I'm planning to do a story about Lyra's transformation into a human. It's coming soon, so i'll give you some information before it comes out. 

Based On This Incredible Video


Main CharactersEdit

Lyra- A pony obsessed with becoming a human. She ends up trading her magic powers to become a human. There's a pretty good reason why Equestria doesn't allow humans...

Bon Bon- Lyra's best friend (NO SHIPPING, FOR MASKED'S PLEASURE) who works at the candy shop. She doesn't seem to like humans, and has a fiery temper.

Derpy Hooves- Not exactly the brightest crayon. She works at the mail service and is obsessed with muffins. She is also friends with Lyra and Bon Bon (no idea why, can't think of anything original).

Carrot Top- Derpy's best friend and also Applejack's business rival. She doesn't like Lyra and Bon Bon (mainly for them not paying her *SPOILERS!*) 

Background CharactersEdit

Applejack- Carrot Top's business rival. Pretty much 97.56% of Carrot Top's storyline involves Applejack trying to run her out of business. The other parts are *SPOILERS*

Phazon- Dunno why he's in this story, but he is. He appears every once in a while, and that has absolutely nothing to do with the plot, comes out of nowhere, and is never spoken of again.

Windrider- Also pretty much in the story for no damn reason apart from making a Big Lipped Alligator Moment with Phazon. Seriously, nearly all of the background characters in this story are there for no reason, just for BLAM purposes.

Epic Coffee- Comes the crap out of nowhere at one point. Yep, another BLAM.

Nightmoon- Hates shipping, and comes the crap out of nowhere again.

Ponyfied Judge Doom- Scares the crap out of everyone, melts and is another BLAM. Yes, the Big Lipped Alligator Moments take up half of the entire story.

Blaze- Another Big Lipped Alligator Moment! 

Luna- Might as well be the only background character (along with Applejack) that isn't a BLAM. Is very socially awkward, and spends time with Derpy at points.

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