What the hell is going on here? Once this is a story of mountains and now it's the story of keeping my ass alive. All I wanted to do was hang out wirh my girl Rebbeka, not watch her arm get cut off and her die. I woke up at about nine. I grabbed the journal to yell at the counsler to see a note. We are to fight to our death. We have 12 days to do so. Don't forget to write in your books. Matt. Why would I do this? I am here for a story of love not hate. I took a look through my bag. I have to kill people with a peice of paper? I woke Rebbeka and got her up and ready. She said that I was to use the shotgun in her bag to fight for her love. We ran out into the wood, looking for someone to get the story from I saw a man. I thought for sure that it was a camp leader. I shot to find out another story. Max took the led and fell over. I turned to look at Rebbeka but my actions were to late. A man has got to do what he needs to do to surrvive. I cocked the pump and shot again. She fell over. Now I'm in a showdown to see i

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