You are Darth Vader.

You choked Raymus Antilles.

Great, I am so cool.

Great, People are scared of me :P

You think The Death Star plans were sent in a escape.



You interrogate Leia with a interrogation droid.

She asked for it.

Tell me now, if you do, you still get tortured.

You force choke Motti. Tarkin tells you to stop.

You obey.

You sigh, and let him go.

You sense the presence of your former master.

Great, He is weak and I will strike him down.

I lost my limbs because of him. But I did get this cool suit.

You encounter him. He allows himself to get struck down.

You take his lightsaber.

You wish you had a Easy button.

You command Death Squadron.

The rebels will die.

I like being in charge.

Han Solo blasts your TIE Fighter.

You say" What?" Note: This is what Vader says when this happens

You say" Sith happens!"

The Rebels blow up the Death Star.

Grrr.. All is know that The Empire will Strike Back

Darth Vader's reaction: [censored]

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