Crime & Punishment - Hatsune Miku English Subs03:12

Crime & Punishment - Hatsune Miku English Subs

Opening Song

A story I've been working on for a while, but it's still a work in progress. I thought I should make a story that could really incorporate all my OCs. Keep in mind, I want it to sort of be like an anime, so it'll have an opening song and such. Hope you enjoy c: 

Chapter 1Edit

The monotonous beeping of the alarm echoed throughout the silent, sleeping house. A hand emerged from underneath the fuzzy, custom-embroidered blanket. Slam!! Squeaking under the pressure, the alarm ceased it’s beeping as the hand began to fumble around. A very soft moaning began to rise from under the blanket. The hand continued to glide along the dresser, searching for something. Suddenly, the hand found what it had been searching for. It clutched the glasses and brought them to a very sleepy-looking face. Entangled in the blankets, she squirmed and wiggled until they escaped the blanket’s evil clutches. However, that came at the cost of her plummeting slowly to the ground. She let out a high-pitched squeal as she fell, and hollered when her body finally collided with the polished, hardwood floor. This instantly pulled her from her slumber, causing her to sit up and rub her head.

“Ouch!! That really hurt....” The girl continued to rub her head and slowly stood up. Still a bit sleepy, she steps into her tiny bathroom. The rusted, ancient knobs of the faucet squeak, again echoing through the house. The water begins to flow, but it is deathly frozen, so she waits for it to heat up. Once it heats up, she splashes her face and looks into the mirror. The faded mirror barely shows her face anymore. She’d rather not see anyway, being not all that fond of her appearance.

Once the sleep has been washed away from her face, she slowly makes her way to the creaky kitchen, makes breakfast, and eats. She then gets dressed, cleans up her hair, brushes her teeth, usual morning things. Her mornings are always the same, her days as well. Nothing really surprised her anymore, and life was simply a bore. Same old alarm. Same old rusty faucet, faded mirror. Same old silence. Everything was always completely silent. Until today.

Nestled deep within the warm cloth of her favorite hoodie, she steps out the door, prepared for the day ahead of her. Suddenly, something rustles in the shrubs beside her house.

“Hm?” She turned her head toward the sound, and looked around, trying to spot something possibly hiding in the leaves. After a few moments, she shakes it off as her imagination, and leaves to work. Just then, two dark cat-shaped silhouettes crawl out from the depths of the bushes.

“Is she really the one?”

“Of course she is. We’ve observed long enough, dear brother! I’m sure she’s the one now.”

“Thank goodness. Shall we go collect her?”

“But of course, brother of mine.”

The sinister silhouettes uttered laughter that could be heard echoing throughout the neighborhood streets.

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