Long ago there existed evil across the reaches of space and time. Of them all, one thing remained unchanged... they were all defeated by the respective heroes of their respective time periods, and trapped in dimensions separate from ours. But 1106 years after the birth of Christ, something awoke three of the greatest evils of all: Loki, the Czar of Mischief; Hades, the Lord of Fear; and Satan, Prince of Evil, and the King of Darkness. The Archangel Michael managed to defeat these demons and cast them into the mortal realm, trapped in human bodies. This feat, however, came with a price: Micheal's spirit was trapped in the land named Earth in the form of a large crystal. This was 17 years ago. The three evils trapped on Earth are rising in power, and only the one chosen can defeat the demons, and restore Michael to his former glory.


It was midday when he arrived. A young boy carrying a torn sack and an old journal. His hair black and curly, his appearance was that of what some would perceive as handsome. The boy let out a sigh as he reached the city gates. A middle-aged man dressed in shiny clothing couldn't help but notice the black dragon on the boy's left hand. This was a symbol of Satan.

"Hey!" the man yelled out grabbing the boy's hand. "Look! Look! Look at his hand! It bears a black dragon. He must be Satan!"

"What, I-" the boy cried in a low voice.

"Burn him at the stake!" the man yelled to the approaching mob.

"WAIT!" yelled a voice. A bearded man in his mid-thirties runs over to the mob with an old man.

"Uncle!" the boy yelled as he hugged the old man.

"Charles! I, uh..." said the man.

"Save it, Koli." the bearded man snapped. "Don't you folks remember! This marking doesn't mean he's the devil, it means he's the Chosen!. The one who will free Michael! The person meant to defeat the three demons!"

"Come, my boy, we'll explain in my hut." the Uncle said as he walked the boy into a wooden hut with the bearded man.

The three men sit at a round table and drink from the three wine glasses positioned on the table.

"Uncle, what does he mean? About the demons?" the boy inquired.

The uncle sighed. "Seventeen."


"It was seventeen years ago when Mary found you in the woods. You looked like you fell from the sky, but you weren't crying. You were just staring blankly at her. You had the same marking on your hand. She brought you home to her husband, and raised you as her own. It was a year before her husband finally convinced her to consult an elder. That's when she found me. I explained that the marking was one of the six hundred and sixty six markings of Satan, and that I read in old scrolls that it meant you were the one to revive Michael."

"That's where I come in." interrupted the bearded man. "My name is Charles. I am, well, was one of the greatest adventurers in all of the known earth. I was meeting with your uncle Mallard today when I heard the commotion outside. I will assist you in your adventures, young one."

"Yes," Mallard added. "We are to take you to Michael in the cathedral basement. He fell from the sky and crashed through the cathedral around the same time you were discovered. Come."

The men exited the hut and headed to the Churchhelm Cathedral. The walked down set of wooden stairs and approached a violet colored crystal.

"Michael, he is here." Charles exclaims.

"Yes...yes...does he bear the symbol of the beast?"

"Yes." Charles confirms. "Touch the crystal, young one."

The boy cautiously approaches the crystal and lays his hand on it.

"Yes. His power is tremendous. He must be the one"

A large, old sword with a broken handle rises from the crystal.

"Take up the sword."

The boy grabs the sword and lifts it from the rock. The sword reshapes into a sleeker, smaller sword.

"The sword has reformed to fit it's mortal owner. You must use the sword to kill Loki, Hades, and their minions and absorb their essence. Only then will the sword be strong enough to strike down Satan. You must first travel to Asia to defeat the first of Loki's minions, Grunk. Return his horn to me and I shall present you with your next task."

"I'll go with you!" yelled a man as he descended the stairs. "I am Tarrok. I am a demon hunter. I travel the lands cleansing the world of the demon filth. I will help you kill Loki."

"Very well. You, Charles and Tarrok shall travel to Asia by sundown"

And with that, our valiate heroes are on their way. Who knows what perils awaits them. Until next time.


Chapter 1Edit

"We've reached land!" cried the ship's navigator.

The heroes groaned as they stretched and walked on deck. It had been three months and it was a tedious journey.

"Gentlemen, welcome to Sīchóu zhī chéng, the city of silk." Tarrok cried as he walked onto the ports.

"I take it you have been here once on you travels?" Charles commented.

"Yes, the Emporer Huizong is a kind man, wonderful artist." Tarrok added.

"There's no time for memories..." the Young Hero silently remarked. "We need to find Grunk. Wherever he may be."

"Greetings!" cried a Chinese man in Middle English. "You must be the men my messenger promised. I am called Nobleman by your kingdom and Guìzú by mine. I am the current leader of Sīchóu zhī chéng."

"Greetings, Guìzú. I am Charles. These men are Tarrok and the fabled Chosen."

"What happened to the original trade leader?" Tarrok questioned.

"Japanese shinobi raided his home and slaughtered him and his family. I was his younger brother, so I ascended his role." Guìzú answered.

"King Henry says you'll be able provide us shelter during our search for Grunk." the boy noted.

"Ah, yes, yes, come this way." Guìzú replied. "My men shall lead you to your resting place."

Guìzú lead the three heroes to a long building and into individual rooms. The boy takes out his journal and begins to write, and then goes to rest.

A loud scream awakens the boy. He peers through his cracked door and observes as Chinese warriors force people out of there rooms.

"No! No! What are you doing!" the ship's navigator cried.

"Shut up, you invading filth!" Guìzú yelled as he bashed the man's head with a spiked club.

The boy watched intently as more members of the ship's crew were yanked out of their rooms and slaughtered by Guìzú and his men.

"Kill them! Kill every single one of them!" Guìzú yelled to his men. The boy knew it was only a matter of time before he was next.

