• SweetieBotXLS


    June 21, 2015 by SweetieBotXLS

    Well I'm going back on this Wiki. It's been at least two years by now, but y'know I was feeling nostalgiac.

    I'd also like to apologize for my immaturity, I know lots of people have but I constantly have cringe attacks remembering stuff I said.

    I remember when I made a really terrible OC, it was an Alicorn OC and I gave the justification that "his/her wings didn't work"... The problem with that is that there's literally no point making an Alicorn OC if one of the parts doesn't matter anyway

    And I called it Epic Coffee. Two things wrong with that, that's a misusage of epic and also I didn't actually drink coffee. I occasionally have a mochachino but that's it. Also who the hell names their kid that?

    I honestly thought animation was superior to l…

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  • Blue Pant.

    please dont delete it. it still has sentimental value to me and others and we cant just destroy them. All the effort put into every piece of art in this place will be erased and i cant let that happen. I was given this position to help protect this wiki and i wont stand by and let it vanish into cyberspace. if you disagree do and think as you must but i am an admin here too and i deserve a vote

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  • PhazonGumball123


    January 6, 2014 by PhazonGumball123

    Masked has left, permamently. He doesn't want any more messages, since he wants nothing to do with me any more. He wants his prescence from here erased; none of his cps, no more Nightmoon, etc. He doesn't hate anyone, and is only mad at me. You leave him alone, He leaves us alone.

    Note: I was the one who first removed Masked, therefore, it being my fault that he has left.

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  • FantasyFanatic19

    Hello, members of the GTF and Phazon Wiki who are still active. I looked at Killer365's blog post 'Looking back' before I went to bed one night, and it inspired me to do this.

    I'm doing this as a memorial for all the friend's I've had on here. Those who are still active, those who have long since left, and those who I hope will come back.

    Yeah, yeah, I know I should have put PhazonGumball123 first, but I think that Killer should have the first mention because he's the one makes the design of this Wiki possible(and it was his e-mail address that made this Wiki a possibility). Without him, this Wiki would still probably look like a n00b's Wiki.

    PhazonGumball123 founded this Wiki so all of us could write stories to satisfy our own desires of wha…

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  • Killer365

    Looking back

    December 21, 2013 by Killer365

    I don't really know why I just decided to write this since it isn't directly 1 or 2 years since this wiki was founded and nothing special really goes on here. I just guess the reason I wrote this was bcause on TAWOG chat we were talking about the good times we've had in 2013 and 2012.

    This made me think of the great times we used to have here, when this wiki was active. When me, Masked, Blue, GTF, CF, Phazon, and Raven would all go onto chat and just have fun. That was truly a great and fun time wasn't it? Even though it's gone now and we rarely ever have users on chat it's still great because although everything may have changed we still have great memories.

    Anyway I just wanted to make a little list of all of the great moments we've had on…

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  • Blue Pant.

    Homo Superior Premise

    November 8, 2013 by Blue Pant.

    The year is 7159 AD. It's been 5000 years since the Great Magical Migration, where Magical beings and humans decided to live together in peace. Following this occasion, the calender was restarted with the Magical Calender, swapping BC and AD for BMM and AMM: Before and After the Magical Migration. After prolonged exposure to magic, Humans evolved into Homo Superiors, a smarter, more durable and strong human. But, that was the last of their contributions. 4700 AMM, a build-up of magical radiation marked Earth inhabitable. Hundreds of thousands of ships were built to evacuate to the colonies, 100 ships made it out. 300 years later, newly-promoted hybrid Master Sergeant Jacob Thompson has been assigned as the leader of the 67th Quadrant of th…

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  • RainyIsSpooky

    I've Returned

    October 20, 2013 by RainyIsSpooky

    ayyyyyy guys it's been forever like wow

    anyway if you've been here a while you might remember me, I used to be RainbowDerp99 (or Ayla)

    I hated that name so ye i changed it 

    ye I'm Ayla if you remember me (since I've been gone so long)

    so yeah i'm back and I'm gonna try to write more fanfics and be active and junk

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  • SweetieBotXLS

    As you know, I've been writing a series of strips called "Mr Owl And Friends". Me and my friend have worked our asses off doing at least 200 strips. I became really lazy and kept forgetting to post these 200 and something strips. Today I decided to scan it and... see for yourself.

