End of days, WWC
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Theophany - Wrath.mp3 (Final Hour)

The current theme song for the fic, (all credit goes to those who produced this wondeful work of art).

After the events of a horrible infection outbreak that occured across the entire world, complete madness has spread. The goverment has fallen, and so has mankind itself, all hope has been lost for humanity. Our only hope now, is for the remaining survivors and the autobot's, to help and save us in this darkest hour, and to prove...there is still hope.


Chapter 1 : Ruins.

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City - Triple Impact Trailer (PS3, XBOX360, PC)05:41

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City - Triple Impact Trailer (PS3, XBOX360, PC)

The Beginning of the fanfic (watch up to 5:41)

Tyran Held the massive car over his head and snarled as he threw the car into the air, causing it it smash and crush into the other car that was parked on the other side of the road. Large flames burst out from the windows of the car, and the tires and doors, flew off the car and into the sky, quickly smashing onto windows of the buildings around them. "HURRY MEN, LET'S GO" sombody screamed from the distance as tyrant smashed his fists into a nearby wall, as the entire wall quickly crumbled into pecies as large amounts of rock, smashed into a few shoilder's heads, instantly killing them. Tyrant strormed towards the others, as he grabbed onto a nearby light-post, and smashed it across a nearby shoilder's head, quickly knocking him onto the hard cement surface of the ground. Tyrant snarled and yelled as he lifted the light-post into the air, and slammed in into the shoilder's stomach, "HURRY MEN, GO, GO, GO" sombody screamed as he pointed at a nearby building, "HURRY, THEY ARE COMING'!.

The rest of the group of survivors burst into the other building and quicly shined their flashlights around the room, "MOVE OUT MEN" Beltway said as he pointed down a nearby hallway, and turned, and quickly ran up the stairs as the rest of them followed. They quickly burst into the nearby room and shined their flashlights from their guns, onto a nearby bed, which contained large amounts of blood splatterd onto the sheets and pillows of the bed. Bertha stood beside beltway and shined deeply as they all examined the room and held their guns, high. "I hear something outside" Spectra said as she pointed her gun towards the window as a large amounts of smashing an crashing were heard from outside the window. A suddenly crash smashed into the window as the whole area around them quickly burst into flame. A large metal car had suddenly was thrown from tyrant into the building as the entire building was suddenly falling apart, and broken into pecies. "WE NEED TO LEAVE HERE, NOW! sombody screamed from behind a large rock smashed into the wall, "EVERYONE, C'MON, WE NEED TO LEAVE THIS PLACE" sombody else screamed. as the rest of the survivors ran down the stairs, as yet anothe rmassive car flew into the air, and smashed down into the building, almost causing t
Resident evil zombies
he entire building to fall apart.

"WE DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME UNTIL THE ENTIRE BUILDING FALLS APART" Beltway yelled, "HURRY"!, As the rest of the wolfpack jumped out of the doors and windows of the building as the entire building completey birst into pecies. Four Eyes stood side-by side with Lupo as they both, quickly began to shoot their gun around towards the massive hord of zombies around them. I nearby sign fell from place from a nearby building and crashed behind them, causing the entire sign to smash and crush into another building, as the entire building exploded and scatterd parts of the building and ashs fell to the ground which seemed to attract more zombies ot the area. The entire area around them was bursting in flames and fire, as more undead crawled and slowly walked into the flames, towards the wolfpack. All of the wolfpack quickly went side-by side and began to shoot at all sides around them. The entire area around them seemed like a battle-zone, gun-shots flew acorss the streets, into the head of the groaning and hungry undead. "How long can we hold them off"? four eyes asked as he quicky shot a nearby zombie in the head, and turned his head towards Beltway. "Until they stop coming back" Beltway said as he pulled out a small pistol form his pocket, and suddenly turned around and tripped a nearby female zombie to the ground, and shot it, and raised his gun towards the the crowd of zombies around them again

"We can't stand here and shoot forever" Vector snapped, "WE NEED TO LEAVE HERE NOW"!..."we will soon as we clear this area from these infected wortless worms" Beltway said as he suddenly got onto the ground, and suddenly tripped a whole row of zombies in front of them, and quickly finished them off, with a stomp to the head. "Follow me" Beltway said as he kicked and shot his way through the zombie hord, towards another part of the town as the others followed. Beltway sat behind a nearby car and quickly jumped onto the top of it, and began to shoot all around him as a large amount of zombies swarmed around the car. "When will you idiots learn"? Beltway sighed as he kicked a nearby zombie in the face, and threw a bomb towards the large horde coming towards him. Beltway quickly bolted towards the rest of the wolfpack and directed them towards another building. "Hurry, before they catch up with us" Beltway said as the wolfpack all took a deep sigh, and once again, followed him towards another building. "We cannot stop this yet men, we still need the survivors for the experiments, remember"? "of course" Spectra Replied, "well then, HELP ME FIND SOME"!. the Wolfpack stormed towards the building and bursted through the door again.

"CHECK EVERY ROOM OF THIS HOUSE"! beltway screamed " I CANNOT LEAVE THIS AREA UNTIL WE ATLEAST CAPTURE ONE SURVIVOR, AND THAT'S AN ORDER!, The wolfpack quickly stormed all across the house as they defended themselves from more zombies, and quickly burst upsets of the building. They burst into the room and suddenly came across another licker, hanging from the roof, with it's tough moving all around as it snarled and snapped as it jumped onto the foor, and raised it's head into the air, and sniffed as it roared and bolted towards the wolfpack.

The licker suddenly snapped it's teeth into Lupo's leg, sending him into the floor, and causing his own leg to snap and break. "SOMBODY, LET HIM OFF OF ME"! lupo screamed as he pointed his gun towards the licker's head, and fired. The licker flew back from the shot and fell to the floor, dead. "Sombody help me"! Lupo screamed as she held her hand over the bleeding part on her left leg.

Beltway quickly attempted to lift her off the ground, but accidantly dropped her as the door in the room suddenly burst open, and more zombies burst into the room, as they snarled and yelled. "HURRY MEN, GO, GO," Meltway screamed as the rest of the wolfpack team jumped down from the window and ran down the street. "WAIT....WHAT ABOUT ME"?!?!? She cried, "YOU CAN'T JUST LEAVE ME HERE, YOU-" Her voice suddenly was broke-off as one zombie suddenly sucken it's teeth into her neck, as the rest of the zombies enterd the room as Lupo made her final screams within the buidling, before silence.

