Rainbow (her friends gave her the nickname)

Tick tock. Tick tock. Rainbow sighed. The repetitive tick of the clock began to make her sleepy. Succumbing to the hypnotic sounds of the clock ticking the day away, she allowed herself to rest. Becoming more and more drowsy with each tick, the hand supporting her head slowly retreated, and as soon as the loud ring of the bell sounded, her head crashed onto the desk, instantly pulling her from her somewhat peaceful slumber.

“Ouch…..” Rainbow sniffled as she rubbed the bruise upon her cheek. Mr. Gonzales, her teacher, simply shook his head as he handed her an ice pack for her wound.

“Rainbow…. This is why I tell you not to fall asleep in class.” He shook his finger as he scolded her.

“But, I had all my work do-“ She was cut off by her teacher’s scolding. It seemed that he always had that sort of tone to his voice, he sounded as if he was scolding a child for sneaking a cookie before dinner.

“Now, now. That’s no excuse! School is not for sleeping. It is for learning! Education! Not napping like little preschoolers!” By the time Mr. Gonzales had finished his rant, Rainbow was long gone. He scoffed and rolled his eyes. “Teenagers.”

Rainbow slowly rubbed her cheek as she walked down the halls, now almost empty. All the other students had fled to attend the local carnival that had opened up that day, of course. But Rainbow was a different type of girl. She preferred to avoid people, although she had a large group of friends. But these friends were not exactly what one would call “normal.”

“Hey! Rainbow! Over here!” A voice called from around the corner. Rainbow quickly turned round the corner and found herself face to face with one of her best friends, Raven.

“Oh, hey Rave!” Rainbow waved and dashed to her friends side. Raven stared at Rainbow’s face and scowled.

“Okay, seriously. What happened this time?” Her countenance showed that she was not impressed.

“Oh, uh, long story. Anyway, would you like to take a small walk before art club starts? We still have about ten minutes.” Rainbow hoped she would say yes. She wanted to go for a walk, but was afraid to go alone. Raven sighed and nodded. ‘What am I going to do with this girl?’ she thought to herself as Rainbow skipped down the sidewalk.

“Waaah!!” Rainbow suddenly went plummeting to the ground. Her face smacked hard onto the grass.

“Woah! Are you okay??” Raven bolted to Rainbow’s side and helped her back onto her feet.

“What happened?” Patting off Rainbow’s grass-stained arms, Raven asked.

“I don’t know…. I tripped on something…” As she rubbed her head, Rainbow looked back at where she had fallen. A black notebook with words written in silver embroidering the top lay at Rainbow’s feet. With a confounded look upon her face, Rainbow picked it up. With a closer look, she could see the words, and read them aloud.

“Death Note…?” Rainbow stared at the cover.

Raven (her hair is up in this one)

“What a weird thing to put on the cover of a notebook….” Still intrigued by the cover, Rainbow stroked it.

“Lemme see!” Raven tackled Rainbow and snatched the book. Flipping through the pages, she read aloud what it said inside.

“Death Note: How to Use It 1. This is a death god’s notebook.” Rainbow gasped from behind Raven.

“How could…..?” Stuttering, Rainbow stared at the page.

“The human’s name who is written in this note shall die.” Both of the girls’ eyes widened as they read the statement.

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