Don't Leave Me

Don't leave me alone in the dark....

[Note from the Creator: Rayven has been put in a mental asylum because of her sick mind, and now she describes her life here and the one man that keeps her safe.... ~RayvenTheInsane]

Don't Leave MeEdit


Just, white padded walls. Day in, and day out, I only see these cold white walls. At least they keep the lights off for me, so I can sleep and rest.

The doctors say I'm mentally challenged, and need to stay here to keep me safe, so I don't hurt myself or others.

But I am healthy. I'm fine. I just have a little cough, maybe some puking. I only have occasional nightmares. The rest are good dreams.

They said that they were helping me. But they give me shots that put me to sleep, and give me pills that taste nasty. They put me in this strait jacket to keep me still, because they say it's unhealthy for me to draw my drawings, and to move about.

My eyes are red and sore from crying, my face hot and blood rushing to my face and cheeks and nose, my cheeks are raw and blotchy. I have aching bruises all over my body from trying to throw myself against the walls, to get myself out of this jacket, and I have needle scars all over my arms and back. My throat hurts badly, from screaming and crying so hard.

Jarod lied to me. So did Jason and Jimi and Jack and Lewis and Ayla and all of them. They told me they were taking me to the hospital, but they took me here instead. They didn't stop the men in the big white coats when they took me. They just stayed back, huddled in a corner, Ayla's head buried in Jason's shoulder, Jarod just crying and the rest just watching as they took me away.

I felt a few stray tears fall down my cheeks, and I wished someone would save me from this awful place. It hurt so badly, not just outside, but inside. I felt hurt, aggression, depression, and a lot of other mixed feelings that made me hurt so much.

Suddenly I felt a huge, warm, inviting presence in the room. My head hung low, but I still could feel someone in the room with me.

I looked up shakilly at the camera, the green light blinking then fading as it shut off. The camera lowered, as if it had lost interest in me.

The presence enveloped me in its inviting warmth, and I shuddered, not used to the soothing warmth, a whimper escaping my throat as a few more stray tears ran down my cheeks.

A pale, warm hand raised to my cheek, and I nearly flinched, almost reeling away from the touch. But it was a warm and gentle touch, that brushed the tears away from my cheeks, running its sharpened fingernails ever-so-slightly across my reddened cheeks.

My voice was hoarse, and gravelly from not speaking quietly for so long.


The hand rested on the left side of my face, the other hand trailed around to my left shoulder. It stayed there for a moment, a pale long finger stroking the shoulder blade. Soon I felt a burning sensation and as I felt it, I seethed. It was a bright, sharp, burning pain, but I could tolerate it.

Then the pain faded away, replaced with a tingling sensation, and Master ran his long fingers over something my shoulder.

".... M-master.... P-please, please don't leave again.... P-please...." I pleaded.

Master opened his mouth, and I heard a ripping noise as he showed his dagger-sharp teeth behind his pale lips. A thin, longish black tongue slithered from his mouth and I whimpered as he ran it up my cheek, tenderly, lovingly.

"Master.... W-why do they keep me here?..." I sniffled. "Ha.... Have I done something wrong again?..."

He shook his head slowly, and  closed my eyes as he pulled me to him and engulfed me in his arms, and I heard that of a rumbling, like purring, deep within his chest.

Then we heard banging on the metal door of my cell.

"Patient? Whom are you talking to?" I heard the gruff voice of the doctor that took care of me.

Master let go of me, standing up.

"Master?" I sniffed.

Master turned to look at me, as the doctor opened my door and came in. The doctor turned the lights on, which were so bright and blinding I could only see the doctor in a sillouette of darkness.

"Patient, whom are you talking to?" he repeated impatiently.

"Master, please! Help me!" I begged.

Master lowered his head, as if he was ashamed.

"Patient, I need you to stay still," the doctor took a syringe with a white liquid from his coat pocket and slowly approached me.

"No.... No. NO. No! NO!" I screamed, trying to thrash and kick as best as I could in my straightjacket. "NO!! I DON'T WANT IT!!! IT'S GOING TO HURT ME!!!! NO!!!!! NO!!!!!!"

The doctor lunged for me and forcefully held me with his arm, keeping me held still.

"MASTER! PLEASE!! GET HIM OFF OF ME!!!" I wailed as he plunged the needle  roughly into my neck. I heard him give an annoyed sigh when I screeched.

"M-master!" I screamed, as I finally pulled away. I fell to the floor, curling up into a ball. "Master.... Please.... Don't leave me alone in the dark...." I sobbed as darkness crawled into my vision, and the sedative slowly suffocated my senses into submission. "Please...."

"Hush now, my pet.... It will soon be all right... Soon...."

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