asked.

"Don't do it." Clastro answered.

"I'm doing it." Thunderwing answered and placed his hoof in the center of the table. All of a sudden, Toxin pulled out a long needle and struck Thunderwing's hoof with a sickening slice. Thunderwing yelled in pain and brought his hoof back; rubbing it softly.

"Told you." Clastro said and looked over to see Toxin licking the blood off the needle.

"I'LL CRUSH THAT LITTLE FREAK!" Thunderwing yelled and prepared to attack.....

.....only to stop in fear when the doors opened.

Every Disharmony commander looked over except Smashdown and Skyblazer. There they saw the leader of the Disharmonies, and the foul killer of everything that had to do with Harmony.


Antares stood up and shouted, "Diamond Dogs, address our glorious leader!" On cue, two Diamond Dogs walked forward and held out their spears.

"To the mighty lord Dracos, killer of Harmony, bringer of true peace to Glucrose, and the wisest being that has ever lived on this beautiful-"


Dracos powered up his arm cannon and shot the head off of the Diamond Dog standing next to him. His brain matter splattered all over the wall as the other Diamond Dog whimpered and crawled away. Dracos stood up on his hind legs and transformed his cannon back on his arm.

Dracos slowly made his way to the table where all the Disharmonies were shaking with fear....except a few of them. The mighty leader of the Disharmonies stopped at the front of the table and looked around.

"Why do you not bow to your lord?"

"Forgive me, oh wise and powerful one!" Antares begged and bowed on the ground. Megasus groaned and bowed before his master. The bowing spread throughout the room.....except Skyblazer who was still passed out.

Dracos scowled and threw an empty bottle of whisky at the yellow pegasus. It hit him directly on the head which woke him up immediatly.

"Bow fool!" Dracos roared.

Skyblazer shook his head and said, "Ohhhh yeah....whatever." Skyblazer got up to bow, only to faceplant on the ground and throw up whatever he drank.

"Pathetic." Dracos muttered.

With a deep sigh, Dracos took his seat at the very front of the long table and stared down everypony. No one wanted to help up Skyblazer as they all got back to their seats. Clastro was the first to speak after a few seconds.

"Lord Dracos, do you want to have us bring in the new recruits?"

Dracos nodded and said, "Very well, Clastro, bring them in."

Clastro stood up from his seat and made his way to the door at the end of the room. He opened it and motioned them to come out. Following Clastro back to the table, was a purple mare, a red pegasus, a brown griffon, and a female zebra.

Clastro stopped at his seat and allowed the new group to pass and head for Dracos.

"Introducing the leaders of the Hunter Coalition: Beatrice, Napalm, Shade, and Apache."

Dracos nodded and watched as the four of them made their way to Dracos' side. The purple mare bowed and said, "It is good to see you again, my lord."

"It is good to see you too, Beatrice. I am very proud of you and your team for taking out the defenses of Pentrodis so we could have attacked in the first place." Dracos told her.

Beatrice smiled and got back up, "It was easy, my lord."

"Easy? We nearly got out heads blown off!"

Dracos and Beatrice looked back to see the red pegasus scowling.

"You are to do what I order, Napalm! Or is there a problem?" Dracos warned and prepared to activate his cannon.

Napalm shook his head and answered, "No worries, my lord, I have no problem with any of that."

"Good." Dracos finished and looked at the other two, "Apache, Shade, what have you to report?"

Apache stepped forward and stared down Dracos as he explained, "Mission was a success, but we still need to take out the air support systems for the Harmony city so we can plan an assault on The Zanthium."

"Not to worry, Apache," Dracos said, "your next mission will solve that little dilema."

"It better." Shade commented and trotted next to Beatrice and Napalm, with Apache behind her. Dracos looked back at Clastro.

"Clastro, wasn't there one more recruit?"

"Affirmitve, I shall bring her in." Clastro answered and prepared to stand back up only for Thunderwing to shout.

"NO, I mean, can I bring her in?" Thunderwing gulped. Clastro looked at Dracos who simply stared at the pegasus.

He shrugged and said, "Very well, Thunderwing, carry it out."

