Captain America, Spider-Man and Deadpool vs Batman, Superman and Deathstroke

Note: I made up Despair, the location where Deadpool and Deathstroke fight.

Spider-Man chased The Hobgoblin in Brooklyn. The Hobgoblin threw a Pumpkin. The web-slinger detonated it and held it. The Hobgoblin's Glider speed increased. Spider-Man jumped on it. The Hobgoblin kicked Spider-Man into the streets below. Captain America threw his shield at Hobgoblin. Deadpool looked on.

Captain America's shield sliced the Glider in half. Hobgoblin jumped on the roof of the Avengers' Mansion. Captain America was a Avenger himself, and kicked the Hobgoblin.

Hobgoblin repaired the Glider and zoomed away. Red Skull appeared behind Captain America. Captain America realized that the villain held the Cosmic Cube. The hero backed away. The Cosmic Cube glowed.

Superman and Batman were in a cruiser. Superman got out and flew to Green Lantern, Corps. The station shimmered. It was the planet, Krypton. Deathstroke was in his cruiser. Bizarro appeared holding Green Kryptonite. Superman held Blue Kryptonite, Bizarro's weakness. Bizarro and Superman charged at each other. The two crystals of Kryptonite touched. It happened.

Red Skull made the Cosmic Cube glow.' Its glow was blinding. Red Skull escaped. The Cosmic Cube opened a portal. The Blue and Green Kryptonite opened a portal.

Batman, Superman, and Deathstroke were all transported away. Spider-Man, Captain America were all transported away. The portals split. Batman and Captain America were transported to Gotham City. Spider-Man and Superman were transported to Manhattan. Deadpool and Deathstroke were transported to a gloomy world, Despair.

Batman looked at Captain America. Batman said" I live here, what are you doing here?" Captain America looked around. Batman said" I am talking to you, Mr. America" Captain America said" What was that?" Batman said" You heard me! " Captain America shoved Batman. Batman kicked Captain America. Captain America threw his shield at Batman. Batman fell. Captain America helped Batman up and shoved again. Batman tossed his grappling hook, it tore Captain America's suit. Captain America picked up Batman and kicked him. Batman fell off the building. Batman appeared behind Captain America. Batman punched Captain America. Captain America punched Batman. Captain America threw his shield. Batman was hit in the back by the shield. Captain America walked away. Batman's grappling hook impaled Captain America in the shoudler. Batman and Captain America walked away.

Spider-Man looked at Superman. Superman said" If you keep staring at----- Spider-Man interrupted and said" You are Superman, and I am Spider-Man" Superman said" Your point is? " Spider-Man whistled. Superman used his heat vision. Spider-Man dodged. Superman's heat vision was toasting the cement. Spider-Man appeared behind Superman. Spider-Man tapped Superman's shoulder. Superman turned around. The web-slinger was gone. Superman looked forward and saw Spider-Man looking at him. Superman started to use his cold breath. Spider-Man disappeared. Spider-Man thwipped ( Superman' eyes. Superman's heat vision burned through the web. Spider-Man thwipped Superman's hands and feet. Superman broke free and flew away.

Deadpool and Deathstroke looked at each other. Deathstroke said" I don't like you" Deadpool said" Neither do I" Deathstroke revealed his sword. Deadpool did the same. The two swords locked. Deathstroke's grip overpowered Deadpool's. Deadpool held his gun. Deathstroke's blade sliced Deadpool's bullets. Deathstroke chuckled. Deadpool kicked Deathstroke. Deathstroke twisted Deadpool's arm and held him to the ground. Deadpool broke free and shoved him. Deathstroke fell, and disappeared. Deadpool went after Deathstroke. Deadpool found himself back in New York City. Deathstroke must of went to back from where he came from.

Deadpool was back in New York City, with Captain America and Spider-Man.

Deathstroke was back in his cruiser, where he saw Superman and Batman.

Leave a comment below, to tell me what you think or who do you think who won.

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