It was a dark night 24 of us loaded on a bus to go on a camping trip. We expected it to be a normal night, go to our bunks, make out with our girls, and go to bed... what happened was the complete oposite. As we appeared into the bunks we found theese stupid journals. with them were bags and tapes. A couple of us found a tape. We took turns playing our horrible sick messages. we opened the bags to find random things, some of us found plastic hammers, swords, and a couple of us found guns. The next morning I woke up to Ashley screaming. "Whats wrong!?" The story was horrible it made me screech at certain parts. Short story short the teacher told her we had 12 days to fight to our deaths. If more than one person was left alive the mountains were to be blown up. We both got lucky and made our way out the cabin doors out to the abyss. Right before we left I heard the teacher say, "write your story down or else..."  I wasn't going to take the chances of finding out what or else meens. My chances are high with my ak-47. Im running around the mountain like a toy, I think that there is someone chasing

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