She was as graceful as ever. With every throw, every graceful swing she made his love grow for her. All he ever
Megurine Luka "Circus Monster" Original Song04:56

Megurine Luka "Circus Monster" Original Song

This song is sort of what inspired me

 wanted was her. But with the way he was, the way he looked, acted, and was treated, it was nearly impossible for them to be together. However, if there is even a speck of hope, one sliver, it can find a way to grow ever larger until the thing you hope for comes to fruition. With hope, there is life.    

     Anyhow, I suppose its about time to clear things up, and explain who is who and what is going on. This is the story of a boy. A boy who no one ever took the time to love and care, yet there was a reason for this. He wasn't like other children. He didn't look like, act, or seem like the other children.                    

    This boy was born with a pair of striped green horns, abnormal blue hair, and a set of fangs that gave him a nasty overbite. When his mother gave birth to him, she called him a demon, and refused to care for him. His first few years of life were spent with her, a life full of abuse and discrimination. He wasn't even given a name, though in his first few years of life he began to believe his name was Freak or Demon on account of the villagers constantly calling him that. She let the other children kick him, hit him, and bully him. She let the adults call him a demon, and hurt him. After a few years, he, like anyone else would have, grew fed up and ran away.        

     Since he had to fend for himself before he even left his home due to his mothers neglection, he did quite well by himself. He always wore a cloak, black as midnight in order to hide his hideous features. Still, he held no joys in life. That was until he discovered the Circus.        

     He simply loved the circus. He'd sneak into the tent and watch the show. There was only one circus he'd go to, however. It's name was "Noah's Ark." One of his favorite acts was the "Freak Show." He quite hated the name, actually, due to the fact that freak was a word he had heard multiple times within his painful childhood. But the people in this act, they were like him. They were loved for their deformities, their twisted looks, not shunned like he had been.          

      One day, after a show, he snuck back out of the tent and was greeted by the sound of a beautiful flute. Against his better judgement, he ventured to find the source of this music. After a small venture through the trees, he found the source.        

    There sat a girl, a few years older than him, by the looks of it. She was playing a flute, her fingers gracefully flying back and forth across the instrument. He was enchanted by both her beauty and the music that was nearly as beautiful as her. She looked up from her flute and stopped playing. A look of confusion came upon her face.      

      "O-oh, don't stop on account of me. keep playing, please, I.... like it." The boy said, keeping his voice quiet. She smiled and continued playing. He found comfort in her music, almost like it gave him the love he never had.        Once the song had ended, they spoke. "Why don't you take off that cloak? its summer, you must be burning up!" He simply shook his head. Suddenly, she raised her arms and lowered the hood. He protested and tried to put the hood back up before she noticed, but it was too late.          

    He expected her to scream, shout, hit him, run away, anything such as that. But instead, she simply sat there, and examined him with a glint of curiousity in her eyes. She then smiled and grabbed his hand. He blushed rather hard. 

      "Come with me, I want you to meet somebody!" He hesitated for a moment, but then decided (again, against his better judgement) to come with the girl. They ventured back through the trees the way he had come. Soon enough, they were back at the circus tent.        

       The girl was let into the circus without a ticket. She simply waved to the ticket taker and walked in. As soon as they entered, the Ringmaster, (who was surely the tallest man the boy had ever seen) turned at the sound of them coming in. The boy got frightened and hid behind the seats.       

      "Ah, Aerow, welcome back!" He boomed with his loud voice. She smiled and waved at him.      

        "Mr. Ringmaster, I have something to show you!" She announced. She gestured for the boy to come out, and he obediently obeyed (something his mother had forced him to do). He came out, with his hood pulled all the way down to cover his face.     

        "Well?" The girl whispered. She coaxed him into lowering his hood, revealing his features. Upon this discovery, the RingMaster smiled, instead of recoiling in horror (which is what the boy had expected). He slowly approached the boy, examining him.        

         He felt the horns and fangs, and caressed his beautiful blue hair. Once he had finished his examination, he smiled and spoke again to the girl named Aerow.      

        "You've got quite the find here! Nice going Aerow, I've taught you well." The boy cocked his head in confusion. He wasn’t sure if he was supposed to he scared, happy, or angry.         

            The Ringmaster suddenly swung his head and gave a long, crooked smile. Though it was a crooked smile, the boy could tell it was a sincere one, meant to show that he cared (he knew so well because he rarely got smiles and cherished every one he got) He spoke with his creaky voice and said "Welcome to the family."        

      The boy opened his mouth in surprise and looked back and forth, not knowing what to think. Family. He'd heard the word before, and quite liked it actually, but never experienced this so called "Family." He had always wanted one. He nodded and let go of a little smile.     

        "So, have you got a name?" The Ringmaster asked. The boy shook his head and frowned a bit. "Well, if you're going to be a part of this family, you’re going to need a name." The boy looked down, not knowing how to respond as the Ringmaster rubbed his chin, deep in thought. "Your name from now on shall be Abarden.” He smiled at that. That name sounded much better than Freak.

     'Author's Notes: 'Well, I'm not sure if I like this one, and I'm not sure where I want the story to go, but yeah I figured I haven't written anything in a while so I just decided on this. Sorry I made the prologue-y part WAYYYYYY too long ;A;

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