The boy grabbed Michael's sword and rushed out the door, killing five of Guìzú men and saving four members of the crew, before being overwhelmed.

"Well, well, well." Guìzú proudly exclaimed. "For the almighty Chosen, as they claim you are, you sure are weak." Two of Guìzú's men beat the boy until he spit up blood.

"Ugh...what do you want with us?" the boy questioned weakly.

"Your blood splattered on the wall" Guìzú responded. "The great spirit Grunk has told us of your plan to kill us all and take all of our silk. My men are already attacking your homeland as we speak."

"And you believe the servant to a trickster god?" the boy said skeptically. "Such a foolish act."

"Don't you dare speak to me of foolishness!" Guìzú yelled angrily as he smacked the boy. "You have just sealed your fate, boy. Tear him apart."

"No!" Charles yelled as he shoots the men holding the boy with a crossbow and crosses swords with Guìzú. Tarrok brings the boy to his feet as they run from the building, Charles following behind after kicking Guìzú to the floor.

"So much for a noble man." Tarrok commented as they ran full tilt into an army of men at the ship ports.

One of the men yells in Middle Chinese before noticing English ships closing in from a nearby colony.

A large wall of smoke arises between the army and the three heroes.

"Over here." yelled a voice in the distance. The men follow the voice into a woodland area.

Who's voice did our heroes hear? Was England really planning to destroy Sīchóu zhī chéng? Will the arriving English troops be destroyed by Guìzú's army? These questions shall remain a mystery. Until next time.

Chapter 2Edit

The three men dove into a cave hidden in a shroud of bushes in pursuit of the mysterious voice. The men listened to the warriors' footsteps as they ran clear past the cave into the surrounding forest.

"Hello?" Charles whispered into the dark chasm.

Before they could take their next breaths, they were ambushed and subdued by ninjas clothed in yellow.

"Stand down!" yelled a voice. Another ninja, dressed in yellow, carrying a sheathed Katana, walks out of the darkness.

"Hello there, my name is Mekakiaririkameito Meikitatakikarinari. You can call me Meka Meiki." The Ninja announced. "I shall assist you in defeat Guizu."

"Assist us? Guizu said you and your people killed the trade leader!" Tarrok snapped back.

"That was not us. Guizu framed us to ascend to the throne. If it were truly us, you would not know we were there." Meka answered. "Because of Guizu's lies my home was destroyed by his warriors. I have come to seek vengeance for my family."

"Where have you learned our language?" Charles questioned.

"This is not my first visit to this land." Meka responded. "I have learned many thing in my time."

"How can we trust you?" The boy said silently.

"Because if we wanted to kill you, you would already be dead." Meka replied.

The shinobi released the boy and his allies from their grip.

"Alright, I'll trust you, for now," the boy confirmed. "But if you think once about double crossing us, your head shall be the first to come off."

"Such strong threats, for an untrained boy." Meka acknowledged as he grinned.

"Come on men, we have a war to prevent, and a fight to finish." Meka yelled confidently to his men.

Our heroes have gained a new ally in their war against Satan. But will Meka and his fellow shinobi be able to stop Grunk from starting a war? Until next time...

Chapter 3Edit

As Meka and his men held off Guizu's forces, the three heroes rushed up the mountain. As they reached the top they were greeted by a familiar foe.

"Ha ha ha." Guizu mocked. "To think I went through all of this trouble, and my shinobi lead you right into my trap."

The Young Boy directed his attention towards Meka. He and his men fought of the warriors valiantly, many dying by the hand of a blade.

The Young Boy turned back to Guizu, unconvinced by his deceit.

"Great spirit Grunk, grant me your power so I can destroy these beings" Guizu yelled to the heavens.


All four men were visibly shaken by the voice. A large, shadowy, winged figure rose behind Guizu.

Guizu turned. "Grunk, great spirit, how have I offended you?"

You haven't. You've done everything I needed you to.

The figure grabbed Guizu and pulled him into the darkness. The men watched in horror as Guizu's shadowy figure is torn in half and swallowed.


The figure exits the darkness to be revealed to be the horned, winged demon slave of Loki of Asgard, Grunk.

English warriors burn down the City of Silk behind them as the three men prepared to fight. Tarrok runs around Grunk and memorizes what he sees.

"Charles, get behind it!" Tarrok commanded. "Kid, stay still. When I tell you to, jump!"

Charles slides past Grunk, narrowly missing his giant clawed hand. Tarrok jumps onto Grunk and begins to stab him.

"Charles shoot it in the wing and hop on!"

Charles fires three arrows into it's right wing and jumps on his foot. He starts trying to fly away.

"Kid, now!"

The boy jumps and Tarrok grabs his hand. Grunk begins to fly.

"Charles shoot it again!"

Charles shoots 5 more arrows and tear it's wing. Grunk begins to fall. Tarrok throws the boy up to Grunk's head as he falls past the hill. Charles jumps off. The boy lands in Grunk's mouth and slides down his throat with Michael's sword. Grunk hits a mesa and rolls over. Tarrok jumps off the chest before being crushed.

Blood pours from Grunk's mouth as the boy falls out. A great fire consumes Grunk, leaving only his horn, which then shrinks. Michael's sword absorbs the horn, sending half of the power to Michael, and half to it's self.

Upon witnessing Grunk's fall, Guizu and Henry's men retreat.

"Thank you for your help Meka, it means a lot." Tarrok thanked the shinobi.

"Our fight is not yet over, my friend. We shall help you until death prohibits." Meka responded. "We shall take you to a sacred shine near. Your archangel should be able to contact us there."

The fight is over. A war has been prevented and Grunk is dead. But their adventures have only just begun, and what will happen next may shock everyone. Until next time...

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