"We Need to KEEP moving men" Beltway snapped as the wolfpack team all jumped into a nearby truck as most jumped in the back, beltway quickly found the keys on the car's seat and started the truck up, as another horde of zombies still followed behind. Beltway started thw car, and quickly began to drive down the street as they truned down a nearby corno, when a sudden figure stood within the fire and flames in the road, as the figure slowly moved away from the flames, and was suddenly noticed tobe tyrant. "NOT THIS GUY AGAIN" Beltway yelled as he pointed his gun out of the window and began to shoot as tyrant ripped a street-light and threw it (in a spear type fashion) that smashed into the window of the van, crushing onto Beltway's chest as the other wolfpack memebers jumped out from behind the truck.

Beltway slowly took the long metal poll from his stomach as he was in complete pain, as Tyrant slowly walked towards Beltway, holding a large piece of metal glass in his hands, holding it tightly. He raised it high above into the air and was ready to swing, as the rest of the wolfpack team began to shoot at Tyrant, causing him to drop the peice of glass to fall and smash onto the hard cement ground, as Tyranr fell to his knees after Four Eyes shot him within the head. "TIME TO FINISH HIM OFF" Beltway said as he reached for his gun onto the floor as all of the others began to completely shoot all over his body, until the entire rest of the body had fallen to the ground as Beltway still sat on the ground, injured.

"are you okay"? Four eyes said to Beltway as held out his hand and helped Beltway off the ground, Yes, Im fine beltway snapped as he smacked away four eye's hand and suddenly lifted his head, to see another shadow, standing in the streets before them. The shadow slowly stepped out of the mist and held his gun by his side as a tall man with a long rusted and bent-up brown metal suit spltterd in blood slowly walked towards them as the man raised his gun by his side as the helment on his suit, suddenly began to open up. "WHO ARE YOU"? Beltway asked........""?....."My Clarke".


Chapater 2 : Not going down, without a fight.

"What are you doing, in an infection zone like this?!" Beltway said as he held the gun towards Isaac's head. "Let ME as you the same question" Isaac snapped, as he suddenly slid across the ground, and tripped beltway onto the ground, onto his face. Bertha ran over to Isaac and swug her gun towards Isaac head, but Isaac quickly ducked as Bertha hit spectre instead. Spectre fell to the ground, Covering his face within his hands, as Issac stood beside him, and held the gun agaist his head. "Don't Move....or he dies" Isaac said, as he held the gun closer to Spectre's head. Vector stepped in front of Issac, and held his knife above him, "we don't mind if you kill him, there is more of go around" Vector chuckled slightly as he scraped the knife agaist his glove, and pulled a pistol out of his belt. Issac suddenly slammed the gun over spectre's head, causing him to fall onto the ground again, "I know what you guys do to those poor AREN'T DOING it to me"! Issac yelled as he quickly ducked behind a nearby car, and shot Vector in the leg. Vector held his glove over the wound and still kept shooting, as the rest of the team, shot around him. "GET OUT WITH YOU'RE HANDS UP"! Beltway screamed, "THIS IS YOU'RE LAST WARNING"..."I DON'T CARE" Isaac screamed back, as he suddenly picked up a nearby hunting knife next to him, and jumped up and quickly threw it across the area, into Vector's other knee.

Issac jumped up onto the roof of a truck, and blocked all the fire being shot at him, with holding a large piece of metal that was found on the ground. A sudden "BOOM" crashed and crushed down the street, as another sudden dark figure was seen, standing behind a fire, that had caught flame...It...was Tyran. Tyran let out a large massive cry, as suddenly picked up the car which caught flame, and threw it over at the truck Issac was on. Isaac attempted to jump off he truck, but the truck suddenly exploded behind him, which burst into flames, and the buildings next to both cars, where smashed and glass shatterd all across the entire area, as large amounts of metal and fire, have been sent into the sky, and dropping into other broken down buildings,causing them to burn also. Issac landed onto his stomach, and tried to crawl away from the tyrant abve him, as the wolf-pack quickly laughed and ran off onto a nearby truck. Isaac slowly yet carefully turned and raised his gun towards Tyrant. Issac began to shoot at Tyrant's body, causing his left arm to fall from place, as everything else, stayed in contact.

Issac then rememberd to shoot for the head, as he re-loaded his gun, and pointed the gun towards Tyrants head, as he began to shoot, and that's when Tyrant flew back into the truck the wolf pack was on, as he quickly was killed, from the shots to the head. Beltway held his gun right above his head, and began to shoot at Isaac from across the area. Isaac crawled behind another car, and wiped away the leaking blood out of his arm, from the large explosion. Issac re-loaded his gun again, and poped up from behind one of the windows in the truck, and quickly through them, causing the shot to burst open the windows and went straight into beltway's stomach. Beltway fell from place on the truck, and fell onto the ground, as his gun slid across the ground, towards Isaac. Isaac grabbed the gun, and went on the other side of the truck, and shot Bertha In the arm, she screamed and fell onto her knees as she still was on the truck, and that's when Isaac re-loaded his gun again, and pointed his gun towards Bertha's head, and started to shoot. Bertha looked up and was killed from the shots that hit her, as spectre (still injured) Held his gun below him, as he he suddenly began to shoot towards Issac's feet.

Issac grabbed yet another, large piece of a broken truck door, and held it close by his feet, as he suddenly shot the gun from Spectre's hand. The gun was sent flying into the air and sliding across the ground, away from th truck, as Spectre grabbed onto Bertha's gun, and started to fire again. Beltway lifted himself up off the ground with his own arms, and looked down at his stomach, and suddenly realized that the pocket knife that was within his belt, was now stabbed inside of himself. beltway slowly removed the blade from his stomach, and wiped the blood off it with his gloves. Vector still remaind behind the truck, trying to stop the bleeding from the gun-shots, he received eariler. Vector quickly loaded his pistol, and glared over at Isaac, as he held the gun tight in his hands, just before Issac was ready to shoot at Spectre, Vector shoot Issac within the chest (almost near his neck) Issac slowly dropped onto his knees, but kept shooting his gun. Issac held his hand over the wound, while still shooting towards Spectre. Vector jumped up on-top of the car, and began to shoot more, towards Issac.

