Jack Bainsley in Final Destination.

Detective Johnathon "Jack" Bainsley is a character in four universes of GTF and Phazon's wiki. In al he is deceased.

MLP:FiM Fan seriesEdit

He has a pony couterpart who lives in his office next door to Phazon.  Bainsley's cutie mark is a Noire blood stain and gun. Hie was put on the case of Twilight's possible death, yet his pony counterpart died when he was ran over by a run away carriage. He was buried by Big Mac when found.

Final DestinationEdit

After leaving Train 180 before it crashed chasing a terrorist incognito named Donnie Redsman. He was supposed to die. He lost Donnie, yet he believed he was on plane 167, which crashed nto a train of the other survivors of Train 180. He died in a massive explosion.


Jack Bainsley was posessed by Satan during Chapter 2 and through himself out the window to expell it.

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