Clopfics are fanfics for MLP FIM fans and anyone who wants to make one. It has to involve at least one MLP character, and it has to be sexual. An example would be below:

· Let us continue the Clopfic RP.

· 10:33GumballTransformerFan: KK

· 10:33PhazonGumball123: So, you wanna continue?

· 10:34GumballTransformerFan: Yes

· You be Twilight.

· 10:34PhazonGumball123: -_- Really?

· Okay, okay.

· 10:35GumballTransformerFan: The human's name is David.

· 10:35PhazonGumball123: Okay... why exactly?

· 10:36GumballTransformerFan: It's a sweet name, and it's the only one I can think of.

· 10:36PhazonGumball123: Okay... I was hoping for it to be me to be myself in the story.

· 10:37GumballTransformerFan: Oh ok Jarod then

· 10:37PhazonGumball123: Okay. let the RP begin. You start.

· 10:37GumballTransformerFan: Hey Twilight nice night we got here.

· 10:38PhazonGumball123: Indeed.

· 10:38GumballTransformerFan: So whatcha reading?

· 10:38PhazonGumball123: Oh, nothing much. Just something new I found.

· Something on Monsters found in Equestria.

· 10:40GumballTransformerFan: mmm. So....the moon is really beautiful Twi.

· 10:41PhazonGumball123: Yes, it is, Jarod.

· 10:41GumballTransformerFan:

  • rubs hand in mane* Not as beautiful as you of course.

· 10:42PhazonGumball123: Aww, thank you. *ears perk back in pleasure*

· 10:42GumballTransformerFan:

  • rubs ears* does that feel good?

· 10:43PhazonGumball123: Yeah.

· 10:43GumballTransformerFan: Lays back on grass*


  • lets out breath*

· 10:43PhazonGumball123:

  • lays with Jarod*

· 10:44GumballTransformerFan: Puts arm around her

· You're really pretty you know that?

· 10:45PhazonGumball123: Aww, Thanks, Jarod. I really don't care much for looks, though.

· 10:46GumballTransformerFan: Are you kidding? You don't even try and yet you're prettier than Rarity.

· 10:46PhazonGumball123:

  • blushes*

· 10:47GumballTransformerFan: leans in closer* *eyes meet* You are so beautiful.

· 10:48PhazonGumball123:

  • leans in*

· 10:48GumballTransformerFan:

  • lips connect*

· 10:49PhazonGumball123:

  • Tongue touches Jarod*

· 10:49GumballTransformerFan:

  • makes out for a good 5 min.* *lips disconnect*

· 10:50PhazonGumball123:

  • moans a little*

· 10:50GumballTransformerFan: What's wrong Twi?

· 10:50PhazonGumball123: Oh, nothing...

· 10:51GumballTransformerFan: You look sad, it's such a beautiful night, c’mon what's wrong?

· 10:52PhazonGumball123: Oh, it's just that...I haven't ever had a Stallion friend before.

· 10:53GumballTransformerFan: Well maybe they don't see you for your true beauty. They just care what you look like on the outside.

· 10:53PhazonGumball123: Oh, thank you. You’re so kind.

· 10:54GumballTransformerFan: I'm more than that.


  • leans in and kisses Twilight again*

· 10:55PhazonGumball123:

  • inserts tongue into Jarod's mouth*

· 10:56GumballTransformerFan:

  • tongue kisses for a while*

· 10:56PhazonGumball123:

  • moans against Jarod's mouth*

· 10:56GumballTransformerFan: Are you getting turned on Twi?

· 10:56PhazonGumball123: You know I am.

· 10:57GumballTransformerFan:

  • smiles* How about we take this to your house?

· 10:57PhazonGumball123: Yes.

· 10:57GumballTransformerFan:

  • walks to Twi's house*

· Is Spike asleep?

· 10:58PhazonGumball123: I think so.


· 10:58GumballTransformerFan: Good *closes door*

· 10:58PhazonGumball123(ignore that link)

· 10:58GumballTransformerFan: k

· Where is Spike?

· 11:00PhazonGumball123: Oh, I guess he's just at another pony's house, resting.

· He likes to sleep everywhere, for some reason.

· 11:01GumballTransformerFan: Yeah. So where were we? *picks up Twi*


  • puts her on her bed*

· 11:03PhazonGumball123:

  • proceeds to take off Jarod's pants*


  • proceeds

· 11:03GumballTransformerFan:

  • takes off clothes until underwear is left*

· 11:04PhazonGumball123(strange, Ponies are cloth less.)

· 11:04GumballTransformerFan(umm you were a human not a pony right?)

