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War torn planet Glucrose aka Equestria thousands of years ago

This is an adventure, war, romance, tragic fanfic

It tells the tale of a stallion named Corkscrew, a war soldier who was sent to Equestria for unknown reasons. But what he finds in this new land is something he never expected to find in his

This is a My Little Pony fanfic.

Written by Jack aka GTF


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Chapter 1:

My Corkscrew. I am an Earth pony. I have tan skin and a long dark brown mane with a tan stripes going through them. I live on the planet Glucrose although the planet now is called Equestria, I still feel as if Glucrose still lives.

Thousands of years ago, before Equestria was born, the planet was called Glucrose. It was an amazing Empire. We were once a peaceful race, and we were very advanced for ponies that is. Until the war began, between the Harmonies who fought for freedom, and the Disharmonies who believed in evil and only the strong can survive.

This war ravaged the planet, and destroyed almost all life. Until King Xavier, the leader of the Harmonies ordered a full scale retreat of the planet, in hopes of finding a new home in the galaxy.

I am 239 years old. Impossible of course for anypony now in Equestria. But on Glucrose, the planet was so rich and healthy that ponies could live for thousands of years. If I lived in Equestria, I would be in my mid-thirties.

Anyway, the King ordered that a ship shall be built and all Harmonies have to escape from Glucrose in order to find a new planet to call home. I work for the King, I'm one of his Royal Commandos along with thousands of others. I'm expendable, but the King saw something different in me, something strong.

He ordered I have a mentor to teach me how to become a better soldier. My mentor, his name is Neo. A white Unicorn pony with a faceplate and large armor. I never saw his mouth, he likes to keep it that way. He is a Medical Officer, that doesn't mean he can't fight good. I learned everything I knew from him. He's my closest friend.

The war was lost. Many hundreds of thousands of Harmonies entered the King's ship known as "The Peace Keeper." And we left Glucrose behind in hopes of finding a new peaceful planet and leave our dying home.

Chapter 2:

The Peace Keeper is now flying away in space from Glucrose. The massive ship is now passing the moon. Inside the ship Neo and I are walking to the main deck where the King wanted to see us. Neo was telling me of what the plan was.

"We have no choice Corkscrew, leaving our home is the hardest decision the King has ever had to make." Neo had told me about this as we were walking down the large hall toward the main deck.

The large door opened revealing the main deck to us.

"Whatever lies in that endless galaxy," Neo was saying, "Is our best and last hope my friend."

I nodded in agreement and we walked toward many other scientists, pilots, and soldiers. Until we came across the King sitting on a high chair stareing into the glass window in front of him.

I say to the King, "Your majesty."

He looks down at me with a sad face and says, "I want you and Neo on the main deck to watch as we leave."

"Your majesty, the engines are becoming unstable." Said a worried pegasi pilot.

Another pilot said, "At this rate the engines may give out before we even leave."

A large shadow overcomes the main deck. I look in horror as an even larger ship was above us.

"Dracos, he has come!" The King shouted.

Large tenticles erupted from Dracos's ship and landed in the main deck. The glass shattered and destroyed many computers. I got up and my plasma gun transformed to cover my right arm. I shot the Disharmony soldiers that tried to get in the ship.

"Corkscrew, look out!" Neo shouted, but it was too late.

A tenticle landed right in front of me and I flew backwards landing on my back inside the main deck.

I was about to black out when I heard these words form the King. "All hooves to combat!"

I passed out.

When I awoke I saw Neo and the King himself standing over me. I could barely make out their words.

"Yes, I think he's waking up!" Neo said.

"Thank the great one." King Xavier said.

I was fully awake but horrified to see we were still in the main deck, with bullets flying above us and explosions happening constantly.

"He's got a few cuts and bruises, nothing new there." Neo stated.

"He'll make it though." Said Neo as the King stood up in relief and continued to fight the Disharmonies that were trying to invade the main deck.

"I'm going to test your eyesight, follow the light." Neo said as he pointed a flashlight at my face and moved it around. I followed it perfectly.

"Perfect, how do you feel?" Neo said.

I was about to answer when an explosion was heard behind us.

"Put your hooves up where we can see them!" Said a Disharmony soldier and two others.

"Don't fire I'm a medic!" Neo said with hooves in the air.

"Stick a sock in it!" Said the other Disharmony soldier.

Neo behind his back pulled out a flashbang grenade and took out the pin. He threw it at the Disharmonies and yelled, "Take them out Corkscrew!!!"

A bang was heard and then blindness. I activated my arm plasma gun and shot the blinded Disharmonies. They fell to the ground dead. I got up and the King walked up to the only working computer in the center of the main deck.

"Allright, the deck is clear!" Neo shouted.

"Dracos will not give up that easily, computer full damage report!" The King said.

The Computer with a robotic voice said, "ERROR, TRANSMISSION COMING IN."

Dracos's head appeared on the hologram above the computer.

"Your armies will never escape Glucrose your highness." Dracos said in hate and anger.

"I will tear your ship apart PIECE BY PIECE!!!" Dracos shouted as his hologramed head dissapeared.

King Xavier got a message from his Harmony soldiers that said, "Your highness! The engine deck is being invaded by Disharmonies!"

King Xavier yelled in his message sender, "I'm on my way, Corkscrew, stay and cover the bridge!"

The King and many other soldiers galloped out of the room and only Neo, Corkscrew, and many other pilots and scientists were left in the main deck.

"Corkscrew! You need to take this fuel supply to the main server room! If we don't do that, the ship will shut down and we will be defenseless!" Neo told Corkscrew and handed him the fuel supply.

"This way Corkscrew!" Shouted a Royal Commando.