Issac held the car door close beside him, as Isaac began to shoot back towards Vector, as Vector jumped down off of the car, and came closer and closer to Issac, while still shooting. Issac still attempted To keep shooting, although he began to grow weaker and weaker, from all the blood loss he has had within the past few minutes. Issac re-loaded his gun once more, but suddenly set the gun down, as he became more weaker then ever. Issac slowly attempted to crawl away, as the rest of the group, began to surrond him, holding their guns, straight towards his head. "YOU CAN'T DO THIS...." Isaac yelled....."YOU CAN'T"!.."would you like to bet"?! Vector laughed as they all loaded their guns and pointed....and as they suddenly put their fingures on the trigger..As Issac suddenly looked up towards them, and suddenly triped beltway onto the ground, causing the rest of them to fall ontot heround also. Issac looked back over to his gun, and grasped his hands around it, and then turned back towards the ground getting up, as Issac suddenly shot Spectre in the head. Issac re-loaded his gun once more..and crawled backwords.

Large amounts of storm clouds, where shown the fire within the broken buildings..began to rise higher and higher. Vector then got up onto his feet again, when Issac turned, just in time as Vector fired his gun, but missed. "WHY WON'T YOU DIE"!?!? Vector yelled as he kept trying to shoot towards Issac, but keeps missing. Vector stepped closer to Issac again, as issac suddenly tried to get back onto his feet, as Vector kicked him back down again, as Issac also tripped him. Vector fell onto his knees, As Issac slowly got onto his feet again and lifted up a large peice of broken glass in his hand and sliced it across Vector's chest, as the other team members, slowly backed-away. Issac wrappd his hands around Vector's neck, and slammed him into the door of a nearby car, as Issac raised his gun, and started to shoot towards the rest of the wolfpack

A sudden explosion burst from the streets of a large truck smashing into another, which had large amounts of metal and flame, being sent in the air, and crashing down, into other buildings

More and more, Issac still kept shooting, deep down..he still had hope within his self, he couldn't let go of that now, he had something to save.....his home. Issac re-loaded his gun, and smashed his way into a nearby building and quickly ran up the stairs, as the wolfpack attempted to shoot and fire at him, through the windows. He quickly ran up the stairs and ducked from under the windows, as he yet still kept running, as a sudden crash smashed down the door, from below on the first floor of the building. Gun shots suddenly started up, from below the stairs as Issac quickly turned the cornor, as the rest of the wolfpack, raced up the stairway, and automatically started to completely shoot around the room. Parts of the burt and broken roof from above, Fell upon their heads, causing issac to get a free escape plan, out the window. He burst open a window, shooting at it with his gun, and quickly grabbing onto a pipe, that was below it. He slid down the pipe, and turned back, and pulled a grenade and threw it into a nearby window and jumped behind a car, about seven feet away from the building.

A few wolfpack memebers, still managed to run out of the building, as the rest of the building, completely burst into flames, as the entire walls and other contents within the building, where destoryed and sent up onto the air, and smashed into the hard surface of the earth. The remaining wolfpack members, still looked puzzled and had NO idea where Issac was. Vector held his hunting knife, close by his side, as beltway held his gun around the remains of the broken cars around them. Large pieces of metal, still remained stuck within the ground, and flames continued to burn the buildings and other objects around them. When yet another yell was heard from behind a nearby car, as a suddenly zombie turned and slowly looked towards Vector and beltway, and suddenly made a horrible blood curdling scream, as it slowly limped towards them, as one more zombie suddenly appeard from behind a building, then another, then another, then another. A sudden large amount of undead began to swarm the area, as most of them, carried a few remains of their victims, from the start of the outbreak eariler, and still kept chewing upon them.

Most of them, appeard to have skeleton-type features, and large amounts if flesh on their bodies, had rotted away, and where stained in blood and dirt. Their hair was also soaked in blood, and large patchs of their hair itsef, where missing, revealing parts of their head. They seemed to limp faster now, as they got close to both vector and beltway, as they both began to charge towards the zombie horde, and began to take them down. Within minutes of the sound of gun-fire, the entire street was nearly crawling with undead, and most of them, seemed to run at extreamly fast speeds, and seem to moan and yell, alot louder, which attracts even more zombies towards beltway and vector. Issac still sat behind the car, with his gun raised towards a zombies head and fired, as a few zombies took their attection away from beltway and vector, and looked towards Issac. I sudden yell emerged from a zombie's mouth again, as a few zombies started to rush towards the car Issac was by, As Issac quickly turned, and began to run down the street.

Issac quickly ran as he still held the gun above his head, and shot a few zombies behind him. He still kept running as he then, jumped onto the roof of a car, and slid down, and shot even more zombies. A sudden hand gripped into Issac's shoulder, as Issac elbowed the creature in the mouth, as a few teeth fell from place. As a flaming car then rolled across the road, as yet another, mutant-type zombie creature snarled as Issac turned, away from him, and quickly went into another building, as he ran up the stairrs of this building, yet another flaming car was sent into the roof of the bulding, causing Issac to fall from the building, and was suddenly crushed by a pile of brick around him. Issac tried to re-focas his eyes around him, as more zombies also came around him, along with the mutant one.

Issac still began to shoot towards the zombies coming in his direction, as a sudden blast of laser shot from above him, and shot straight through the mutant creature's chest, as it's lifeless body fell to the ground, as the zombies around him, where shot and completely exploded, as a female figure suddenly stepped from the burning flames and smoke, and stepped over and looked down at Issac, "need help much?!" The woman laughed as she quickly raised out her hand, and helped Issac off the ground. "what have you been doing here"? the woman asked as she quickly set the laser cannon arm, down by her side. "I have a-...I've been trying to help stop this epidemic that started all across the world" Issac sighed, as he quickly removed the helment and held it in his left hand. "The names Issac" He said, as he held out his hand, and shook hands with the woman, "samus....samus aran, that's my name" she said, as she looked behind her, "I think it's time we need to get moving" Samus said, "we still have plenty of work in-store for us" Issac said, "Im sure this won't be the end of this virus outbreak so easily".

"well, don't forget, I've been fighting this outbreak for a long time" Samus said, "i actually knew this was coming". "how"?! Issac said...."long story" Samus said as she quickly raised her arm cannon above her head, "C'MON, we have some work to do".


Chapter 3 : TeamWork.