· 11:05PhazonGumball123( I am acting as twi, correct?)

· (Yes, I am in Human form)

· (you were playing as me, correct?)

· 11:05GumballTransformerFan(you are Twi)


· yes i mean

· 11:06PhazonGumball123( I know, Let’s just continue.)

· 11:07GumballTransformerFan:

  • takes off underwear* lays next to Twi*

· 11:08PhazonGumball123:

  • proceeds to lay upon Jarod*

· 11:08GumballTransformerFan: I love you Twilight.

· 11:08PhazonGumball123: I love you too.

· 11:09GumballTransformerFan:

  • begins to have sex*

· 11:09PhazonGumball123:

  • moans*

· 11:10GumballTransformerFan: awwWWWWW!!!!! YES!!!!! (I feel dirty but awesome)

· 11:10PhazonGumball123: (INDEED.) Yes, rut me! rut me harder!

· 11:10GumballTransformerFan: AWWWWWW!!!!!! *fucks twilight even harder*

· 11:11PhazonGumball123:

  • moans*

· 11:11GumballTransformerFan: I'll slow down Twi, if that's ok with you.

· 11:12PhazonGumball123: Okay, that is fine with me.

· 11:12GumballTransformerFan:

  • starts to slow down, but continues to have sex*

· 11:13PhazonGumball123(me gusta)

· 11:13GumballTransformerFan(hehehe.......son of a bitch am I getting hard from this? Yes.)

· 11:14PhazonGumball123( Me? no, believe it or not.)

· 11:15GumballTransformerFan(ok back to the story)

· 11:15PhazonGumball123( Indeed.)

· 11:15GumballTransformerFan:

  • gets off Twi* Are you ok?

· 11:15PhazonGumball123: Yeah, just fine.

· 11:16GumballTransformerFan: You look strange, like you're sick.

· 11:16PhazonGumball123: Why would you say that?

· ( I'm confused now.)

· 11:16GumballTransformerFan: Your eyes are glowing.

· 11:17PhazonGumball123: Yes, that happens when I get near you. I feel all... melty inside. *blushes*

· 11:17GumballTransformerFan:

  • smiles slightly* So do I. *lays next to Twi, and kisses her*

· 11:18PhazonGumball123:

  • kisses back*

· 11:18GumballTransformerFan: Shall we continue?


  • lays on Twi*

· 11:19PhazonGumball123: Yes, quite.


  • helps with humping*

· 11:20GumballTransformerFan:

  • starts to sweat, but continues to fuck, harder, harder*

· 11:21PhazonGumball123:

  • starts to sweat also*

· 11:22GumballTransformerFan: Twi, I'm going to CUM!!!! AWWW!!!!

· 11:22PhazonGumball123: I think I am too!


  • Magic starts to float us in mid-air*

· 11:23GumballTransformerFan: AWWWWW!!!!! *breathing harder* what the?!?!

· 11:24PhazonGumball123:

  • eyes are a snow white color*

· 11:25GumballTransformerFan: HERE IT COMES!!!! *splurts sperm into Twi*

· 11:25PhazonGumball123(splurts LOL)


  • moans in pleasure*

· 11:26GumballTransformerFan(I feel very dirty, WHO CARES?!)

· 11:26PhazonGumball123( IKR?)

· ( I watched the Clopfic of My little dhasie.


  • dashie)

· 11:27GumballTransformerFan:

  • floats down onto bed* My god Twi, you're incredible.

· (there was one?)

· 11:27PhazonGumball123:

  • blushes* thanks.

· ( yes, there was. Look it up, made me hard.)

· 11:28GumballTransformerFan: (umm ok later guess) *lays on side of bed*

· 11:28PhazonGumball123:

  • lays with Jarod*

· 11:30GumballTransformerFan: I love you so much Twi.

· 11:30PhazonGumball123: I love you too, Jarod.

· 11:31GumballTransformerFan:

  • hears door downstairs opening* Oh no!

· 11:31PhazonGumball123: Oh geez!

· (what do we do now?)

· 11:32GumballTransformerFan: I got to hide somewhere Twi!!

· 11:32PhazonGumball123: Hide here! *shows closet*

· 11:33GumballTransformerFan:

  • puts pants on* hops in closet*

· 11:33PhazonGumball123: Good. Now stay silent.

· 11:34GumballTransformerFan: Ok *spike shows up* Hey Twilight. Why are you still up?

· 11:34PhazonGumball123: Yeah... *acts sleepy*

· 11:34GumballTransformerFan: Umm Ok Twilight I'll just go to bed I guess.


  • lays in little bed*

· 11:35PhazonGumball123: do that...