I galloped toward the server room with my three Rayal Commandos with me. When we reached it, I placed the fuel supply inside and heard Neo in my message sender.

He said, "GOOD, now covering fire!!! Shoot Dracos's ship!!! Corkscrew I need you to get to the King and assist him. Bring him back to the bridge so we can get out of here! He's......oh no...he's fighting Dracos head on!!! Dracos is on the ship!!!"

I almost had a heart attack, but I couldn't abandon the King. So I raced toward the enigine deck of the ship with my fellow Commandos following me. When we reached it, I heard Neo again in the message sender.

He said, "Good, now my scanners say the King should be right in front of you."

I looked for a split second before the King was thrown against me like a rag doll. I fell to the side and looked as the King got up with a sword and he was looking at someone.

He was looking at Dracos.

Dracos had skin as white as a ghost along with his long mane. He had strange glowing purple markings on him and he stood on his hind legs as so did the King. The Royal Commandos opened fired on Dracos as I watched but he simply blocked them and killed the Commandos in front of me. He then looked down at me.

"Die Corkscrew!!!" Dracos yelled as he pointed his arm cannon at me.

I closed my eyes but I heard the King tackle Dracos and they began to fight.

Dracos was fighting valiently when he heard a loud explosion. The engine deck was going to blow.

Dracos activated his backpack and flew out of the room. The King was injured so I helped him up and I tried to get out of there as fast as possible.

When we reached the server room I heard something go estatic. I looked over and saw the fuel supply was going insane with something glowing and purple on it. I realized what it was.

"Dark Harmony!!!" I yelled as the fuel supply exploded and I layed on the ground with the King beside me. He was passed out and I was about too as well when I heard galloping coming our way.

"There they are!!!" Neo shouted.

I couldn't see very well, and I noticed something.

I was glowing.

When Neo reached me with other medics by his side he looked frightened as I glew very bright. I didn't know what was happening, maybe an affect from the dark harmony, but who knows.

When I started to glow as bright as the sun I saw Neo cover his eyes and then.........everything went black.

I awoke in a dark area. Everything was coming to. I was getting my senses back. I got up and my back was killing me when I noticed......I was sitting on grass.

"Grass......haven't seen this stuff in a while." I said. It was true, mostly all the grass was dead on Glucrose thanks to the war.

When I got up, my back was in pain, I ignored it and noticed something. I was in a field along with some apple trees. It was night time I could tell from the full moon.

I checked my armor and supplies. I had everything, my plasma gun transformed back so my hoof was showing, my message sender, and my clothing and armor.

I pulled up my message sender and said, "Neo, this is Corkscrew, can you hear me?"

No reply. I tried again, angry this time. "NEO!!! Can you hear me?!"

Nothing. "FUCK!!!" I yelled. I was screwed. I was back on Glucrose....I think. The ship was going to leave without me, and never return.

" Neo will come back for me. He can't leave his apprentice behind." I said.

I started to walk around in the night when I felt I was getting tired and hungry. I looked at an apple tree next to some type of orchard. I bucked the tree and one apple fell down. I caught it, and ate it. It was delicious.

I decided to sleep by the tree and wait for the Harmonies to rescue me.

I fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke with hunger again. I bucked the same tree and another apple fell. I took one bite when I heard a loud Southern voice behind me.

"What in tarnation do you think yer doin' to mah apples?!"

Chapter 3:

I spun around to see an orange pony with a big stetson hat galloping towards me. I did the first thing that came to mind......I ran. I didn't want to deal with locals right now.

"HEY get back here thief!" I heard the local pony yell.

I turned to see she was right on my tail. Of course when I wasn't looking I tripped over a tree stump and I dropped the apple from my mouth. I skidded on the grass until I came to a complete stop.

The orange mare stood over me with emerald eyes, angry of course.

She looked at the apple and saw it was muddy and dirty. She then heard my stomach growl and she sighed.

"Keep it." She told me. She turned around and walked away back to the farm.

I got up and ate the apple anyways, I was hungry. I wondered why that pony just let me keep the apple. It was strange. I turned around to see a red stallion standing and staring at me.

"I see that Applejack was kind enough to let ya keep her special apples." He told me.

"Yeah, I noticed that." I said back.

"You must be new here to Ponyville, my name is Big Macintosh. What's yer name?" He asked me.

"Umm.....It's Corkscrew." I said.

"Hm, not a bad name. I'm sorry about how mah sister acted, she is a stubborn mare." Macintosh said.

"Yeah well.....I better get going now, sorry to....uh...waste your time." I said and began to walk away.

"Wait, do you have any place to sleep?" Macintosh asked.

I wanted to lie to him but instead this came out, "Uhh no."

"Well if ya got no place to sleep, ya can jus' stay in our barn." He told me as he pointed at the barn.

"Are you sure? I don't want to be a bother.....especially to your sister." He said.

"Oh it's no trouble, Applejack will get used to ya. You can help her with applebuckin', she can always need some help." Macintosh said.

"So your basically giving me a job?" I said.

"Well....if ya want one that is. We can always need some help." He said.

"I guess I could help around a bit. Then I could be on my way. I do need a place to sleep." I told him.

He smiled and said, "Okay, follow me." I followed by his side.

"This may strike you as odd but what planet is this called?" I said nervously.

He looked at me confused and with one eyebrow raised. "Really?" He asked.

"Uhhh...yes." I told him feeling like a complete idiot.

He shook his head and simply said, "We are on the peacefull planet of Equestria, land of ponies."

