This is a blog intended to have a storyline and art. However, I can't go and rush it straight away, so for now, just ask questions while I plan. 

So this is a grimdark comedy blog involving Vinyl Scratch getting discorded. You can ask her questions while I work on an actual storyline. 

Heavily influenced by the Ask Discorded Whooves tumblr. 

So, yeah, this is Beta 0.5.1 (where it begins). 

Ask Questions Below

Jobs For This Ask ThingyEdit

This is intended to be a rather huge thing once the actual thing is complete. For now, there are no jobs in Beta, though I will need some later.

Artist Edit

Pretty much anything you draw is fine. Just follow the two rules below, and that's fine by me.


1. Don't answer the questions. I'll send the answer to you, then you draw a picture for it. You can answer questions when i'm not around, but please don't answer them when I am around.

2. Please remember that this is a grimdark comedy blog, not a horror blog. So don't make the art horrifying. 

Those are pretty much the only rules.

How To Be An Artist:

This is a blog with multiple artists, so do anything I like and you're an artist.

Remember, this is only to begin during Beta 5.0 (probably a long time) so don't rush it. Take your time.

Co Writer:

I don't really know where or when i'm gonna open this up, but it's probably gonna be early on in the story, considering how bad I am at writing.

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