Doctor Strange opened a portal to transport Baron Mordo to the Dark Dimension. Baron Mordo said" The Dark Dimension can't hold me forever" Merlin the Magician opened a portal to transport Morgan Le Fay to the Dark Dimension.

Deadpool jumps down from a building. Taskmaster is here. Taskmaster reveals his sword. Deadpool pulls out his gun. Taskmaster kicks Deadpool, and knocks his gun into a sewer. Taskmaster knows that Deadpool always move to the left to dodge. Taskmaster throws his sword. Deadpool dodges to the left. Taskmaster trips him and steps on his chest.

Deathstroke chokes Robin and tosses him to the grass. Beastboy turns into a Rhino, and he kicks him. Cyborg fires his lazor at Deathstroke. Deathstroke jumps, does a flip and kicks Cyborg. Raven starts to put up a fight, when Deathstroke realizes time stops. Deadpool realizes time stops,too.

Narrator: The world of Marvel and DC seperated. The two fighting combatants are transported into a world of both.

Deathstoke looks around. Deadpool appears behind Deathstroke. Deadpool asked" Who are you?" Deathstroke ask the same. Deathstroke and Deadpool both say" Why do you look like me?"

Deadpool and Deathstroke explain what was going on before the two met.

Deathstroke insults him how Deadpool is a hero. Deadpool does the same, about Deathstroke being a villian.

The two begin to fight. Deathstroke does a flip, then grabs Deadpool and throws him to the ground. Deadpool headbutts Deathstroke. Deadpool reveals his sword. Deathstroke does the same. The swords are locked. Deathstroke kicks Deadpool. Deadpool falls into a sewer.

Deathstroke jumps into the sewer. Deadpool floats away. Deathstrokes swims after. A rumble is heard. When Deathstroke was fighting Teen Titans and Deadpool was fighting Taskmaster, The Lizard was fighting Spider-Man and Killer Croc was fighting the Flash.

Killer Croc and The Lizard were now fighting above the sewer. Killer Croc jumped into the sewer. Deadpool jumped over Deathstroke and jumped out of the sewer. Deathstroke followed. The two fought again. Deadpool kicked Deathstroke's sword. Deadpool said" That's how I do it" Deathstroke pushed Deadpool. Deathstroke and Deadpool fell to the ground. Time stopped. The Lizard and Deadpool returned to their world. Killer Croc and Deathstroke returned to their world.

Deathstroke returned to the Teen Titans and Killer Croc returned to The Flash. Deadpool returned to Taskmaster and The Lizard returned to Spider-Man.


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