Batman vs Bane plus Clayface

A dark night in Gotham City. The wind howled. Bruce Wayne stood in Gotham Graveyard. Today, was the day Thomas and Martha Wayne died when Bruce was a boy. Joe Chill. I never saw him again. Bane's footsteps were behind Bruce Wayne. Bane cracked his knuckles, and whispered" You are going to turn into Batman, right?" Bruce Wayne walked away. Bane chuckled. Bane " Oh, today, Your parents died, You don't want to fight?"

Batman leaped behind Bane. Batman punched Bane. Bane growled, and picked up Batman his neck. Bane let go of Batman. Batman fell. Bane said" I am going to kill you, dig a grave next to your----. Batman kicked Bane three times. Batman said" I despise you" Bane said" I do,too" Bane snapped his fingers. Fog appeared. It was a fog machine. Batman wondered. Bane kicked Batman.

Bane chuckled. Bane said" You are so weak" to Batman. If you want someone easier to fight, Fight Clayface, rich boy" A ball of clay was on the cement. Clayface grew. Batman said" Why are you here, Basil Karlo?" Clayface said" I will tell you why" Batman is punched by Clayface. Bane leaves.

A hour later, Bane returns. Batman's mask is torn. Clayface is now Batman's height. Clayface pounded the grass with his clay fist. Batman was covered in clay. Bane said" Clayface, It takes you a hour to defeat Batman!" Bane growled. Clayface turned in clay again and rolled away. Batman punched Bane through a wall. Bane laughed and headbutted Batman. Batman's mask was torn, Commisioner Gordon came, and pulled out a pistol. Bane walked over to him and crushed it. Chief O'Hara said" Stay back, Bane, Don' touch Batman, I f you do, I will haul back into Gotham State Penitentiary, this time in a straitjacket" Bane put down Batman and walked away.

The Gotham Police Deparment left. Batman stood alone. A figure jumped down and sprayed fear gas. The figure walked away, leaving Batman to struggle in his deepest fears. Batman recovered after two days unconscious.

Who was the figure?

Leave a comment below, to tell me who do you think the figure was.

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