Thunderwing beamed and raced towards the door, Megasus simply groaned at Thunderwing's stupidity. The dark blue pegasus opened the door and lost all his breathe when he saw her.

Poking his head back inside, Thunderwing gulped and said, "M-my lord, th-this is our ne-newest recruit p-pegasus, her name is Ch-Ch-Chico."

As he said that, a mare walked inside the dimly lit room. Thunderwing almost passed out when she made her passed him with a seductive look.

"Really, Thunderwing, is that any proper way to behave when a lady walks in the room?" Chico asked as she playfully flipped her tail under Thunderwing's chin.

Thunderwing sighed happily as the soft tail stroked his chin, but he immediatly fell to the ground when Chico began to walk closer to the table. All the males at the table immediatly brought their attention at this new young mare that just walked into the room.

"Hello everypony, I'm sure you've all heard of me. I was the one who single hoofidly took out the Harmony supply station....and I did it with one condom and a lot of lipstick." Chico playfully teased Smashdown as she passed him.

Smashdown gasped when she licked her lips at him seductively. Smashdown eyes rolled in the back of his head as he passed out on the table. Chico chuckled to herself and continued onwards toward her new master.

"But alas, all of that has grown out of me and I seek a new challenge." Chico finally made her way to Dracos' seat and stared at him with those beautiful red eyes. Dracos was unfazed and stared back at her.

She smirked and finished, "I seek to serve you, Dracos, my new master. I am at your bidding."

Finishing it, Chico bowed before her new lord, her flank stood up in the air as all the males at the table turned their heads to sneek a peek.

Dracos heard some moans of pleasure coming from his loyal subjects but ignored it and watched as Chico stood back up. She gave him the most seductive glare she had ever given a stallion.

Dracos smiled.

"Your charms are powerful, Chico, for they have turned my most elite warriors into perverted freaks!" Dracos roared and looked at his group in shame.

"Not me, lord Dracos." Clastro added in.

"Nor I, my lord!" Antares shouted.

Dracos shook his head and looked directly into Chico's pretty eyes. She was indeed beautiful, but Dracos didn't feel anything, not even a slight chance of love. But he did feel something.....a plan.

"Chico, I have my orders for you."

"And what would that be, handsome?"

Dracos smirked and said, "You are to join Megasus and his group, they will need the inspiration for the mission I have in store."

Dracos could hear Thunderwing celebrating silently, Chico turned her head to see Megasus, Secronaut, and the beaming Thunderwing. She smiled at Dracos and bowed again.

"As you command, oh wise leader."

Chico turned around and made her way towards Megasus, he was at the far end of the table. As she passed Buckshot and Toxin, she flashed each one a wink which made them both blush violently. But what even surprised Chico, was the next stallion.

Clastro watched as the young mare made her way passed him, he couldn't help but look down at her flank. Chico seemed to notice and turned her head back.

"See something you like, Clastro?"

Clastro immediatly faced the other way as if pretending he didn't even notice her. Chico giggled cutely and passed another masked stallion.

"Hello again, Incitatus, remember me? We had that wonderful night at the bar."

"Be gone, whore." Incitatus growled at her when he remembered everything that had happened that night. She was an overpowering mare in bed!

"Awww.....still sad that I played with you too hard?" Chico giggled and made her way to Megasus. Megosoro found it extremely funny and laughed as hard as he could. Incitatus retorted by punching the light red stallion in the face.

Chico pulled up a chair and sat right next to Megasus, Thunderwing sat next to her in a quick motion. Chico smiled at Megasus and asked, "I've heard of you, Megasus, and I must say that you turn me on."

"Well, I, Megasus am certain to turn anypony-wait what?"

Chico giggled again and Megasus found that to be extremely hot, because his wings spread out in a quick motion and tapped her nose playfully.

As Chico continued to flirt with the pegasus commander, Dracos realized that all Disharmonies were here and accounted for. He slammed his hoof on the table and shouted, "Listen up, Disharmonies!"

Chico stopped flirting and turned towards Dracos, the rest of them turned their attention to Dracos except for Skyblazer who was still passed out. Dracos cleared his throat and began.

