This is the first story in Epic Coffee canon. Epic Coffee canon is pretty much stories about Epic Coffee and other crap.

The Recording Of Epic Coffee's Life Which Is Just Pretty Much For SP To Get New IdeasEdit

Epic Coffee (September-something 2012 to December-something 2012) is the OC of an awful writer who just goes ahead and writes crap that comes out of nowhere and has a plot that goes like this one, for example.

Breaking The Fourth Wall will get us nowhere so lets move on to this crap:

Epic Coffee was born as an alicorn then had her horn took away because the idiot who made her pretty much thought she was a Mary Sue because society thinks Alicorn= Mary Sue.

She was a mare and everyone complained about that just because someone can't DISLIKE THE STALLIONS BLOCKY DESIGN!

Anyway, Epic Coffee died after being crushed by this big-ass snowman that Zephyr built. She came back to life as a zombie WHICH IS THE MOST ORIGINAL THING EVER and she hates Zephyr now for killing her. 



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