Hello, I am Spider-Man

Greetings, I am Spider-Man.

Feel free to ask me any questions.

Harry Osborn: Spider-Man, Why is that Peter Parker leaves and then comes back a hour later ?

Spider-Man: Remember, Peter Parker works at the Daily Bugle

Harry Osborn: So he works there for a hour?

Spider-Man: Harry, John Jonah Jameson doesn't like to pay his employees, he gives them a hour shift

Harry: Ok?

John Jonah Jameson: Listen, you Masked Menace, You don't help New York City at all, Crime rates are higher than ever now, that started happening you arrived....

  • Spider-Man leaves*

The Green Goblin: Meet me at Hall of Mirrors

Spider-Man: Already there, Goblin

The Green Goblin: *facepalm* He is so fast

John Jonah Jameson: I am not done talking to you...

  • Spider-Man walks away*

Mary Jane Watson: I can't believe I get to talk to Spider-Man! Spider-Man?

Spider-Man realizes he is drooling

  • The Green Goblin posts that on Marvelbook*

The Lizard: [roars]

Spider-Man: Hey, Lizard, Meet Reptile, You should hang out more and play video games in the sewers

  • Spider-Man walks away and leaves photo of Reptile

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