    I have no idea how the quality turned so rotten. The first one (a.k.a the logo) looked pretty crap, but you could at least read it. I don't think it's the scanner's fault, because that one is high-quality and when it came onto the computer it looked fine, but when I posted it onto Deviantart it turned into crap on a stick. I'm hoping it's just an error because if this happens the next time, I'm going to move the strip to some other website or I might stop putting …

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  • SweetieBotXLS


    How All Bands Go To Hell (filler, humor article thing)

    The Coffee Shop At The Tip Of Pluto: Probably going to be my first "real" fic. It's about a man who finds out that all coffee shops are going to be demolished for economical purposes. The only coffee shop left is the one that has been hidden by NASA in order to avoid panic of alien invasions: The coffee shop at the tip of pluto. Desperate for coffee of any kind, the man finds out of this information, and realises that if he's ever going to have coffee ever again, he needs to get the coffee shop at the tip of pluto, even if it kills him. It's kind of like The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, except it's focused on coffee shops. 

    How Not To Break Alien Invasions To People: Sid…

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  • FantasyFanatic19

    Okay, so a lot's been happening since I've last edited on this Wiki.



    Third, SublimePie, SweetieBotXLS, Orionpagx, GumballTransformerFan, Killer365, BluePant., GET YOUR EVERLOVING ASSES BACK HERE. You think I forge…

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  • PhazonGumball123

    we're gonna try to get everyone back together

    yaknow, and also get smore users here

    so yah

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  • PhazonGumball123

    The final hour is upon us...

    Or me, at the least. I shall delete this wiki.

    It's a Spy, Your fanfiction is amazing. You should keep writing more. Practice makes perfect.

    To all else, your work and achievements shall not be forgotten.

    See you all around.

    This is Phazon, signing off.

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  • SweetieBotXLS

    Everybody's Dead

    June 24, 2013 by SweetieBotXLS

    It's gone.


    This wiki.

    It's fallen into the void.

    The inactive world run by nothing but braindead wiki contributors.

    As terrible as my fics were, I somewhat enjoyed making them.

    It's very sad seeing nothing for the wiki's future

    So feel free to go press some red buttons


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  • RainbowDerp99

    It's been quite a while my dears c: Sorry for not being on like at all lately, I've just been so so so busy with school, soccer, and what not. I promise during summer when I have free time I'll get on more. I've also been so unmotivated and uninspired to write fics uvu; I promise I'll start writing again as well. I'll also try to get on chat more too. So, yeah :3 I look forward to talking to everyone again, I've missed you all, every single one of you c: See you all soon~!

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  • PhazonGumball123

    ah need helpz

    April 24, 2013 by PhazonGumball123

    im outta ideas guise

    if you guise wanna make a suggestion on what i should type

    Post it here

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  • SublimePie

    No more fanfics...

    April 11, 2013 by SublimePie

    Yep, I don't know if anyone is reading this since the wiki's been really inactive lately, but I have to sadly announce that I'm no longer making fanfics, and maybe not coming onto this wiki as often, or maybe not all. You see, a lot of the fanfics I'm intrested in making is not of you guys tastes, resulting in it not being in read at all. So I think I'll do better on Fan/ Not to say I've had a great time on this wiki, you guys we're awesome (as always) and there was always great stories to come out of you. Even though I'm leaving, I still hope this wiki doesn't die, I had great chats here and it would be sad just to see it all gone. If this is really my last goodbye I'm going to give you guys one more thing, It's too late fo…

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  • SublimePie

    So, some of you may already know this but in a couple of months it's the wiki's anniversary (yay :D), the wiki was founded by Phazon on the 14th of May, and I thought considering it's the 1 year anniversary we could do some special, but I'm short for ideas, so this is why I'm asking you guys for ideas. Personally I think we should either do a group collaboration fic, a couple of short stories, or maybe even awards for the best fics this whole year, post your ideas in the comment section, I don't know how to finish a blog so heres a picture of Celestia booping to some beetz (ignore that red font :P)

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  • SweetieBotXLS

    Coming Back

    March 12, 2013 by SweetieBotXLS


    But no original fanfiction for a while. You'll have to wait for my ponification of Sleepy Hollow. 