Issac and samus stood close together, trying to avoid any-type of danger, which seemed to surround them. Issac seemed to be getting caught of guard, quite the old memories of being on the USG ishimura haunted Him. This worried samus, due to the fact was....she couldn't Issac. Issac acted strange, since..he seemed to talk to himself, or whisper something under his breath about "the marker". Samus kept her distance from Issac, just in case..if he somhow turned agaist her.

They both kept walking, trying to avoid any type of creature or zombie, that seemed to pass by them, or even attempt to attack them. Neither of them, had any idea where they where going, they just wanted to get away from area. They soon passed by an old school, which was now completely slashed in, and not a singal wall of the school itself, was still standing, besides the sign..which had the school name upon it, in large letters. Samus kept walking, still keeping her distance with Issac, until they both stumbled upon a large building, right down the road. The building itself, had the apperance of a factory. Large amounts of metal moving
Dead Space Ambiance-brute roar00:21

Dead Space Ambiance-brute roar

The roar, that was heard inside the building/factory

and crashing and such, was heard from inside the building.

They both walked up towards the building, and tried to listen at the noises. They both heard the voice of a man...which seemed to be in some-type of pain, before his voice was suddenly chocked off, with a glass shatter, and a massive roar. Issac recognized that roar, almost instantly. He remembered it from the USG ishimura. Issac slowly stepped back, as the roar got louder, and a nearby window of the building shattered open. Samus stepped closer, as yet another window smashed open from the creature.

As an entire wall of the building itself, was smashed and fell onto the ground, as the large creature stepped out from the building, and took one good look at samus, charged.

It roared again, as it rushed towards samus, completely shaking the ground, from under it's feet, crushing the ground. Samus jumped out of the way, and started to shoot towards it's head, as it suddenly twitched, before screeching louder, and started to rush towards Issac. The creature slashed toward's Issac's feet, making him fall into the ground with a loud "thud". The creature screeched into Issac's face, as it picked up Issac off the ground, and raised him, right above the creature's mouth, inside it's stomach. It's insect-like legs around it's mouth on its stomach twicted, as the creature raised Issac closer, towards it. Issac struggled to get away, taking deep breaths and trying to get his mind straight on the situation. Issac still kept shooting towards the crerature, before it threw Issac into a large truck, and charged towards her again.

The creature charged towards samus, swinging it's large arms in her direction quickly, as Issac soon to kill this blood thirsty beast.

Issac ran over towards the creature, and started to shoot it towards the back. Issac jumped onto the creature's back, and started to shoot onto it, making the creature screech and fall over onto it's side. It quickly sprang up onto it's feet, and looked towards Issac. It snarled, as Issac backed away, before Samus started to shoot towards it's back also.

Issac went down onto his knees, and started to go past the creature, as he joined they both started to shoot the creature within the back, as the creature screeched in pain, before it's limbs started to fall from place, as it fell straight onto it's own head, dead. Issac walked over towards the body of the creature, and started to step onto it's limbs, just to make sure..the creature is ACTUALLY dead.

A sudden groan was heard form inside the building, as sombody in a dark-ish green suit seemed to be lying upon the ground, with a large wound in the stomach. Issac and samus ran over to the man, and tried to help him up, before the man himself, asked samus and Issac, who they where. The man seemed to get onto his feet quite quickly, as the man wiped off a small spot of blood, off of his helment, before he put it back on.

"Wait......"....Issac said....."who...are you"?

The man suddenly stopped wiping the blood away from his helment, and paused..before looking up at Issac with a strange look......

"you.....never..heard of me"? The man said, before he let out a slight chuckle, and returned to wiping the blood off of his helment.

"No, not at all" Samus replied, as Issac and samus, exchanged looks..before returning to the man.

"The name's Master chief", The man said, as he slipped the helment over his head again, and looked up towards Issac and samus.

Samus crossed her arms confused, she didn't exactly know what to think at this point.

"well then....Greetings chief" Issac said, as Issac shook hands with Master cheif, before looking over at samus.

"My name's Samus.....Samus Aran", Samus said, as she also shook hands with Master chief, and looked over behind Master chief's shoulder, towards the factory.

"what where you doing inside there"?, Samus she still glanced over towards the factory, still puzzled.

"Long story", Master chief replied, with a laugh....I'll explain things later....we just neeed to get out of here....before...-

Before Master cheif could finish, yet another roar was heard from inside the building.....

"HURRY, WE NEED TO LEAVE....NOW"! Master chief yelled, as he turned towards the other direction, and started to run. Issac and samus looked confused, as they looked back at the a necromorph started towards them, then another.......and another...and another. Issac and samus started running, not wanting to stick around for the horde of necromorph's behind them.

They kept running, as Master chief pointed towards another factory-like building, "WE'LL GO THERE FOR SAFTY" Master chief yelled, as he ran towards the Issac and samus they also ran towards the door.

They quickly attempted to open the door, as a sudden shout was heard from a tree, as a group of men in black suits and gas masks, surrounding them. Issac quickly pointed his guns, towards one of the men....and started to shoot...

"NOT THESE GUYS AGAIN"! Issac shouted, as he tried to shoot down more men, before they all surrounded him with guns, along with samus and master cheif beside him.

The crowd of men suddenly stepped back, as Issac watched......

"VECTOR!" Issac screamed, "YOU'RE STILL ALIVE?, I

"Yes", Vector replied..."never knew it was such a surprise".....

"SHUT it" Issac snapped, as the group of men still held their guns around Issac, samus, cheif.

"YOU'RE COMING WITH ME"! Vector boomed, as the men around them, seemed to shove Issac, samus, cheif along, as a helicopter was heard from above, landing right in front of them. "GET IN", one of the men said...shoving Issac into the back seat, along with samus, and cheif, as a group of more men remained around them, making sure..they don't plan to escape anytime soon...

The helicopter started to rise up off the ground, as the crowd of necromorph's suddenly started to come from belong the helicopter, raising their arms and The helicopter flew off, into the damp sky.........they......where doomed.

Chapter 4 : Escape.

Issac remaind silent, as the helicopter flew off, into the smokey sky, covering most of the windows around it. Samus glared towards Vector, sitting towards the front, watching their every move.

"Your'e not exactly expecting this plan to work, right"? Samus snapped, causing Vector to move back into the seat, not expecting the screaming samus before him.

"I'd watch watch your pretty little mouth, if I were you" Vector snapped back, pointing a pistol towards samus's head, and putting his fingure on the trigger, "unless if you want YOU'RE brains splattered along the walls" Vector laughed, nearly inchs away from pulling the trigger, as he quickly shoved the gun back into his belt, and clicked it into place, leaving samus lost for words.