"Here is what is going to happen: Megasus...."

Megasus looked up and smiled broadly when his name was said, Dracos continued knowing that Megasus was listening.

"Megasus, your mission is not an easy one. Take your team and infiltrate the Harmony defense grid of the airships surrounding the city that contains The Zanthium. Take out that defense grid as quickly as possible so the Hunter Coalition can take out the command station and win us the first part in my master plan."

Megasus smiled and said, "It will be my pleasure, lord Dracos!"

"Sounds simple." Secronaut growled.

"Very." Thunderwing added.

"Oh must I go with them?" Chico complained.

"Either that, or you will be on one mission on destroying The Zanthium on the inside." Dracos warned.

Chico's eyes grew wide when she realized that infiltrating The Zanthium right now would be suicide. She just shrugged and said, "Very well, I shall accompany Megasus and his team."

Dracos smiled and turned his attention to Clastro, Toxin, and Buckshot.

"You three, your mission will be the most important that we cannot afford to lose!" Dracos told them.

"What is it, lord Dracos?" Clastro asked.

Dracos smiled and began his master plan, "I know the 4 Horses are still in Pentrodis looking for survivors, so you three will plan an ambush with enough of my soldiers to take out an entire empire!"

"Okay...I like it." Buckshot chuckled.

Dracos continued, "Buckshot, you have one objective, shoot the 4 Horses where it hurts! After that is done, Toxin and Clastro will implant the substance inside each of them, which will cause them to be knocked out. Next, you will transport the 4 Horses to Chaonic for the experiments that Toxin and Clastro will lead!"

"Yayyyy!!!" Toxin cheered and bounced up and down on his chair.

Dracos glared at Antares and shouted, "You, Diamond Dog commander!"

"How may I serve you, oh great Dracos?" Antares asked. Dracos groaned but forced himself to say it.

"You will be accompaning Clastro and his group when they get to Chaonic, you never know what the Apocalypse Horses are capable of and we'll need all the guards we can get."

Antares nodded and said, "I will not fail you, my liege!"

Dracos then brought his attention to Megosoro and Incitatus who were listening the entire time. He pointed at them and said, "You two will be at my side when I give the orders for our invasion."

They simply nodded and stared right ahead.

Dracos looked at the two brothers and shouted, "You two are to do a little shopping trip for me!"

"Oh joy." Smashdown muttered,

Dracos smiled and said, "It is invading The Zanthium."

As he said that, Smashdown and Nastroport looked up in excitment, they were finally going to do an important mission for the first time in five years!

The Disharmony leader came to his last pony.

"Skyblazer, get up you worthless drunk!"

Skyblazer obeyed and used the table as a crutch to stand up, "How may I serve you, lord HICK Dracos?"

Dracos scowled at this worthless excuse of a Disharmony. Eversince he get demoted from his leadership, Skyblazer has done nothing but moping around and crying to himself. No more, Dracos was going to finish him off once and for all.

His imagination rose.

"Skyblazer, you will join Clastro and his group and do whatever they say." Dracos smiled deviously.

Clastro looked at Dracos with concern, "Lord Dracos, I do not wish to-"

Dracos motioned Clastro to come nearer, Clastro obeyed as Dracos whispered into his ear, "When Skyblazer is distracted, shoot him and leave him to die."

"As you command." Clastro whispered back and headed back for his seat.

Dracos stood up and shouted, "The missions are clear Disharmonies, carry them out now!"

With that order given, Megasus, Thunderwing, Secronaut, and Chico flew out of the room and went to their objective. Beatrice, Napalm, Shade, and Apache followed the four pegasi for they were to assist them. Clastro, Toxin, Buckshot, Antares, and Skyblazer made their way out of the room slowly while Skyblazer almost fell down.

Dracos smiled and looked at his remaining group; Incitatus and Megosoro. He sat back in his chair and smiled.

"It is time my brothers for the true extinction of Harmony to begin!!!!"

Well there you have it! Chapter 2 of MLP Escape From Glucrose, who knows.......I might post more spoiler chapters in the future.......

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