    Plus, I wont be on as often either. And Vinyl Scratch Goes To The Rainbow Factory will never be finished.

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  • PhazonGumball123


    March 12, 2013 by PhazonGumball123

    Im getting tired of no fanfiction...


    Request anything.

    And I shall try to finish it ASAP.

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  • FantasyFanatic19

    This Wiki is becoming too inactive.

    Whenever I come on, I'm hoping to see new fanfiction ideas in action. However, our Wiki is becoming more like some Wikis who have run out of ideas and some of their pages are up to three days since they've last been edited, making that the most Recent Wikia Activity.

    I see people attempting to keep this Wiki active by editing old stories, but I'm sure everyone's craving some fresh meat on this Wiki.

    Please, guys, I know: Inspiration is hard to get, and you may come down with a bad case of Writer's Block. However, it is up to US to keep this Wiki active.

    We also need to bring back some of the Users, I'm missing a lot of people like SublimePie, SweetieBotXLS, Ermac27, Blue Pant., Killer365, and yes, even Gumba…

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  • GumballTransformerFan

    Here it is. More chapters will be posted soon enough.

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  • FantasyFanatic19

    Which Should Go On??

    February 21, 2013 by FantasyFanatic19

    I've been looking back at some of my old work, like Eye To Eye and some of my unfinished fictions. And I've been thinking, "What would happen if I merged my new series with my old one?"

    So(if the votes ring out) I will merge Understanding Secrets, Little World of Horrors, and Eye To Eye together, to continue the story behind the  events of the two stories, and to further expand my Slender-fanverse.

    Understanding Secrets(It will be merged with Eye To Eye for the new series.)

    Raven VS Slenderman: The Rematch(I can't think of any ideas for it. >.

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  • SublimePie

    No more MLP Fan Series

    February 16, 2013 by SublimePie

    Yep you read correctly, no more Fan Series, I have a number of reasons why I'm not doing it anymore. I feel like people don't like it anymore and have forgotten it, as much as I love the characters I don't have the inspiration to create anymore episodes, tis a shame as well because I planned everything, character development (like explaining why Blaze is pervy) and even a ending, but it's just not meant to be. But I don't want to leave it on such a big cliff hanger, so I decided to at least do the ending episode. If you're still intrested in my stories I'm writing a tradedy fic called Poisoned Bond that stars Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia, I may post it on this wiki one day but for now it's only FIMfiction. I'm sorry if you were l…

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  • SweetieBotXLS

    No More Fics

    February 6, 2013 by SweetieBotXLS



    Okay, I am still sort of making fics, but just these pointless short ones that I make just because i'm bored. See, i'm a writer for a new webseries called Buttletown, and that's taking up most of my time, due to regular episodes being 6-12 minutes, and i'm kind of slow on writing, so meh.

    Oh yeah, and school. Since i've moved to a new school, I don't have as much free time now. 

    I'm not saying that i'm leaving the wiki, I'm just saying that i'm not having much more actual fics. Sorry if you were looking forward to one of my works, i'm just too busy.

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  • FantasyFanatic19

    New Random Songs!!

    February 4, 2013 by FantasyFanatic19

    Hey, guys. I've been derping around on YouTube for a while now, and I found that some of the songs I did find go really well with my OCs and their stories!

    So, as a part of my stories(an extension or special feature of sorts), I'll be making song memes for characters and stories. Some of them will include:

    My Lullaby, Rayven feat. Her Insanity and The Collective (from The Lion King II: Simba's Pride)

    Let the Monster Rise, Rayven feat. her father (from Repo! The Genetic Opera)

    iNSaNiTY, Rayven feat. Noah/Firebrand (by Miki and KAITO)

    Not One of Us, The Collective feat. Kevin (from The Lion King II: Simba's Pride)

    Kidnap the Slender Man, Rayven feat. The Doughboys and her father (Kidnap the Sandy Claws, from The Nightmare Before Christmas)

    Poor Kev…

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  • SweetieBotXLS

    A New OC And Crap

    January 25, 2013 by SweetieBotXLS

    Yeah. Have no idea what i'm naming her. She's a Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant that's a serial killer or something. She's also the most insane member of The Rainbow Factory.