Land of ponies? I thought, that was similar to the old Glucrose welcome. Welcome to Glucrose, land of the finest and most peaceful ponies ever. Maybe......I was on Glucrose...but it somehow changed to Equestria. But it couldn't, the war was still going on when we left, I have heard of no plans of changing the planet's name. I had some thinking to do.

When we reached the farm, I saw the one called 'Applejack' bucking a tree and many apples fell. She turned to see Macintosh and then she saw me, her smile went to a frown.

"What's 'he' doin' here Macintosh?!" She yelled a little.

"Calm down sis, Mister Corkscrew is going to be staying with us for a while." He said with a smile.

"Corkscrew? What kind of name is that?" She asked confused.

I got a little mad but I held my anger in and said, "It's my name ma'am, and I prefer to keep it like that."

She simply snorted and continued to work. Macintosh brought me over to the barn and I went inside.

This was a very primitive version of Glucrose. I never lived during the ancient times of Glucrose, but I've heard stories. And those stories said that Glucrose went from farms and villages to cities and empires. None the less, I trotted up to some hay and a bucket of water. I dranked the water because I was very thirsty. I turned around and saw Big Mac was staring at me.

"What?" I asked.

" And that strange metal device on yer arm. It....looks strange." He stuttered.

I simply sighed and layed on the hay. He shrugged and closed the gate and walked away. I closed my eyes and fell asleep...thinking about this world. How would I ever get back? How can Neo and the others find me? I didn't know.

I awoke with a knock on the gate door. I looked up groggy and saw Big Mac. It was nightime.

"Are ya comin' to dinner?" He asked.

I never had a well cooked meal in a while. I nodded and followed him out of the barn and into the house. The dining table was set up and plates and glasses were set around. I counted them, there were 5 plates and 5 glasses. I took my seat and Big Mac took his.

I heard some noise from what appeared to be the kitchen and an old mare came out carrying a large platter. She brought it to the table. She looked at me and smiled.

"Big Mac, so this is the young stallion you were telling us about. What was yer name?" She asked.

"My name is Corkscrew ma'am." I told her.

She smiled again and said, "Well if yer working on the farm and helping mah grandaughter, then it's a pleasure to meet you."

We shook hooves and she turned and yelled, "Applebloom! Applejack! Come down to dinner it's getting cold!"

I heard hooves running down the steps and I saw a young filly and Applejack coming down and walking towards the table. Applebloom looked at me and smiled.

"Ah didn't know we had a guest!" She said and trotted up to me.

Applejack had a frown again and simply walked to her seat as far away from me as possible.

Applebloom looked at my mark and she said, "What does yer cutie mark mean?"

"You mean my mark?" I asked confused.

"Cutie mark, mark, doesn't matter, what does it mean?" She asked impationtly.

Big Mac broke in and said, "Yeah, it looks like a circle with three lines in it, ah never heard of a cutie mark like that."

I was scared. I couldn't reviel the true meaning of the Royal Commando mark. They obviously didn't know of the war, this is possibly Glucrose many years later. How the buck did I even get to the future?!

I had to come up with an excuse as they were all staring at me. Then I had an idea.

"It's.....uhhh....a boxing mark!" I said.

"Yer a famous boxer?!" Applebloom yelled excited.

"Uhhhh...yeeees I am." I said with a nervous smile.

"Well looks like we have a celebrity in here." The old mare said with a smile. Applejack was a little stunned and she looked at my plasma gun transformed to look like a normal piece of armor on my arm.

"Then what are those?" Applejack asked pointing at both my gun and strange armor.

"It's uhhh my boxing outfit." I say quickly.

"Ya where yer boxing outfit normally?" Applejack asked confused.

I had to come up with a story, they were getting suspicious.

" see I was kicked out of my old town and I had nothing else to where." I told them.

"Why were ya kicked out?" Applebloom asked.

"Well.....many months ago I had a boxing match with a hated rival of mine. We both hated each other, but loved the sport. Well.....the bad thing that happened was in the fourth round I was getting beat up pretty bad. I swung not looking and as hard as I could, I hit him in the throat. He fell to the ground and after the ten count, he didn't get back up. He was taken to the hospital and I was crowned champion. I didn't feel good about it though. Many weeks later, all the boxers in the tournament including me, got a message that he died after our match. All the boxers looked at me with hate. They......they beat me......they beat me hard and good for killing a boxer. It wasn't my fault but everyone though it was. I was eventually kicked out of town and wondered Equestria looking for a new home. And here we are now." I finally finished.

The three mares and one stallion were amazed and both sad at my made up story. Applejack didn't look mad at me anymore, she seemed sad for me. I simply finished my dinner and got up.

"Thank you for the dinner ma'am, I'll be going back in the barn now." I said as I walked out the door and into the barn.

In the barn, I took off all my armor and clothing, including my gun, my journal, and all my supplies. I felt naked not with any armor, but if the other locals here weren't wearing any clothes, then I wouldn't either.

I layed on the hay bail and fell asleep.

I awoke to a poking at my side. I looked in the darkness and saw the gate was open letting in the moonlight. I saw who was standing over was Applejack.

"Hey get up." She whispered.

I got up and rubbed my eye. I looked at her and asked, "What do you want?"

"C'mon, we're goin' somewhere." She told me.

"What?" I asked until she grabbed my hoof and we both walked out of the barn and into a forest.

"Ugh, where are we going?" I asked a little mad. It was night, I was tired.

"Quit yer complaining, you'll see when we get there." She answered back.

We finally reached what she was looking for. A beautiful looking pond that was pretty big. The moonlight shown on top of the water.

It was a very pretty sight. Nothing this nice was on Glucrose. Suddenly I realised something....

She brought me to this place for a reason.