Samus slammed her foot into the seat, kicking it. Causing Vector to spring back, and point his gun towards samus's head again. "YOU'RE REALLY PUSHING IT, YOUNG LADY" Vector said, as he pushed the gun up agaist samus's head, threatning to pull the trigger. "Don't think I won't" Vector snarled, before he pushed his gun back into his pocket again, " mess with me one more time........YOU'RE done" Vector hissed, as he turned towards the window, as a sudden explosion was heard outside, causing the entire helicopter to nearly flip over, almost knocking Vector from his seat. "WHAT IS THE MEANING OF-" Vector couldn't finish, as a loud swoosh noise was heard from beside the helicopter. Vector moved over towards the window, and glanced.

"I CAN'T EVEN SEE WHAT"- Vector was cut off again, as a loud "boom" was heard beside the helicopter, tipping it over, causing Vector's head to completely smash the window, having the glass to smash deeply into Vector's gas mask, nearly cutting into his head. Wind burst inside the helicopter, causing chunks of metal to fly outside the window, as everyone abored the helicopter held close by the chairs for dear life.

Master cheif hung low behind his seat, as he soon snapped the snap which was attached to him, as he quickly graped his arm around one of the pilots, and slammed his face into the window, and quickly shoved him out of the window, as Vector soon turned, and attempted to stop Master cheif, from getting near the controls. Master cheif shot towards Issac's strape, cutting it Issac was soon freed, and tackled Vector, as samus grased her arm onto Issac's plasma cutter, cutting the strap.

Samus ran towards one of the windows, and shot it open, as she peeked outside. A loud motor was heard, as she soon noticed a large dark object, coming towards the ship. Samus easily could tell, this object was a spacecraft, was nothing like she had never seen before. The ship was heading towards the small helicopter, as three red dots, appeared from the top of the ship, which a figure had crawled out from, and was now shooting towards the helicopter, completely blasting off an entire wing of the helicopter, nearly catching the entire roof in flames. Samus held close onto the edge of the broken window, and slowly crawled up onto the edge of the roof, pointing her gun towards the ship, as the figure on top of the ship, seemed to shine the three red dots near samus's head.

The figure fired, as samus ducked below onto the roof, edges away from the fire around her..."Nice try" Samus chocked out, as she jumped back onto her feet, before she could strike again...the three red dots had shined towards her feet, as the large ball of dark blue-ish large came crashing under her feet, causing the entire roof to burst from place, sending samus straight into the air, gasping for breath. Samus held on tight, choking down the screams which remaind inside her. Tears fell from her face, as the piece of the broken roof, fell straight to the ground, as she soon noticed the ship flying above near the helicopter, completely knocking the helicopter from balance, as the helicopter was nearly inchs away, from falling towards the ground.

Samus took deep breaths, before the large piece of metal smashed into the ground with a loud "CLINK" sound, causing samus flying into the air, and crashing into a tree, completely snapping the tree from place, and falling upon a burning house, which caused a massive explosion, making samus fly back, into the nearest broken car.

She remained silent, before she finally opened her eyes, to hear large explosions above her, before she looked up, and stood up agaist the feet, as she noticed the helicopter falling down from the sky, completely caught within flame, as she small figures falling from the windows below, as the large ship still loomed high within the sky, before vanishing behind the clouds. The helicopter crash was heard from the distance, sending a massive ball of smoke and fire into the sky, completely making the sky dark, as the early morning sun, hid deep behind the trees, as the smoke filled the entire area, leaving everything blurred.

"GUYS"!? samus called, as she suddenly began to grow worried, when she soon noticed that not a singal sound was heard afterwords, besides her own beating heart, which was racing. "Issac?!.....MASTER CHEIF"?!...."SOMEBODY"?! Samus cried, wiping away the smoke, which seemed to sting her eyes, before a sudden sound of gun shots, was heard near her.

"STAY BACK, IM ARMED" Samus shouted, pointing her gun around her, shining the light towards the noise. When the gun noise quickly got louder, before the shape of a figure came into view.

"SAMUS"! the figure screamed, as he jumped from the smoke and greeted was Master cheif.

"Eveything alright"? Samus asked, "where's Issac"?!

"That's why I came to get you, we are in need of major help"! Master cheif repiled..."NO TIME TO EXPLAIN, just follow me"!

Samus quickly followed master cheif through the smokey areas and towards the gun noises, as they both came across Issac, being swarmed by a horde of undead. Issac shoved one of the zombies back, smashing it's face into the other, causing their teeth to fall from place. Issac quickly stood up onto his hands, and wrapped his feet around the zombies neck, completely twisting it's neck, and killing it.\

"FIRE"! Samus shouted, as both Master cheif and samus, began to shoot towards the horde of zombies, causing their attection to go towards them. Issac however, still held them off, blasting off their limbs within shots of his plasma cutter, knocking the bodies across the ground. Master cheif quickly slid across the ground, and shoving the tip of his gun into the mouth, of the zombie above him, causing the entire head of the zombie, to explode within one shot of gunfire, covering a large amount of Master cheif's helment in blood.

Issac finally finished off the rest of the horde, with the simple work of gunshots towards the head, finally knocking the last zombie onto it's feet, as Issac quickly stood back, and ran towards the zombie, kicking it in the back of the skull, kicking the head off the neck, and from place. The body fell directly onto the ground beside Issac, as Issac finally finished the body with a quick stop towards the spine, spliting the entire body within two parts.

Samus covered her eyes, as a large amount of blood splattered along Issac, as soon as he finished smashing the rest of the body, making sure that the undead, STAY dead.

The ship that was seen, within the smokey skies...

Samus quickly removed her hands from her eyes, and wiped a smudge of blood off her cheek, and wiped it upon a nearby car in disgust. A sudeen crash noise was heard from above behind the clouds, samus knew what it was STRAIGHT away, it...of course...was the ship again.

"" Samus whispered towards herself, shaking her head in the ship soon became visble within the skies again, as a large red beam of light shined down towards the three of them......

They all froze within place, not knowing where to the ship's beam cut the ship slowly came down from the sky, and prepared to within the distance, leaving all three, Issac, master cheif, samus...speechless.

Chapter 5 : An Unexpected Visitor.

"I think it's time, we better get going" Master chief warned, "Im sure, whatever or whoever is driving that ship, WON'T be peaceful".