    NOTE: This is actually meant to be a bit like me, Epic Coffee's been recyled. 

    Don't come crying to me about that.

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  • SublimePie

    So, lately i've been getting into animating and I'll soon be getting Adobe Flash and a new supah dupah computah, so I decided to lay off MLP Fan Series for quite a while and actually work on something original and simple, which I've already thought up of and I'll be explaining right now.

    So basically, the series right now is just going to be called NEIL, a show about a little guy who just sits on his red chair and watches old shows/toons...and maybe MLP from time to time. Anyway, he somehow gets into wacky situations like facing off a Electric Company in a Kill Bill scene, or going on a drug trip while watching Powerpuff girls. Neil will not be voiced, so everything will be visual and if you want you can imagine what the characters are sayi…

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  • Masked Midnight X

    Alright, as a quick follow up to my prevoious blog posts, im just going to say straight off the bat, that I won't be on chat as often as I used to. Since im seeming to spend more time on my xbox then anything else at the moment, for other reasons, that...and because of school. I may drop in on chat to say hello or whatever, and if chat's dead and such, I will probably leave the chat for that remaning moment of the day.

    So, I hope to get on chat more often in the near future, but until then; it will be ever so often.

    Edit: I will be on, mostly on the weekends.

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  • FantasyFanatic19

    New Series!!

    January 14, 2013 by FantasyFanatic19

    OK, I have a couple of announcements that I want to make clear;

    Eye To Eye is cancelled, PERIOD. I can't figure out any new ideas on how to continue it from here, so it's done.

    I will be continuing Understanding Secrets for quite a while now. But expect chapters to be one every week or so.

    I will be attempting to ship now! Leave requests for shipping in the comments(GumballTransformerFan, SweetieBotXLS, and SublimePie excluded! >=((

    I will be taking art requests here! Please leave suggestions in the comments! Yes, I'm allowing from the excluded category above.

    • Eye To Eye: CANCELLED
    • Understanding Secrets: ONGOING
    • Shipping: ON GOING

    Status: OPEN

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  • SweetieBotXLS

    Top 10 Pony Fanfics

    January 14, 2013 by SweetieBotXLS

    Alright, considering that only one of the pony fanfics on this site is here, please be mature with your comments. Don't complain if your fic isn't on the list.

    I'll insert the links later. 

    Anyway, time to start this list.

    DISCLAIMER: I didn't write any of these fics and all rights go to the creators.

    This is a Pen Stroke fic, and Pen Stroke is one of my favorite fanfic writers. He does some of my favorite fanfics, and this is one of them. Celestia and Luna end up having a little too much moonshine, and then they get drunk off their flanks. Hilarity ensues. This fic is one of the more comedic (can't spell) Pen Stroke fics, and boy, does it bring a smile to my face. I do wish Pen Stroke could write more comedy fics, because this is amazing.


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  • SweetieBotXLS

    I remember that time.

    January 12, 2013 by SweetieBotXLS


    I remember when I used to play Club Penguin. Ah, the old days. 

    (Also, i'm a Homestuck fan. I've read Act One so far, it's pretty good.)

    DISCLAIMER: This is a fanfiction site, but OH WELL SCREW IT I can make pointless blogs and stuff. 


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  • SweetieBotXLS


    January 3, 2013 by SweetieBotXLS

    Alright, does anyone remember Anthropology, that fic about Lyra that I was planning?


    Now, before you get your guns and shoot me, here's a reason why:

    Anthropology WAS ALREADY A FIC THAT CREATED THE SONG. I didn't know that at the time, so sorry. BTW, read the fic here. It's probably the closet you'll get to reading the actual fic.