Chapter 4:

I continued to stare at the clear pond water. It was strange, almost all the water in Glucrose was polluted but there wasn't even any muck in this water. Applejack walked over to the pond and sat down. I walked right next to her and sat down too, we both stared at our reflections in the water.

Finally Applejack said, "Ah come here to think when I'm down ya know?"

"I see." I answered back.

"Applejack?" I asked.

"Call me AJ." She said.

"Okay, AJ what does this place mean to you?" I asked.

"Ah found it when ah was jus' a filly, I was sad and heartbroken, but when ah found this spot ah didn't feel that sad anymore." She explained.

"So why did you bring me here?" I asked.

She looked at me with those pretty emerald eyes and looked down again.

"Because ya look so sad all the time, Ah'm really sorry I was mean to ya before." She said.

"Don't worry about it, I'm used to people hating me." I told her.

This made her smile a little, she looked in the pond and back at me with an eyebrow raised as if she was taunting me.

"Well?" She asked.

"What?" I said.

She took off her hat and put it on the ground, she then jumped in the pond with a loud splash. The water got all over me and I had to push my mane out of my eyes. I looked in the pond to see her swimming around.

"Ain't ya'll comin' in?" She asked with that same taunting smile. "Or is the mighty boxer to chicken?"

"So it's gonna be like that huh?" I said with a smile.

I jumped in the pond and realized it was deeper than I thought. I got my head up in the water and saw her bangs covering her eyes from my splash.

"So ya want a splashin' competition eh?" She said and she splashed my face.

I got water in my eye and tried to get it out while still trying to splash her. It was strange, I was actually I never had this type of fun before except when I was a colt and I played with my brothers.

Finally after about 5 minutes we both got out soaking wet. She shook herself dry. I couldn't help but look at how pretty she was in the moonlight. The moonlight reflected off her majestic fur, she was really pretty. Soon she saw me staring at her which made her look embarrassed.

"What are ya'll starin' at?" She asked.

I walked closer to her and said, "You." I stared at her emerald eyes, "You look beautiful." She looked at me seriously for a minute as I leaned in closer. But she turned her head and closed her eyes.

"Um!" She said as she broke eye contact, "Ah think we should head back now." She started to walk back where we came from. I stood there a while.

"Smooth Corkscrew, really smooth." I said to myself as I caught up to her.

When we reached the barn I turned to her and said, "Goodnight Apple- I mean AJ."

"G'night sugercube." She told me as she turned back to the house.

My stomach did a little flutter but I didn't show it. She never called me that. Was it a sign that shows that she cares for me? I didn't know, but I only knew her for a day so if she wanted this to be more then me working on the farm then she would tell me.

I walked into the barn and placed my head on some hay and fell asleep. I wasn't feeling sad anymore. I was feeling strange for Applejack, I think I.......liked her.

Chapter 5:

The next morning, after I had breakfast with Granny Smith, Applebloom, Big Mac, and Applejack, Applejack and I had to go and do some apple bucking.

After about two hours of working we sat together in the shade feeling tired. I told her about last night with the swim in the pond that we should do it again sometime. She just blushed under her hat and gave me a nudge. I went inside the house and got some lemonade for me and Applejack. When I got back I saw her searching in a barrel.

"What are you looking for?" I asked.

"Ah was....uhh...looking for rotten apples." She nervously said.

"You're a really bad liar AJ." I said.

She looked a little embarrassed and said, "I was looking for a heart apple."

"A what?" I asked. I never heard of such a thing.

She began to tell me what it was. It's a special apple that has special qualities in it. It's shaped like a heart and it was said to grant ones wish that they held deep in their hearts.

"Ah found one once." She told me.

"What did you wish for?" I asked.

She laughed and looked at me with a sparkle in her eyes, my stomach did a backflip.

"Ya don't get to make yer wish," she explained, "it just happens."

"So what happened?" I asked.

She looked shy and blushed, "Ah'll tell ya tonight."

I sighed and walked back to the house with her behind me. We both had some dinner and I went back to the barn and waited for tonight.

As night fell she came to the barn and we both walked towards the pond. We sat by the waters edge and stared at each others reflection. Finally she looked at me with a small smile.

"Ah met you." She said.

"What?" I asked confused.

She looked back at the water and said, "A few weeks before ah met you, ah found a heart apple. Ah carved mah initials in it and buried the seeds in the orchard just like they all said you should do when you found the heart apple. After a few weeks nothin' happened, then you came into mah life." She looked back at me.

I looked down at the water and thought that if she wished for someone in her life, then that's how I got here in Equestria. When I was on the ship, I started glowing, that must have been the heart apple's magic.

So if I found a heart apple, I could use it to get back to my time. My plan was set! But something was holding me back, like telling me not to was Applejack.

I looked back at her, she had tears in her eyes. I put my forehoof around her as her tears hit my arm. She placed her head against mine.

"Ah never thought anypony could understand me like you do." She said between tears.

"Don't worry AJ," I broke the embrace and looked into her emerald eyes, "I'll never go away."

But did I really mean that? Was I never going back to Glucrose? Yes, I was never going back. The war was lost, I was just a soldier, nobody would miss me, I was expendable.

I leaned in like before and this time she let me. When we were inches away, I noticed something in the water's reflection, it was something glowing and red.

"What's that?" I asked as I walked to the tree and bucked it.

Out of the tree came a shiny red apple. I grabbed it and Applejack came by my side. We both looked at the heart shaped apple.

"Ya found one." She told me.

"I guess I did." I answered back.

She looked at my eyes and she had a deveish smile. She grabbed the apple from my hooves.

"Mine now!" She shouted playfully and she jumped in the pond.

She splashed around encouragingly and I jumped in as well. I tried to catch her as we both splashed and played.