· 11:35GumballTransformerFan:

  • spike falls asleep fast*

· 11:36PhazonGumball123:

  • whispers to self, Good.*

· 11:36GumballTransformerFan: Opens closet slowly*


  • steps out*

· 11:37PhazonGumball123: You ready?

· 11:38GumballTransformerFan: Umm for what Twi?

· 11:39PhazonGumball123: You know what I’m talking about... *gives devilish grin*

· 11:39GumballTransformerFan: Ummm no I don't Twi, show me.

· 11:40PhazonGumball123: What we did last night.

· 11:40GumballTransformerFan: Oh now I know.

· 11:40PhazonGumball123: Hmm. Let’s get started then.

· 11:41GumballTransformerFan(seriously I forgot what it was)

· 11:41PhazonGumball123(you serious?)

· 11:42GumballTransformerFan(yep I can't remember)

· 11:42PhazonGumball123(NOW IM CONFUSED)

· 11:42GumballTransformerFan(just inform me what it was)

· 11:43PhazonGumball123(look at the above comments. On PM.)

· 11:44GumballTransformerFanOK

· Will do

· 11:44PhazonGumball123There you go XD

· ( I have twi as my lock screen.)

· 11:46GumballTransformerFan: (nice) *grabs Twilight, takes her downstairs*

· 11:46PhazonGumball123(indeed.)

· 11:47GumballTransformerFan:

  • puts Twi on couch, sits next to her, rubs her mane*

· 11:47PhazonGumball123:

  • perks ears back in pleasure*

· 11:48GumballTransformerFan:

  • gets close to Twi, rubs her chest and back)

· 11:49PhazonGumball123: oooohh...

· That feels... so good...

· 11:49GumballTransformerFan: Shhh.. you got to be a little quieter Twi, Spike'll hear.

· 11:49PhazonGumball123: Oh, sorry.

· 11:50GumballTransformerFan: Good *continues to rub body and hind legs*

· 11:51PhazonGumball123:

  • Covers mouth with hooves to block moans*

· 11:51GumballTransformerFan: Easy Twi, don't make noise. *rubs her flank*

· 11:51PhazonGumball123: Awww yeah... right there...

· 11:52GumballTransformerFan: Rubs her (oh god here it comes) pussy.

· 11:53PhazonGumball123(you hard again? lol)


  • moans, covers mouth with hooves*

· 11:54GumballTransformerFan: (INCREDIBRY HARD) Twi, don't freak out now.

· 11:55PhazonGumball123: (XD still not for me, strange.) oooh, no. it’s just... aaahh...

· 11:56GumballTransformerFan: (this is getting hot, but got to rap it up soon) Just stay calm now *lays Twi down*

· 11:56PhazonGumball123: ( why we gotta rap it up soon?) Okay, okay.


  • breathing regulates*

· 11:57GumballTransformerFan: (I gotta get to bed, but not for a while now) *places finger in Twilight's vagina*

· 11:57PhazonGumball123: (oh, okay.) *moans*

· 11:58GumballTransformerFan: Does that feel good Twi? *smiles*

· 11:58PhazonGumball123: (I CAN STAY UP ALL I WANT) Oooohh, yes it does...

· 11:59GumballTransformerFan: (Lucky Bastard) Then this will feel even better.

· 12:00PhazonGumball123: (Indeed. almost 2 am where I am.) Ooh?

· And what would that be?

· 12:00GumballTransformerFan:

  • smiles* just watch

· 12:01PhazonGumball123: Okay...

· 12:01GumballTransformerFan:

  • starts to lick her vagina*

· 12:01PhazonGumball123:

  • moans*

· 12:02GumballTransformerFan:

  • moves up to kiss Twi, while still fingering her*

· 12:02PhazonGumball123:

  • climaxes, kisses*

· ( I am such a good clopfic RPer.)

· 12:03GumballTransformerFan: (Indeed)


  • hears muffling upstairs*

· 12:04PhazonGumball123( and I like that, and you know what? it isnt me thats doing all this, it's YOU know.)


  • you now,

· 12:04GumballTransformerFan: (yep, I did pretty good)

· Twi, Spike is waking up, I got to go.

· 12:05PhazonGumball123: Okay. You do that, quick.

· 12:06GumballTransformerFan:

  • kisses Twi goodbye* I'll see you in the morning.

· 12:06PhazonGumball123: Okay, Love you lots!

· 12:07GumballTransformerFan:

  • opens door* I love you too Twilight Sparkle.

· 12:07PhazonGumball123: Love you more!

· 12:07GumballTransformerFan:

  • shuts door* THE END

Ignore the side conversations and this is would be a good clopfic.