    Also, all my stuff will go on hiatus because of a vacation to a resort. (I might be able to use WiFi but it probably won't last long considering all the crap I do on the computer everyday)

    And, it really is my birthday tomorrow, anyway IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY HEARD IT TODA…

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  • RainbowDerp99

    Raven asked me to make this video for the series. It's the character's reacting to the world famous Meatspin. So, here it is~~ 

    The characters in order: 







    Characters(c) RavenWalker

    Music(c) Dead or Alive


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  • SublimePie

    So yeah, made a new OC, pretty sweet, she basically has my personality (not a girl BTW :P) and her name is Chocolate Swirl, I cant import it onto the blog for unknown reasons so you will just have to look at the picture gallery and hopefully you will see a brown pony with glasses :3 Im just wondering though what should i do with her? Should i put her in MLP Fan Series, should i just let her have a little cameo in the movie and comic? You guys can give your ideas on what to do with her if you wish...

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  • RainbowDerp99

    Tablet Drawings

    December 27, 2012 by RainbowDerp99

    First of all, yes I know this isn't an art site, it's a fanfic site. I'm sorry, its just, art is more my thing. Anyway, just wanted to show you guys some of my drawings since I got my tablet~ (Sorry the site is being derpy with my pictures, I'll post the rest soon)

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  • SweetieBotXLS

    oh look yay

    December 24, 2012 by SweetieBotXLS

    My stories that have no plot and were just a test for my writing skills are in the voting for featured fic over all the other great stories this month?

    I'm in the voting for featured contributor too?


    ~Hey, Hey Hey, Stay Out Of My Shed!

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  • SublimePie

    So some of you already know this, some of you dont, but i've become the new emoticon maker for this wiki (yay) I've already done a Blaze one (i need to work on it, a bit dirty) and a Pewdiepie one (better then the Blaze one) So yeh, basically i made this so you can request emoticons and shitz, i will be making a GTF and Phazon one (because well the wiki is named GTF and Phazon wiki) but besides that, thats all i wanted to say :3

    UPDATE: K, added a few emoticons, here is how to do them if you feel like testing them out





    (Slender) (Slendy) (Slenderman)

    (Phazon) (Jarod)

    emoticons that will be coming soon: GTF, MLP Fan Series Ponies, User emotes (me, Rayven, Masked, Sweetie, Rainbow ECT.),

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  • RainbowDerp99

    Well, I was bored last night and decided to sketch out my drawings for the blog. Keep in mind, these are only sketches and if I am chosen to do the art, I will make it much better than this. This is just for practice and such. So, yeah ^w^ I also wasn't sure what exactly I wanted her to look like, so I'll make her look more like Vinyl Scratch from now on. What can I say, I was tired -___-    

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  • RainbowDerp99

    New Poni OCs

    December 5, 2012 by RainbowDerp99

    So, I made some new pony OCs recently. I made me an actual ponysona (that looks like me) and I made another character. I think I'll make her Zephyr's sister. The first one, my ponysona, her name is (all I could think of at the

    moment XD) Anime Otaku. The other's name is Satin Ribbon.

    Her special talent is ribbons and bows and stuff xD I'm most likely gonna make her Zephyr's sister, and possibly even write a short fic about Zephyr's past and her sister :D

    (I've been practicing my ponehs lately ^w^)


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  • SweetieBotXLS


    December 3, 2012 by SweetieBotXLS

    Nevermind. I literally have no idea whether this was Raven's or not, I can't be sure. May need Raven to tell me before confirmation.

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  • SweetieBotXLS

    Is it true that Haunt is the real slender man game herp derp - SP


    Masked will be doing these. He also did the page image.

