This is based on a short story I never finished when I was seven about a 6th grader becoming dog boy,i never got passed the begginning.I am rebooting and finishing it now.


  • A car flips*

A teenage girl:Who are you?

  • Dog like human looks back intently*
  • A huge WereTiger bursts through a wall*

Dog like human:I can`t see you anymore,they`ll find you,they`ll kidnap you.they`d

Teenage girl:But You`d save,you`re a hero,My hero.

  • The Dog like human flips in the air and kicks the Weretiger in it`s face*
  • Dog Head appears,and bold lettering above says Dog Boy*


Trailer #2(for volume 2)

  • A teenager is looking over a grave with tears in his eyes,looking slightly vengeful*
  • cuts*

Little kid:Are you OK,Dog Boy,you seems darker than usual.

  • cuts*

A man:*holding the kid,who is now straped to duffle bags and weights,by one leg*The bigger..or heavier they are...the harder they*lets go*FALL,MUHAHAHA.


Dog Boy:No!*jumps off ledge to catch him*

  • cuts*

Beat up man in jail:Yes....soon,all the pieces will fall together.




Coming soon.


Part 1Edit

  • A man is seen running*

The man:*breathing heavily*Get,get away from me!

A voice:*a bright light shines*We`ve always been fasinated in your kind, fasinated I`m going to take you and disect you.

Mr.Rogers:*Light shines brighter*No,no,NOOOOOOOOO!*Screen goes white*

  • At a high school a teenager is seen cowaring in the corner*

A bully:Hey,Pukes,where`s your toll

Pukes:My,my toll?

Bully:Ya know,a toll,as in a payment,you should know that,nerd.

Pukes:I`m not a nerd,I`m just....weak.

Bully:*raises fist*Your skull is about to be weaker.

A girl:Stop!Can`t you see you`re bullying him?

Bully:Oh really,I didn`t notice,Jack.

Girl:My names Jackie,Jackie Jones

Bully:Oh,the popular chick.

Pukes:Don`t call her that.

Bully:Or what?

Jackie:Jakey,c`mon,you`re safe now.

Jakey:Thanks,I`m Jakey Pukes.

Jackie:Yes,I know you from Science class.

Jakey:You-you actually notice me?

Jackie:Of course I do.*bell rings*Hey,wanna hang out later after school?

Jakey:I`d love you! I mean,I`d love too,I`d love to hang out,he he.

Jackie:*Smiles*See ya later,Pukes.*walks away*

Jakey:*Smiles as she walks away*

  • In science class*

Jackie:*sees Jakey walk in and waves*

Jakey:*In fear of drawing attention to himself he waits until he sits down to wave*

The Professor:*winks at Jakey*Good morning class.

Class:Good morning Professor Earth.

Professor Earth:Today I`m gonna teach you all about Tigers.

A girl:You`ve taught us about tigers 100 times,teach us about something more interesting,like Jakey.


Jackie:*Gives the girl an evil stare*

The Girl:*grins*

Professor Earth:Amber,Jackie,Please,keep your feuds OUTSIDE the class room.

Amber:*smiles*Of course,Professor Earth.*Rolls eyes*

  • In a dark alley*

Jakey:*holds mug full of coins*Jason,Jason,I brought to money you need for that coat.

Kid:*hangs upside down over Jakey*....BOO!

Jakey:AHH!Oh,Hi Jason.Here`s the money I promised.


Jakey:You`re Welcome,so,I have to go somewhere soon and I need your advice.

Jason:Hmm,sit.Enlighten me.

Jakey:Well,Jackie wanted to hang out later on.


Jakey:Dude,you`re only 10,chill out.

Jason:Yeah,Okay.Let`s get you a suit,after all,I have 50 bucks in change.

Jakey:What about the coat?

Jason:Forget the darn coat,let`s go!

  • In a dumpster*

A man hiding in the dumpster:He he he.


Part TwoEdit

Jason:*at the suit store*Let`s try out some suits!

  • Jakey walks out in many different suits and Jason shakes his head,and then Jakey walks out in a dog costume*


Jakey:C`mon,she`ll love it.

  • Jakey`s cellphone rings*

Jakey:*picks up*Hello?

Jackie:Hi there.

Jakey:*puts hand over phone and whispers to Jason*It`s her.

Jason:*gives OK sign*

Jakey:Sup,how`d you get my number?

Jackie:My dad typed your name into his system and found it.Are you ready?


Jackie:What cha wearing?

Jakey:Eww,what the heck.


Jakey:Sure you didn`t,lol.I`m wearing a Dog Costume.