Eventually I caught her whether by luck or she let me. She started giggling like a school filly. She stopped when she looked at me. We were both soaking wet looking into each other's eyes, mine into her emerald, hers into my auburn. It ended up with my hooves around her waist, hers around my shoulders. She still had the apple in her mouth, she dropped it and it floated in between us.

She looked at me in the eyes seductively, "So, what did ya wish fer?" she asked.

"It doesn't matter." I told her still smiling.

She looked at me one eyebrow raised, "An why not?" she asked.

I leaned in and placed my forehead against hers, "It already came true." I said.

For the very first time I kissed her, her muscles tensed up then she relaxed. She closed her eyes and so did I.

I enjoyed the kiss and it was probably the best 10 seconds of my life.

Chapter 6:

We both arrived back to the farm where we were both standing by the barn. Applejack kissed me on the cheek and looked into my eyes.

"Goodnight sugercube." She said smiling.

"Goodnight Applejack." I said back smiling as well.

I watched her walk into the house and close the door. I was still smiling as I walked into the barn and layed my head onto the hay. I stared at the ceiling and thought to myself, I have won the heart of the mare I have fallen in love with.

The next day was more apple bucking. It was very hot, Applejack, Big Mac, and I were working very hard. I glanced over at Applejack who was bucking some trees when she noticed me staring at her. She blushed violently and tried to look away. I couldn't help but laugh. When I turned around I saw Big Mac looking at me, he wasn't smiling.

"So what's going on Cork?" He asked.

"Oh nothing." I simply said.

He smiled and looked at Applejack who was far away from us.

"She really likes ya." He told me.

I looked at him confused, "What are you getting at Mac?" I asked.

"Ah think it's what YOUR tryin' to get at." He said sternly.

I turned and began walking towards another tree. He followed.

"Listen Cork, AJ has never been a realtionship yet ya hear?" He told me, "Just be careful, the first heartbreak always hurts."

I looked at him a little mad, "You don't think we have a chance?" I asked.

"Oh there is always a chance, just listen to yer heart and you'll know what to do." He told me and he turned and walked away.

I absorbed his words, Applejack has never been in a relationship, neither have I. I would have never thought of having a relationship with a mare since I was in the war. It never occured to me, but here in Equestria I could now have that chance.

I began to think about Big Mac, he didn't think that me and AJ would make it far as a couple, he thought we would break up. This got me mad, how dare he talk like that to me. I trotted up to the closest tree and kicked with all my strength. This was a horrible mistake.

Turns out I was stronger then I thought, I barely bucked any trees and apples fell, but when I bucked with all my strength the tree began to break and fall. I turned to see where it would land when a familiar orange pony was standing in it's way.

"AJ LOOK OUT!!!" I yelled. But it was too late.

The tree fell on Applejack and I rushed to her side to see her pinned under the tree, she was unconcious.

I pushed the tree off her with all my strength, thank the great one I had a lot of training. She layed on her stomach, her legs were bleeding. I saw Big Mac run behind me and look at his sister.

"What happened?!" He yelled.

"The tree fell on her, it's all my fault!" I yelled.

"We got to get her to the hospital!" Mac yelled.

That's what we both did, we both galloped towards the Ponyville hospital. Doctors rushed towards us as we came in with the hurt mare. Doctors took her to the operation room and closed the door. We both had to wait outside.

After two hours, a Doctor came to us.

"You two might have to go home now, she's resting. Come back tomorrow though." The Doctor said.

We both did, I felt horrible. Mac kept reasurring me that it wasn't my fault that I didn't know where the tree would fall. I still felt bad when I went to sleep in the barn and the next morning.

Applebloom and Big Mac were in the hospital with me. I told them that Applebloom should be the one to see Applejack first. But they both agreed that I should be the one to see her. I walked in Applejack's infermary room where she was laying on a bed and looking out the window. She knew I was here, she didn't even look at me.

"AJ, you feeling better?" I asked. She didn't answer me.

I walked up to her left side of the bed and I saw her hoof. I reached for it but she pulled it away. I looked to see she had tears in her eyes.

"You know I told your brother and sister that it should have been Applebloom that got to see you first but they both said-" I began.

"It should have been." She said.

I looked at her and said, "What?"

"It should have been Applebloom FIRST!" She yelled glaring at me, "Ah would have prefered it if you never came in at all!"

She looked away and crossed her arms.

"Why are you so mad?" I was confused now.

She threw off her covers and I saw both her rear legs in casts.

"They said ah may never walk again without a brace." She said, "YOU did this to me!"

"AJ I didn't.....I mean I just." I began.

"Ya got mad at Big Mac an' started kickin' mah trees Ah saw ya. I thought 'HAY just let him get it out!' But ya'll went and made one fall on me." She said, her glare became even more intense, "And now Ah may never get to do another applebuckin' again." I could see the tears forming through her eyes.

"AJ," I began, "I'm so sorr-"

"SAVE IT!!! Ah want ya off mah farm when I get back!!!" She yelled with tears falling down her face.

I stared at her until finally I turned around with my head hung low and ears flattened. I walked out of the hospital and back to the barn.

I gathered all my supplies. My clothing was back on, I covered it with my armor. I placed my plasma gun back on my arm where it belonged. The message sender still didn't work and I placed it on my other arm. My journal was tucked into my pockets and I was ready to leave.

Big Mac walked in the barn with a sorrowful face.

"What?" I said in a hateful tone.

"She don't mean it ya know." He began, I didn't look at him.

"Just give her time, she'll come around." I didn't answer him.

I walked by him and he gave me a saddlebag. It was full of apples and other foods.