"I think I've ALREADY learned that from my experinces" Issac replied, "Im not waiting here any longer".

All three of them, quickly darted off down the road, glancing behind eachother's back, making sure nothing was following them along. A form of dark clouds, swarmed the small rain-drops, slowly fell from the skies, as it quickly started to poor rain, with a loud clash of thunder, and a shot of lighting struck the skies, forcing all three of them, to quickly stop..and to make plans.

"Oh great, it's raining...NOW what?!..I don't even have my suit on! only my zero suit"... Samus muttered, as she quickly stepped back behind Issac and cheif, covering her head with her arms.

"It's just rain, I'd rather have this..then have those "things" from the ship to strike upon us" Master cheif exclaimed, as Issac nodded his head, agreeing. Another shot of tunder, quickly struck the skies and agaist the ground, nearly five feet away from Issac's feet. Issac stepped back, watching the skies around him, listening to the sound of rain, pounding agaist Issac's suit, leaving all three of them, soaked within minutes of sitting in the rain.

"We don't HAVE much time left, before those things COME looking for us"! Master chief suddenlu burst out, as he slammed his gun onto a nearby car, when the sudden noise of the alarm sounded.

"Oh-" Master cheif was soon cut off, by the sound of glass shattering across the a sudden horde of flesh eating zombies, came into few, limping straight from the doors and windows of the buildings, as Samus glared towards Master cheif, shoving him agaist the car, and raising her gun towards the zombies, ready for battle.

"Im really getting sick and tired of these suckers" Issac shouted, as he re-loaded his plasma cutter, and started to aim towards a nearby zombies head, shooting it straight in-between the head, right into the brain

"and boom goes the dynamite" Issac chucked to himself, as he aimed his gun towards the next zombie, and shot straight in-between the eyes, causing the zombie to fall straight towards the ground, as both Issac and samus high-fived eachother, with the greatest of ease. Samus quickly turned, and jumped up onto a nearby car, and aimed her gun towards the head of a hungry zombie, as she soon flipped entirely off the car, and shooting the zombie straight into the head, as she side-kicked a zombie near her, towards the ground, and taking a large stomp straight across the face.

Samus loomed down towards the zombie, still stomping onto it's face, as yet another hungey zombie appeared from behind, as Cheif turned and rolled across the ground, shooting the zombie in the leg, causing the entire leg to fall from place, causing the zombie to crash upon the ground, as Samus quickly caught the attection towards the zombie, and finished him with a swift kick into the jaw, as the entire head seemed to explode into this massive puddle of blood across the ground, as samus kicked the rest of the body towards the ground, as she soon stood by Issac, tripping more zombies to the ground, so Issac could easily finish them off.

"WHAT NOW, WE CAN'T KEEP THIS UP FOREVER, THE DEAD CANNOT TIRE"! Issac screamed, as he soon pointed down the street, "WE CAN EASILY ESCAPE THERE"!

Issac quickly dashed down the street, dodging and smacking every zombie in his path with his own gun, slamming it directly into the jaw. Master cheif soon followed beind, has Samus still kept busy with shooting, as she soon turned to notice Issac and cheif, running down the street, as she saw Issac turn, and gave her the head's up, to follow behind him.

Samus darted towards the two others, tripping any zombie in her way, as she soon climbed across the building, and jumped straight into their view, and pointing down the street, "HURRY, LET'S GO"! she cried, shoving along Issac and cheif down the street, as she held off the rest of the zombies, before she suddenly stopped, as she somehow saw the sights, of a zombie..which appeared to be slowly lifting off the ground..and being turned to the side, as the sudden noise of a broken back was heard.

As Samus kept watching, she suddenly saw the sights, of the zombie's entire spine, being completely torn out of the stomach, and being hung below the zombie, as a loud blood-thrisy roar was heard, as a sudden figure became visiable in-front of samus, snarling. Samus stepped back, completely froze in fear, as she soon get Issac and cheif's attection, but as she turned...they where already turning down the end of the street, not realizing how much danger Samus was ACTUALLY in.

The creature was massive, almost eight feet tall, looming over samus..with it's large muscle-like body, with ropes and strings with bones tied to each end, and a long yet large blade, was extended from a piece of armor, on it's arm. It's helment was un-settling, as it seemed to wear a long large jaw piece on it, as the entire helment itself had a greyish red color, with small green spots along the entire body, which samus guessed was it's OWN blood.

A massive gun was attached onto one of it's shoulders, pointing directly on samus's head, as
Super Predator Roar00:04

Super Predator Roar

The creature, roaring

the three dots fixed straight in-between her eyes, ready to fire. Small drops of dark red blood where stained along the sides of the blood agaist his arm, as he gripped the spine tighter within his hand, as he suddenly raised his hands, and his arms, and let out another loud screech, which sounded monsterous and evil.

" you want from me"? Samus stuttered, as she slowly stepped back, lifting the gun which lied deep within her palms, as she was nearly inchs away from pulling the trigger, as the creature suddenly swung the spine, as Samus ducked, Small drops of blood fell onto her head from the spine, causing Samus to leap up, spacking the spine straight out of the creature's hands, as the creature grasped onto the neck of her clothes, and lifted her off the ground. "LET....GO....OF.....ME"! Samus screamed, as she quickly kicked, straight into the creature's knee, causing it to fly back, straight into a nearby car, giving Samus a quick run of escape.

She turned, and ran down the street, she didn't even bother to turn around, wishing that the creature couldn't catch up with her. She soon reached the cornor both Issac and cheif and turned, and soon found them at the edge of a building, fighting off more zombies.

"GUYS, SOMETHING JUST TRIED TO KILL ME"! Samus cried, as she soon pointed towards the edge of the building, where the creature sat on the ground, still trying to help the injury of his kicked knee.

"Join the club, Issac said", as he kept his attection towards the rest of the horde around him, as Issac kept turning, and looking towards the building, watching the creature's progress.

Samus still kept attection, however..most of the attection was given towards Samus, as the rest of the small horde seemed to go towards her, which gave Issac and cheif an easier and quicker way, to take out the small horde before them.

"WE DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THESE FLESH EATING MONSTERS, THERE'S A REAL MONSTER, STRAIGHT ON THE EDGE OF THE BUILDING"! Samus cried, as she soon dashed by a nearby car, shortly after noticing that the creature was now missing from it's place.

