You decide to be Boba Fett.

You are hired by Jabba the Hutt.



You are told to be follow Jabba the Hutt



You kill a Jedi, Do you take their lightsaber?

Of Course


You are hired by Darth Vader, What do you say?

Yes, You never say no to Darth Vader

You are after Han Solo. How do you go after him?

Go to Bespin, before he does

Track him

You capture Han Solo, and recieve credits

Go to Jabba's Palace

Go to Chalmun"s Cantina

Bossk tries to kill you.

Warn Bossk that you will hurt him

You fight Bossk, and defeat him

How: ____________________________

You go to Jabba's Palace, and how you are next to?


Jabba the Hutt

Han Solo is freed.

Have a tantrum.

Go to the Sarlaac Pit, to see your enemies die.

You fall in the Sarlaac

You have a tantrum

You text George Lucas to make you survive.

Finish the ending

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