"If ya ever want to come back, I know she'll be thinkin' of ya. And if you're still thinkin' of her than it's not over." He told me.

"Yer chance is still here, no matter how mad she is, even though she isn't gonna admit it." He said.

I nodded and took the saddlebag. I opened the gate and left Sweet Apple Acres.

I walked for hours, not knowing where I was going. This was a perfect time to think. I was wrong, I should have found that apple and left when I had the chance. This was a HUGE waste of time. No it wasn't, I met Applejack, but she hates me now. This wasn't my time, I belonged on Glucrose and to be a normal soldier and die fighting for freedom.

I looked at my message sender and said, "This is Corkscrew, I'm so sorry I left all of you. If you can hear me, then get me home, please."

No reply. I wasn't surprised and continued walking. I came across a little ditch and decided it was a good place to sleep. As night fell I layed in the ditch and stared at the stars.

I felt defeated, I had lost the heart of my once loved Applejack. I decided to forget about it and go to sleep.

That's what I did.

Chapter 7:

I awoke to a stormy, rainy morning. I put up my hood that I only carried for emergencies. I walked in the rain for what seemed to be hours. I walked from town to town, nopony even glancing my way.

I sat down by a tree in this town called "Fillydelphia", it was a pretty big city, nothing compared to The Decrogon, the capitol city of Harmony on Glucrose. I ate 2 apples and continued to walk in the rain.

I was heartbroken, never have I felt this bad in years. It's just.....Applejack.....every time I think of her I feel even worse. So I try to block her out of mind which doesn't help how I feel.

I couldn't tell how long I've been in Equestria, days even weeks. I'm pretty sure the Harmonies have already left Glucrose and are already searching the endless galaxy for a new home. I was forgotten, a lone soldier left in a world he didn't know.

After a few more days I got hungry again. My saddlebag was empty, great. I kept searching this damned land for food when I came across a familiar sight; Ponyville. I smiled a little but still felt horrible. The rain was still pouring and I was walking in the town. Nopony was outside except me.

It was getting cold, I looked over and saw a building that looked as if it was made of candy. I walked inside and heard a bell ring by the door. As if on cue, a pink pony with a darker pink mane popped up form behind the counter, with a large smile on her face when she saw me.

"Hi my names Pinkie Pie! Welcome to Sugercube Corner!" The estatic pony said.

I pulled my hood down and looked at her with a sad face, I tried to hide it but I couldn't. She took quick notice.

"Are you okay? You don't seem so happy? Is something wrong?" She asked a little worried.

Why would she care how I felt? She didn't know me.

"Yeah I'm.......I'm fine miss." I barely said. I took a seat at one of the tables, I heard some trotting and I saw the pink pony standing right by me, with an even sadder face.

"Are you okay miss?" I asked.

"Yeah but you look as if you lost somepony." She told me with a little smile.

I smiled a little and said, "Yeah you could say that miss."

"There's a smile! Who did you lose?" She asked.

I sighed and looked at her, "I lost......someone I loved."

"Awwww." She said with big teary eyes.

"There's no way I could get her back now, I did something really stupid, she'll never forgive me." I said feeling bad again.

She placed her hoof on my shoulder, I looked at her. She said, "You know, nopony can hold a grudge forever. I bet if you go back to her, and tell her how you feel and apologize, she'll forgive you!" She finished with a smile.

I smiled and said, "Thanks miss, you seem to really like to cheer ponies up huh?"

"It's what I do mister......mister....." She was stalling.

"Corkscrew." I said.

"Corkscrew? Where have I heard that name before?" Pinkie thought out loud.

"You've heard of me?" I asked with an eyebrow raised.

"It's so familiar...." She said as she moved in closer to my face, I backed away a little.

"Uhh miss, what are you doing?" I asked confused.

She continued to study me and then she suddenly smelled my face. She shot back with eyes wide.

"You're Corkscrew!!! My friend Applejack used to talk all about you!" She shouted.

"Applejack, you know her?" I asked with eyes wide too.

"Yeah, she said that you two worked on the farm together, and then you went to her special pond with her, and then you and Applejack kis-" She stopped at the last word.

I looked at her as she blushed and smiled a little.

"Does she talk about me now?" I asked.

"No, she doesn't really mention you anymore, I don't know why." She said.

That was it. Applejack didn't care about me anymore. I got up and and looked at Pinkie with an even sadder face then when I came in.

"Goodbye Miss Pie, I'll.....I'll see you around sometime." I said as I walked out the door into the pouring rain.

That was it. I lost her. She didn't care about me anymore. I walked through Ponyville with a wet mane and my head hung low.

I came up to a familiar sight, Sweet Apple Acres. I walked in but I stayed hidden, Applejack obviously didn't want to see me anymore.

The rain stopped pouring and nightime fell. I looked at the barn and the house. I didn't see any of the family come in or go out. I sighed sadly and thought about what Applejack used to tell me. Whenever she was sad she would go to the pond. My ears perked up, that's what I would do.

I finally arrived at the pond, the moonlight shown over the water. I pulled my hood down and sat at the waters edge. I stared at my reflection for a long time, not feeling any better.

I felt something in my eye, I wiped my hoof on it and saw it was a tear.

"A tear?" I said.

I never cried, not even in the war. I was a soldier never to be shown weakness. But I lost that touch and got weak on this planet. I remembered all the battles I was in, I saw all the wounds I had, the pain I endoured, and......Applejack.

I let it all out. For the first time in my life, I cried. I couldn't hold it forever it was unhealthy. I sobbed for a long time, I could hear my tears hitting the water.

"Why AJ? Whyyyy?" I said through my tears.