"HE COULD BE ANYWHERE"! Samus screamed again, but both Issac and cheif, kept their attections towards the rest of the zombies, finally finishing them off, with a head, straight towards the head, and turning towards Samus, with the rain, finally clearing up.

"HURRY, WE DON'T HAVE-" Samus was now cut off, by the sound of footsteps behind them, as the figure suddenly appeared in front of them again, panting and breathly heavily, slowly raising it's blade into the air, almost directly towards chief's neck.

"Something is telling me, that THIS guy...isn't a peaceful E.T"...Issac he stepped back, raising his plasma cutter directly towards the arm, which had the blade attached.

"You're telling me", Samus replied..."I in-fact have NEVER encountered an extraterrestrial creature, that wants peace".

The creature suddenly swung the blade, as Master cheif swung his arm foward, as the blade slashed straight into master cheif's arm, nearly inchs away from cutting his skin inside the armor.

"You REALLY thought im going down towards a fight"? Samus snapped towards the creature, as he suddenly grasped onto the blade which was slammed into his armor, and smacked the creature across the head, as the creature soon turned his head towards cheif again.

"Not going down, so easily..huh"? Cheif shouted....

The creature swiped his arm across Master cheif's face, sending him across the ground.

I'll take a no" Cheif chocked, as he sat within the piles of dirt which lied around him, as Issac and samus glanced towards cheif, and back at the creature before them.

Issac swung his fists, landing straight under the creature's chin, sending the creature to the ground and quickly sprang up, screeching.

"Didn't like that, DID YA"? Issac snapped.

The creature gazed up towards Issac, lifting his Issac lifted the plasma cutter, as both the plasma cutter and the blade of the creatures clashed together, leaving massive sparks around them.

Issac lifted his plasma cutter, and slammed it agaist the blade, as the blade swung him into the air, and swiped across the plasma cutter, nearly cutting Issac's fingures. Issac swiped again, which slashed along the sides of the blade, as the creature swiped the blade back, and left a massive dent within the plasma cutter, as small blue sparkes fell from under the plasma cutter, as the entire gun itself...seemed to catch a slight flame.

"YOU DID NOT, JUST DO THAT....TO MY PLASMA CUTTER! Issac sreamed, directly into the creatures face, kicking him foward, while tossing the plasma cutter into the helment of the creature, scratching it.

A massive sparke flew across the creature's helment, leaving a huge scratch, which lead into the right eye of the helment itself. The creature still atttempted to to keep balence, stepping back up onto his feet, lifting his wrist, and swung the blade, almost directly into Issac's chest, which Issac had grabbed onto, and directed the blade, straight into the creature's chest, leaving the creature to fall onto the ground, as yellow-ish green blood spilt from under the helment, as the creature fell onto the ground, screeching within pain, trying to remove the large blade, which had entered his chest.

Issac quickly turned towards samus..."HURRY, LETS GO..BEFORE HE GETS UP AGAIN"! Issac said, as he quickly pointed towards Master cheif, "Hurry, we need to grab him, AND RUN"!

"Way ahead of you" Samus replied, as she quickly ran towards Master cheif, and grasped onto his hand, lifting him off the ground, and back onto his feet.

"We don't have much time, WE NEED to get moving"! Samus said towards Chief, as Chief quickly fixed his helment back into place, as all three of them, darted down the street and turned towards the cornor, as they soon stopped, and hide directly behind a nearby cornor, as they suddenly heard the sounds of more undead around them, which closer....and closer....and closer!

Chapter 6 : Survival.

"Oh great".....Issac softly moaned, suddenly being shoved against the brick wall behind them, from the massive horde of undead in front of them, attempting to grasp on any type of piece of flesh, they can get. Samus turned, and dashed onto a large trash bin behind them, pulling cheif and Issac up with the work of her own arms, leaving all three of them, surrounded.

The entire area around them,was nothing but piles of zombies around them, all tripping and falling against eachother, knocking a large portion of them down onto the street, falling into the freshly made rain puddles, scattered along the cracks across the street. cheif flashed a look towards Samus, and pointed , to a nearby window, which hung low, almost directly above them, which contained broken glass.

"LOOK!, I THINK I FOUND A WAY OUTTA THIS PLACE"! Cheif burst out, pointing towards the open window, "we can easily fit through that, right"?!

I suppose, but..we need to find out the distance between both us, and the window itself before we"-

Samus quickly was chocked off, with a sudden hand grasping around her left leg, with the sharp pain of teeth, digging deep into her suit.

"NOOOOOOOOO"! Issac cried, swinging his plasma cutter forward, slamming directly into the zombie's right eyesocket, falling forward into the rest of the horde around them. Samus held her arm over the torn peice of cloth which hung low beside her.

"Where you bitten"? Issac asked, leaving out a deep breath of confusion anf shock.

Samus siged, " don't think so, my...suits only....cut" Samus chocked, moving her leg forward, away from the grasp of the rest of the zombies in front of her. All three of them remainded silent for a solid moment, before cheif broke the silence.

"Are we escaping this nightmare of a town, OR WHAT"?! Cheif screamed, grabbing into a nearby brick, which sligthly stuck out from the rest of the building, and slowly started to climb forward, towards the window above him, keeping balance, as both Samus and Issac followed behind, keeping their guns at their side. The crowd of undead below them screeched and screamed louder then before, raising their hands directly into the air, and slamming their fists against the solid brick, blood spilling from their mouths, letting out blood-thristy cries of hunger and anger, all mixed into one.

Cheif climbed, brick from brick, before being arm's reach towards the window above him. He soon reached forard, grasping onto the front part of the window itself, with a sudden sharp pain being slashed into his fingures...

"AH"! Cheif burst out, when he suddenly let go of his balance, with the sudden second of falling to the ground, before catching himself with his left hand, and took a slight glance at his right hand, and noticed several shards of glass, slammed deep into his palm, ripping through the skin, nearly inchs away from touchting the bone.

Blood poored from the open wounds, leaving cheif's hand to shake and spaze out, as he soon looked down towards Issac and Samus, nearly catching up, and towards the window again, finally getting his right hand onto the brick again, slowly, trying to ignore the pain, which shot directly into his body, causing him to slightly twitch, as he e soon got both hands onto the window itself, and slowly began to crawl inside, and fell onto the floor, feet away from a large pile of broken glass and blood, which was stained all along the floor, and towards a nearby doorway, which lead into a hallway, with a flickering light above.

