400px-Blaze Background 1 Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Pony
Cutie Mark Untitled2222
Job Mechanic
Status Alive
Location Ponyvile


Blaze is a perverted, idiotic, distant pony that just wants to make freinds. Blaze likes cider, the ladies (VERY MUCH THE WESTERN ONES) and racing, but as you can see in MLP episode 1, he needs to get to know the person first, or he will never race them


Twilight - it is know they are freinds but nothing much had been happening bewteen them

Rainbow Dash - She was his first rival, but soon became freinds, both fight alot but are great freinds ethier way

Applejack - He and Applejack are great freinds, she was the first to become his best freind, she made him and RD great freinds now, as i said above, he has a thing for western girls, so i dont know how there gonna turn out, looks like were gonna have to wait and see?

Grimshot and Phazon - on saturdays these guys go down Apple Anchor to have some cider, so they are pretty close, The Hangover episode will go deeper into these guys relationships


Blaze has lighting hair, red eyes and a white coat

Blaze Background 1

Blaze first Apperance

Cutie MarkEdit

Wrench cutie mark by rildraw-d4o87un
Blaze's cutie mark is a wrench, Blaze is good with mechanics, this isent shown yet, but will be shown in The Hangover

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