I stopped sobbing and stared at my reflection again. I closed my eyes. I just wanted to die right now.

"Hey." A soft southern voice behind me made me open my eyes.

I turned around to see Applejack with teary eyes, she wasn't smiling. She came over to me and sat next to me. She didn't look at me or my reflection, we just sat there.

"Ah got better." She said breaking the silence.

I finally noticed that she wasn't wearing her casts, she was healed, but how?

"How did you get better?" I asked. She looked at me.

It had been weeks since I have seen those beautiful eyes, it felt so good to see them again.

"Ya know, Princess Celestia herself heard about mah condition. She got to the hospital and healed me with some of her strongest magic. Ah couldn't thank her enough. But when ah got out of the hospital, ah felt just awful how ah treated ya." She began.

I looked at her, she was starting to get teary eyed.

"Ah......ah looked for ya all over the farm, I never found ya. Finally Big Mac told me ya left an''...." She said and soon she started crying.

I did what I had to, I comforted her and held her in my arms. I could feel her tears against my chest.

"Ah.....ah.....ah I was heartbroken. Ah thought ah would never see ya again." She said between sobs.

"It's ok AJ shhhh shhh it's ok." I cooed as I gently rubbed her mane.

"Ah gave up and ah didn't mention ya anymore. Until tonight ah heard cryin' by the pond, and it was you." She looked up at me. Our eyes connected for the first time in weeks.

"Ah missed ya so much, ya have no idea." She said.

"I missed you too...Applejack." I said with a smile.

We both leaned in and after weeks of waiting and sorrow, I finally kissed her again. I remember the taste, apples.

We kissed for 2 minutes and I broke the kiss smiling. She was smiling too even with the tears.

"Ya wanna come back to the farm now where you belong sugercube?" She asked.

"More then anything in the world." I answered.

We kissed again, this was a short one.

After a little walk we came back to the farm. I was walking to the barn but AJ stopped me. I looked at her.

"Yer not sleeping in the barn." She said, "Yer sleeping in the house."

I smiled again and followed her inside. I layed on the couch and she kissed me again.

"Goodnight Corkscrew." She whispered to me.

"Goodnight AJ." I answered back.

I saw her walk upstairs. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep, with a smile on my face.

Chapter 8:

It had been weeks now. I lived with Applejack, Granny Smith, Big Mac, and Applebloom for a long time, it was very peaceful. Applejack and I always spent time together, we loved each other, I could tell.

Usually after our work is done we would go on top of our favorite hill and watch the sunset together. I couldn't wish for a better time.

I did actually meet Applejack's friends, their names being Fluttershy, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie. Yes we all hung out sometimes, Applejack had told them that we were going out and they all enjoyed meeting me.

But that one night, that damn night, everything changed for me.....forever.

Applejack, Applebloom, Granny Smith, Big Mac, and I were all having fun with playing a board game after a hard days work. It was nightime, but none of us were tired.

"Your move Cork." Big Mac said chuckling.

I rolled the dice and got 7.

"Wow, good job Corkscrew! You just passed Granny." Applebloom said.

"Ah'm getting to old fer this game." Said Granny Smith.

I handed Applejack the dice and said, "Your turn."

"Thanks sugercube." She smiled and rolled the dice.

She got a 10 and passed me. She started laughing and taunting.

"Ha ah passed you know Cork what are ya gonna do?" She said still taunting.

"Oh I'll pass you alright, now hand me the-" I began to say but was cut off by three knocks on the door.

We were silent and stared at the door. Finally Applejack got up and said, "Ah got it."

She trotted up to the door and opened it, I couldn't see who it was, but Applejack's expression was of surprise and interest. Her mouth hung open.

"Sorry to bother you tonight miss, but have you seen this pony?" Said a familiar voice.

I saw a white hoof hold up a piece of paper in front of Applejack. She looked at it squinting and her eyes opened wide.

"That's Corkscrew." She said.

"So she does know." Said another familiar voice.

"Do you know where he is ma'am?" Said the voice again.

"Yeah....he's...uhh...right in here." She said allowing them to enter.

I finally saw who was behind the door. I thought I was in a dream from who I saw.

There standing right in the house, was my mentor Neo, in full armor with his faceplate still on. Behind him came two familiar ponies I knew. The first being a Unicorn Pony with gold skin and a darker yellow mane, his name was Scatterblast, an old friend of mine. The other being a Pegasi Pony with red skin and a black mane, his name was Warfront, another friend of mine.

When Neo saw me he walked over to me and gave me a big hug. Applebloom, Granny Smith, Big Mac, and Applejack were very confused.

Neo let go and looked at me, "Thank the great one, I thought you were dead, but here you are as healthy as ever."

"Good to see you too Neo. And good to see you two as well." I pointed at Warfront and Scatterblast.

"Uhhh Corkscrew, who are these ponies?" Applejack asked.

"We are the Harmonies ma'am, and we are here to take Corkscrew back where he belongs." Said Neo looking at AJ.

"Harmonies? What are ya'll talking about?" Applejack asked, "And why are you trying to take Corkscrew?"

Neo, Scatterblast, and Warfront looked at me.

"So you didn't tell them Corkscrew, you're smarter then you look." Said Warfront smirking.

Applejack walked closer to me and held my hoof, "Sugercube, what are they talking about?" She asked a little worried.

Neo looked around the house and back at me, he sighed and said, "I suppose that Corkscrew can tell you all the truth now."

"The truth?" Said Big Mac.

They were all looking at me, I sighed sadly and began.

"I'm so sorry....I lied to all of you......I couldn't tell you the truth because......I didn't know how you would all react."

Applejack was really getting worried now.

