Stroke 9 - Little Black Backpack (With Lyrics!)04:26

Stroke 9 - Little Black Backpack (With Lyrics!)


My part of an art trade with RainyyIsSpooky.

CecLos: Little Black BackpackEdit

Carlos sighed as he looked upon the stationhouse. He knew that this moment would possibly be the the hardest thing in his life.

He was leaving Night Vale.

As much as it hurt him to do it, he had to go somewhere else with better pay. It was getting hard to pay for his laboratory. The work was too scary, and slients in the small town were too short of which to pay the bills.

He had come to say goodbye to his friend Cecil for now. He would be back when he could fund his research here.

He dragged his little black roller backpack behind him, going into the nearly quiet radio station.

"And that's all we have for this afternoon, my good people. Tune in later today for more news. Thank you, and good day, Night Vale," Carlos walked in just as he was signing off. Upon seeing Carlos, he instantly smiled and took off his headset, shutting off his microphone.

Cecil looked up at his friend with a smile, but upon seeing Carlos's serious and sad expression, his smile dropped. "Carlos? What's wrong?" Then he saw Carlos's backpack.

"I'm leaving Night Vale,"  Carlos said.

Cecil looked at Carlos's face for any signs that this was just some sort of sick joke, but Carlos wasn't joking.

"What? B-but why?!" Cecil nearly hollered, his eyes welling up with tears.

"I can't afford my lab here, and I can't handle all the monsters," Carlos said ashamedly.

"No! You don't have to leave!" Cecil's eyes overflowed and tears poured down his cheeks.


Cecil didn't let him finish. He lept forward and grabbed the backpack out of Carlos's hand, lifting it high over his head.

"Cecil, give it back!" Carlos hollered, shoving him into the wall and holding him there, his eyes flashing with anger.

"No way! You can't leave, Carlos! I love you!" Cecil blurted. He blushed and pursed his lips as soon as the words left his mouth.

"Cecil..." Carlos's eyes softened. Then he leaned forward and closed his lips over Cecil's, closing his eyes and holding him.

Cecil dropped the little black backpack and kicked it into the wall, guarding it with his foot. He let his eyes eyes close as his hand moved to cradle the back of his neck.Carlos pulled them away from the wall, keeping Cecil close. He didn't want to ever let go. Cecil's other hand rubbed his cheek, tears that had fallen from the both of them quickly drying.

Cecil loved Carlos. And Carlos loved him back.

Yes, Carlos would be leaving, but there was still a chance he would come back. And they had the telephone and letters and postcards to talk. When Carlos had the money, he would return to Night Vale. Then they could be together again.

Although, as much as he loved him, Cecil hoped Carlos didn't expect to get his little black backpack back.

At least, not for a few hours.


Author's Note: Here you go, Ayla! Sorry if it's short, but I really hope you like. I had to do a little research for this.

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