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Shatter (Curse of Pinkamina)-AudioSurf

Crossover habit vs pinkamena by koosylover99-d6zyf8s

HABIT vs Pinkamena


HABIT vs Pinkamena(Original Ending)Edit

Pinkamena Diane Pie hated leaving Sugarcube Corner.

It was a reminder of how primitive her current situation really was, just how broken down she had let herself become. After becoming isolated from the others after Rainbow Dash's number came up, she became severely depressed, not just at the lost of her best friend, but for not being able to face her other friends after what she'd done. She began to let herself go, not caring about her emotional or physical health, not caring about how disgusting her living conditions had become, not even caring about if this was really the best thing for her.

Of course, she hadn't become totally isolated; she did have to go out to get supplies on occasions, after all(Ms. Cake kindly gave her the bits to do so, for a price of a few cupcakes. Pinkamena wondered how Ms. Cake would react if she found out she'd eaten Mr. Cake before), but even then, it had to be a secret. Every shopkeeper who had her as a monthly customer was sworn to secrecy, and she stayed in the shadows out of habit. She found that she could make other ponies disregard her presence with a simple lack of eye contact or by looking away, even if she was right in plain sight.

She was on her way to the back of the pony market, where her shopkeepers left all of her supplies and where one shopkeeper would be waiting there to collect her bits. The bits were divided equally among the 'keepers, under penalty of their numbers being bumped up. Pinkamena could just force them to give them the supplies with no questions asked, but she was a big buyer and the 'keepers had foals to feed. Although she never had good experiences with them, Pinkamena loved foals.

She got to her meeting point, and there was everything she asked for: flour, eggs, sugar, vanilla. Her protege was also there. "Evening, miss," the shopkeeper pony nodded. "Eighty bits, I think." Pinkamena said nothing, but gave a nod as she flipped open her saddlebags and took out the desired amount of bits. After handing them over, the shoppkeeper helped her gather the items on her back and sent her on her way. Pinkamena kept her face stoick the entire visit. She didn't want to seem like she showed any sort of emotion, because it made her feel weak when somepony looked upon her exposed emotions.

This time, on the way back, she took her time in walking back. Although she hated straying away from the sanctuary of her room, she realized it was very late now and she could take her time and look upon Luna's glorious moon, feel the cool grass underneath her warm hooves, smell the scent of burning fires from within the houses of Ponyville, hear the muffled cries of the pony on the other side of her.

Wait... What was that last one?

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