" not who you think I am. I'm not a boxer.....I'm a soldier who fights for the Harmonies." I said.

"A boxer? HA, that was your best excuse?" Scatterblast interupted.

Neo snapped, "Private Scatterblast be quiet!"

I continued, "I'm not from this time.....I'm from the past. Am I right Neo?" I asked.

Neo nodded and said, "We are all from the past. Thousands of years ago on this planet, a war ravaged the land and we had to fight the Disharmonies who wanted to control the planet. We lost the war and we tried to leave our dying home. Corkscrew here was on a mission while our ship was being invaded, he was attacked by a substance known Dark Harmony which sent him to the past."

I was surprised. I thought the heart apple was what brought me here. But no, it was the Dark Harmony. Applejack wanted somepony in her life, so it was completely random that we met. I looked and saw Applejack with teary eyes.

Neo continued, "We got your message Corkscrew, and we're here to take you home."

"NO you can't take him!" AJ shouted as she put her arms around my neck.

Neo, Scatterblast, and Warfront looked surprised at what Applejack did.

Warfront asked, "What is this Corky?"

I didn't answer and held AJ close to me. Neo took quick notice and looked at the inside of the house. There were pictures of AJ and I on the walls along with me and the rest of the family.

"I see." Neo said.

I looked at him still holding AJ.

"You have been here longer than I thought, and have made some new friends, or should I say 'more than friends'." Neo said pointing at Applejack.

"Neo.." I began, "I can't leave them."

Neo sighed and said, "This isn't your time Corkscrew, you don't belong here."

"YES I DO!" I snapped. Neo backed up surprised.

"I belong here in Equestria, I'm nothing but a soldier, I'm expendable. You don't need me, there are thousands just like me. I belong here with this family with.......Applejack." I said looking at her eyes.

Scatterblast snorted and looked at me angry, "So this is how it ends huh? You just leave all the ponies who cared about you and trusted you and loved you! And worst of all you're leaving the war!" He yelled.

"The war was lost Scatterblast!!!" I yelled back, "There is no saving Glucrose now!"

"Obviously Glucrose is doing just fine." Said Warfront, "Thousands of years from now it will be this land."

"Yeah, and I won't be able to see Applejack ever again if I went with you!" I yelled.

Neo sighed and said, "I see you have had certain feelings for this mare, you know Corkscrew, I have been your mentor for 20 years, I have taught you how to fight and how to survive, but I have never taught you how to fall in love with a mare."

Neo looked at AJ and I swear I could see him smiling under that faceplate.

He continued, "You have done that all by yourself, I'm so proud of you. And I will except the road you choose."

He walked over to me and asked, " you love this mare?"

I looked at AJ who was crying a little, I smiled at her and back to Neo.

"More than anything in the world." I said proudly.

I heard AJ and the rest of the family gasp. Applejack started beaming.

Neo chuckled and said, "Than you have completed your training my apprentice. You are free to choose your road to follow. And I will except it."

He walked closer and hugged me, I returned the embrace.

"I'm so proud of you my apprentice, and I will miss you." Neo said.

"I'll never forget you Neo." I said.

Neo let go and walked out the door. Scatterblast and Warfront walked up to me and patted my shoulder.

Scatterblast spoke first, "Good luck old friend." Warfornt then said, "This mare is quite the looker, good pick."

I chuckled and shook their hooves as they walked out the door.

Granny Smith, Big Mac, Applebloom, Applejack and I all went outside and watched as a portal opened in front of Neo and the two others.

I asked Neo, "Wait! Did the King and the others worry about me?"

Neo turned to me and said, "We all waited for weeks just trying to figure out how to get you back."

"Goodbye Neo." I said.

He and the others waved and went in the portal, never to return.

It was quite once again. I looked at the family and began.

"I'm sorry I lied to all of yo-" I began but was cut off by Applejack putting her hooves around me and kissing me.

She broke off and looked at me smiling, "Save it sugercube."

I smiled as she nuzzled up against me.

"Ah love you Corkscrew." She told me.

"I love you too." I said.

"Awwwwww." I heard behind me. Applebloom was crying with tears of joy.

So was I.

Chapter 9:

I have lived in Equestria for about 2 months now. I loved Applejack with all my life, we were born to be together. And I soon realized, that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. That's right, I'm gonna ask her to marry me today. I recently bought a ring with money I got from my new job, I spent all of it, I hope she'll say yes.

Turns out since I'm living in Equestria now, I can no longer live for thousands of years, Equestria is not rich enough for that. But I can still live long with AJ, if she says yes.

My name is Corkscrew......and this is my last journal entry.

I close my journal and walk outside on top of mine and AJ's hill where we always sit together and watch the sunset. I pull the ring out of my coat pocket and hold it.

"Please.....please let her say yes." I whisper.

"Let who say yes?" I heard AJ behind me.

"Oh uhh nothing." I say putting the ring away before she sees it.

She sits by me and nuzzles up against me. I put my arm around and we stare at the sunset.

I finally break the peacefull silence and look at her seriously.

"Applejack." I began.

"Hmmm? What is it sugercube?" She asks staring at my auburn eyes.

I breathed deeply and began, "AJ, I've never loved anyone more than you, and I'm terrible at saying stuff like this but.......(deep breath).....I realize....I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

"Corscrew....what are you saying?" She asked blushing.

I went to one knee in front of her. Her breathing started going really fast and her eyes grew wide.

I carefully pulled out the ring and held it in my hoof in front of her. I then said the magic words.

"Applejack....will you marry me?"

I saw her smile grow wider and wider. She had tears flowing down her face, tears of joy. The single word she said, was the greatest moment of my life.


The End