Cheif lifted himself into his own knees, shaking his head in a confused motion, and glancing down towards his pam again, noticing the shards of glass, dug deeper into his palm, with large streams of blood, spilling off of the gloves of his suit. A sudden thud was heard beside Cheif, as he turned, to notice Issac crawling from the window, into the room with Samus following being, both deeply out of breath, and soaked in blood.

Cheif looked up towards Issac and Samus, twitching, slowly raising his hand, and bringing it directly into their view. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAND"?! Samus suddenly burst out, grasping onto Cheif's hand, and looking closely at the freshly opened cuts in shock, and was beyond lost for words.

"Was that glass infected"? Issac asked, slowly stepping back, and raising his gun directly towards's cheif's head.

"I don't know, but one thing is certin, I WOULDN'T WORRY about me turning, ugh..just yet"...Cheif coughed, forcing Issac to lower his gun.

"Im watching you" Issac groaned, in a small voice, slightly glancing towards Cheif, and soon had full attection towards the hallway in front of them. Issac stepped forward, as Samus stood next to him, looking directly in the hallway. "Any idea od this place"? Samus suddenly spoke, drawing her gun towards the hallway, and stepping forward, with a slight breeze, brushing against her face.

Samus suddenly froze with a jolt, with a sudden noise, of a piercing metal blade, being scraped along the old rusted floorboards down the hallway. Samus stepped back, and turned towards Issac and cheif, before turning back to the hallway, as a sudden figure slowly was seen, shifing forward, but before they could get a good glance at the creature itself, all the lights around the room, HAD BURST!

The three stood in complete silence, with the only sound of a dragging metal blade across from the room was heard. Issac quickly shifted his body into the direction of the blade being heard, quickly flashing on the lights of his plasma cutter, and pointed the weapon, directly into the face of the creature.

However, soon as Issac realized that nobody was in-fact in front of them, nor in the back of them either. Issac stood confused in the empty-blankness of the wall in-which he pointed his gun at, before a sudden shatter filled the room across the hall, as Issac still gave off himself and others light from his plasma cutter, with a sudden horde of walkers stepping into the room, directly from the large cornor which lead into the hallway.

"Ugh, I don't have time for this" Master cheif muttered, re-loading his gun whule quickly shooting at the enemies before him. Samus kept herself quiet for the moment being, she felt a sharp pain digging into her stomach, as she suddenly felt nervous for an odd enough reason, she herself could not explain.

Chapter 7 : Double trouble.

A quick flow of silence fell upon the three of them, as the silence was suddenly broken from a mumble of chatter coming outside, and a row of gunshots being followed afterwords. Issac quickly rushed to the window as cheif followed behind, with their eyes now being set down below the building, with two massive in-human beings stepping across the road towards the edge of the house, with very little zombies still left in the area; now seeing that a majority of them must've been killed by these creatures themsleves, only with a matter of seconds. Issac and cheif looked at eachother, quite confused of the events that happened right before their own very eyes. These creatures weren't far from looking human, as they did however, stand on two feet, and seemed to pay attection alot to their surroundings.

They where covered in massive plates of armor on a large portion of their chest, with the other side of the chest, having nothing, aside from three massive leather straps tied across the chest, keeping the armor around their chest secure. A massive metal gun sat on the left side of both of their shoulders, and both sides of each gun seemed to have a form of writing in it, some of writing itself looked like actual text and charcters, but somehow distorted, and written in ways that weren't even known possible.

Their faces with covered with a thin metal helment, with both eyes blacked out, with a series of black tubes haning back from the creature's heads. Samus stepped closer towards both Issac and cheif, now curious of what exactly they where looking at, before quickly being startled and stepping back, causing the two of them to turn toward's samus's view.

"What us your problem"?! Issac bursted out, before quickly catching himself with shouting to not attract the creatures from outside, however....too little, too late. Samus suddenly was on a train of thought, as she soon began to speak, but before she could even say a single word, Master cheif quickly stepped from the window.

"Issac...they found us!" Cheif explained, pulling Issac away from the window, as a series of three small red dots pointed directed towards the three of them against the window.

"GET DOWN" Issac shouted, quickly dropping to the floor as the others followed in Issac's action, as a massive blue plasma laser shot blasted through one of the walls from behind the three of them, quickly leaving the massive wall behind them as an open space for escape.

"Hurry, this way" Samus shook, quickly crawling across the floor and behind the massive portion of the smashed wall, with another plasma shot being heard from a distance, with the sound getting closer. Cheif and Issac still remained on the floor.

"C'MON!" Samus shouted, as the two of them got closer to samu's location, when a sudden burst of wood was heard, with the entire wall that Samus was behind was now shattering to pieces from the massive plasma shot the creatures took upon her, with the wood itself, spliting and crashing into Samus, forcing her entire body through the next wall behind her, which was also on edge of colapse.

"NO!" Issac cried, stepping onto his feet and running towards the smashed in wall, with Samus, hanging on a small wooden plank at the end of it. Samus remained in a state of shock, and now didn't speak, aside from having an expression of terror across her face. Cheif finally made it over to where Issac was standing, with both of them reaching out their hands to samus, willing to help pull her back up. Samus seemed to be jurked with tears, before looking down to the massive ground below her, which was now begining to swarm with zombies again, due to the massive amount of noise being caused.
Another sound from the laser was heard, with a another quick clatter of smashing wood
from the plasma later smashing into the remains of the wall, and went directly into their direction, and Smashing onto the remaining plank that Samus was hanging from, with a long series of screams and crys from her, but Issac and cheif where forced to look away, with a sudden spalt noise being heard. Both Issac and cheif breathing heavily, both of them now covered in ashs. A massive portion of cheif's suit was now torn from place, with a massive gash running along the torn open armor.

Issac shook his head slowly...

"I-...I can't beileve it....she's dead"....

"How do you know that, she might've escaped"! cheif exclaimed...

"Be-, because nobody can survive a fall like that, and just wall away unharmed"...Issac replied, with his voice now growing smaller and smaller as the chat between Issac and cheif started getting deeper and deeper into emotions. The plasma shots had now stopped, showing a sign that the creature's must've left as soon as the zombies returned, leaving both of them alone within darkness, with moonlight still shining in the sky, as both Issac and cheif sat in the room together in silence as both of them removed their helments, in memeory...of a loving hero...Samus aran.

Chapter 8 :Sunrise.


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