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  • SublimePie

    This is more of a request than fan art, but i still think its cool either way, i asked one of my wiki freinds if they could draw a picture of Blaze, she accepted this request and now here it is :D

    I would ask her to draw pictures of Grimshot, Phazon and many more, but alot of people are requesting her to draw their OC's so i dont want to pile up a hug amount of OC's on her, but either way, i thank her for this awesome pic and that is all for this section of the blog

    Now onto important things, I've nearly finished writing the MLP Fan Series episdoes 8-10, now all i need to know is what's next? Well i've planned three things, first thing? is that i create MLP Season 2 episode 1 which shall be animated and 8-bit, but it shall take me a long tim…

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  • Masked Midnight X


    November 13, 2012 by Masked Midnight X

    Hey guys, just wanted to give you an update, that I had just opened my very own wiki, involving the terrorifying truth of paranormal creatures and more!

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  • GumballTransformerFan

    I have decided to make a sequel to Fall of Equestria. But my fricken photoshop is acting weird and I REALLY need some help here!

    Please morph these two pictures together and I will acknowledge you on FIMfiction when the sequel comes out.

    The eyes have to be smaller and directly above Optimus' head. NO WORDS JUST THE EYES!!!

    Please help me and you will be acknowledged on FIMfiction when this is posted.

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  • GumballTransformerFan

    This kid asked me for something and I think you guys could help.

    Here is his comment:

    This is the best transformers crossover on this site!

    I'm sorta disappointed that there aren't many good transformers/marvel crossovers on here, I'd love to see more marvel crossover on this site though

    Seriously though this is the best well-written transformers crossover on the site, keep up the great job!

    Speaking of marvel though, would you be interested in writing a crossover? Or maybe know any authors that would like it? Cause the only ones on this site other than the wolverine one depict the mane 6 as the marvel heroes, and I feel like that a bit over done.

    All in all, I would absolutely love to see more of your work, and definitely keep writing more Fics …

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  • SweetieBotXLS

    Our beloved tale of our unicorn (now an alicorn) is going on hiatus. Why? Because of School, Homework, Swimming class, math tutoring and some other crap. So after a two week hiatus the story will have 2 bits each week. Well, until summer break comes e.g 8 weeks.

    Why can't i do Vinyl this week or next week? I feel like doing something else. It's a good story and i know i should continue but i want to make better things.

    Some good things will come out of this hiatus. 2 weeks gives me more time to think of things so the story can be improved and it can get even better. It also gives me time to think of ideas for other fics. What Went Wrong is coming soon so that should be a bonus.

    I'll be able to do a couple of comments here and there but i'm ve…

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  • Masked Midnight X

    Quick Question.

    September 21, 2012 by Masked Midnight X

    Just being curious, should I stop creepypasta's?

    Well, since nobody really reads them THAT much, and since It's kinda pointless to create something nobody reads..should I just stop?

    Im cool, if you guys want me to stop...since...I feel that the whole creepypasta thing is old anyway..

    Well let me know down in the comments below about this..Let ME know what you think.

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  • Killer365


    September 16, 2012 by Killer365

    So guys I'm going to be editing less and less here because I'm getting busy with other wikis like this one and But i still will be doing my jobs on here (Updating the main page, making/finishing award templates, ect) just less often. I just had t let you guys know that.

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  • RainbowDerp99

    Comics? Jeff or Slendy?

    September 6, 2012 by RainbowDerp99

    Ok, so as Raven most likely has told you, I do art, manga strips of her stories sometimes. Well, Im working on two comics at the same time. I think it'd be better if I work on one at a time. Which should I center my attention on? Jeff the Killer or A Slender Dream? Comment and let me know, if you'd like. I just wanted input on what you guys thought. Btw, here's the link to find the comics if you haven't already. (They're not the best, I'm not a great artist. Yet! :D)

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  • Masked Midnight X

    Small update

    September 4, 2012 by Masked Midnight X

    Here is just a small little update...

    The past few weeks have been pretty busy for me, since I have to let you guys know, I may not be active upon this wiki NOR any other wiki for a bit, because of school and other things, although I hopfully can update a few more fanfics I am planning on remake-ing, and changing and editing a few more, along with creating more, as soon as I have time.

    Soon as I have time, and the season of Halloween is just around the cornor, i am planning to create and post creepypasta's and such, just for Halloween, and work on my action fanfic, which will be held off for a bit, since (once again), I have school, an much work to I cvan hopfully get back on track with that story, and hopfully finish the…

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