About Fic...Edit

this is my own Batman fic, nothing in this really happens, so if someone dies, it didnt really happen.



Chapter 1 The Robbery...Edit

For ages ive been stoping The Joker time and time again...i have had so many chances to kill him...but i not like that...but everytime that man is alive people die, and that Asylum never holds him for long, but this time...this time its been longer than usaul...and i intend to find out.

Alfred: something troubling you sir?.

There was no point lying to Alfred, he knows me better than anyone else.

Bruce: The Joker...he has hasn't been seen for starting to get worried.

Alfred: Just be glad that vile man is locked away in the Asylum.

Bruce: Still...his never been gone this long...his planning something big, and ill be there to stop him.

Alfred: im sure you will sir. Its pretty late, maybe you should get some rest.

i did feel pretty tired, this weeks been a tireing one, i accepted Alfred's advice and went on to bed...but i couldent stop thinking about him, The Joker is cooking something bad...and i dont like it.

its the morning, Alfred brings me breakfest in bed, he can tell that im still thinking about The Joker.

Alfred:maybe some fresh air will clear your mind...

I took Alfreds advice again, i went to the nearby cafe to get some coffe, i felt relaxed...untill i heard the news...

Vicki Vale:Vicki Vale reporting to you live at another bank robery, here with me is Comissioner Gordon, Comissioner can you tell us whats been going on lately?.

Gordan:to be honest with you Vicki, we are confused as much as you are, but we do intend-

Police:Gordan!, come over here...

Hmm, Vicki said 'another bank robery'...whats going on...

Gordan:a green smile print?...

Wait....this is...

Gordan and Bruce:the work of The Joker...

Vicki Vale:well folks, looks like The Joker is back, stay tuned for the news at 10, this is Vicki Vale signing off...

I knew The Joker was planning something big, and i have to find out what it is i leave some money and a small tip for the waiter and go in my mercades, 10 minutes later i get to Wayne Mansion, I Park my car with other brands of cars i own, i run into the house and open the front door to see Alfred going down the stair case.

Alfred: i suppose you saw the news sir?

Bruce:indeed, and im going to find out what The Joker is planning.

Alfred:should i call master Drake?

Bruce:no, i want to do this alone

Alfred:i thought those days were over sir and we are talking about The Joker, that man is full of suprises.

Bruce:I know, thats why im going at this alone, i dont want to put Tim in danger.

Alfred:you will need to stop treating him like a child at one point sir.

Bruce:maybe your right...but not today

I walk into my office, i sit in my chair, i say TALIA and suddenly my chair slides me down into a secret passage way, leading me into the batcave. When i went slideing out, i notice a rip in my suit, on my left arm

Bruce:cant stay perfect all the time

I then walk over the bridge, water streaming left and right, i come into a room full of batsuits, like the batsuit i had when i was with the justice leauge. i put on my batsuit, strap on my utility belt and then i jump into my batmobile. Tonight is cold and damp, hardly anyone on the street, just a few homeless bums and a homeless dog

Batman:Alfred, get Oracle online.

Oracle:im already online Bruce, Alfred told me you didnt bring Tim, why?

Batman:this is personal Oracle, Joker hasent been seen for months but then is suddenly robbing banks, Joker is planning something much bigger to be gone that long.

Oracle: do know Tim is gonna come after you...

Batman:then dont tell him.

Oracle:but bruce-

Batman:i said, dont tell him...

Oracle: ...

Oracle: fine...just...just be careful

Batman:i will...

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