Jackie:Uhh...O...K?See ya at 8.*hangs up*

Jason:You better get home,then.That`s in one hour.

  • While walking home Jakey see a glowing dog*

Jakey:What the...*The dog jumps up and chases him*AHHH!*As soon as he reaches the door the dog bites him and collapses**parents open door*

Mom:Hi darling.Come in,dinner`s ready.

  • Later on,Jakey gets ready to leave*

Jakey:Bye mom,bye dad.

Mom:Bye Dear!

Dad:Don`t let this one go,Jacob,ever...

Jakey:Kay,bye.*while walking Jakey barks and howls.*Hmm,weird.

  • At Jackie`s house*

Jakey:Good evneing,Officer Jones,catch any good criminals lately?

Officer Jones:Why would I catch a GOOD criminal.

Jakey:No I meant..nevermind.

Officer Jones:Why are you wearing a dog suit anyway?

Jakey:...uhh....Oh look,It`s Jackie coming down the steps,...

Jackie:You really wore it.

Jakey:I`m true to my word.

Officer Jones:Apparently my daughter isnt,you said this boy was NICE.He`s just a geek.


Jakey:*stands up*I-I understand.*walks out the door*


Jakey:*In Jason`s cardbourd home(which has a tablet he uses as a TV)*Her dad...he...he..

Jason:Let it out,dude.

Jakey:He called me a GEEK.

Jason:It`s Okay,du-...Dude?


Jason:Did you always have dog ears?

Jakey:What?What are you..*looks in Jason`s mirror*AHH!


Jakey:*turns around*I...I`M GROWING FUR.


Jakey:and I think I`m growing a snout...*a snout grows out but reverts*Stiil to lazy to draw noses,huh?

Jason:How-how did this happen?!?

Jakey:I-I don`t know?!?

Jason:Wait,have you had any encountors with dogs?

Jakey:Well,this one dog bit a piece of my ear off,gave me the phobia of dogs about six years a-

Jason:No,no,I mean...recent ones?

Jakey:Well some dog bit me when I was walking home.

Jason:THAT`S IT.That dog must have been magic,or an alien,or an type of werewolf,IDK.

Jakey:Well what do I do?

Jason:There`s only one thing you can do,give me that costume.*Starts cutting ear holes and a hole that exposes the mouth area.He then sews are symbol with a siloette of a Dog and word above it reading "DOG BOY"*

Jakey:Huh?Are you saying?I should become a stripper?

Jason:A what?

Jakey:That`s right,you`re 10,a person who..

Jason:I know what a stripper is...I just question your response.I mean..become a super hero.

Jakey:Uhh,are you insane?


Part IIIEdit

Jakey:*stands on top of building in dog costume*Uhh,are you sure about this?

Jason:You`ll be fine,you ought to have the powers of a dog too.

A woman:AHHH!

Jason:That`s your cue,tiger.*pulls the mask over Jakey`s head and pushes him off*

Jakey:You know I`m not really ready for this*pulls up mask*and I`m already falling.

  • Jakey lands behind the muggers and covers behind a wall*

Woman:Please,I`ll give you whatever you want!

Mugger 1:Sure you will.*Jakey barks*Huh?*Jakey tackles him.*

Mugger 2:*Aims at Jakey but then turns back to the woman*Nighty night

  • Jakey in the background turns at the mugger*

Mugger 2:*begins to pull trigger when a rock hits him in the hand causing him to drop the gun*What the..*turns to the side and is punched by Jakey*

The Woman:Who are you?

Jakey:I`m.....I`m Dog Boy*Jumps up to the rooftops*

The Woman:*smliles as the cops arrive*


Jakey Pukes:(I don`t remember his original name)A 15 year old(I decided to make the character 4 years older than me again)who was very awkward and left out.Until on day he was attacked by a wild dog,the dog chased into an alley and bites him.He then started to transform into a dog on occasion.It is unknown how this is possible.

Jackie Jones:The popular girl,who slowly starts to become less popular as she develops a relationship with Jakey.

Amber Jakes:A rival love interest for Jakey.

Officer Jones:The leading officer in the operation to catch Dog Boy.

Professor Earth:A professor who is obsessed with Tigers.He may or may not be The WereTiger

Weretiger:Weretiger is the main villain and he is a tiger equivilant to an Werewolf.Theories suggest that he is really Professor Earth.

Dog Boy:A vigillate who fights crime.Idenity:Unknown:________?

Jason Nobody:A local homeless boy who admires Dog Boy.

Comic VersionEdit

The flipnote comic version is coming soon to Dice Comics.

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