• Burningchucky
    Andy,Kyle,and Jeff run to Andy`s home*

Andy:*to his wife*GET HIM OUT OF HERE*Points to Kyle*

  • soon after his wife drives away,Chucky arrives*

Chucky:We meet again,clown.I`m a doll,but I still look better than you.


Andy:Chucky,it`s not him you want,it`s me.

Chucky:Stay out of this.

Jeff:At least I don`t look like Freddy.

Chucky:At least I was a killer on my own free will,and not because of some Pedo-in-a-sweato.

Jeff:*gasps*How....HOW DO YOU KNOW OF THAT

Chucky:You`d be amazed by what you learn in Hell,Jeff.I`d tell you more,but you could find out for your self,you deformed freak.

Jeff:*twiches,signifing he`s losing his "sanity",or what he had left of it*I-I was burned.Bullyed.Tortured.YOU`LL KNOW WHAT IT`S LIKE TO BURN!*Grabs Table leg*

Chucky:*grabs metal stick from fire place*

  • They have an epic sword-like battle,and then chucky hits Jeff in the neck*

Jeff:*opens eyes to find him self in a dark red cave*Where am I?

Freddy:You`re in Hell,kid.

Jeff:YOU,ARGH!*Charges at him but is blasted backwords*

Freddy:Force sheilds,great,aint it?

Devil:*appears*Welcome.To the battle station

Jeff:Battle station?

Devil:*looks puzzled*

Freddy:He`s new at this.




Announcer:First Match,Jeff the Killer and Freddy Krueger vs Micheal Myers and........Thomas ....Hewiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitt!

Crowd:Who?I don`t even know.

Devil:You ready Guys?





Thomas:*Turns on his chainsaw and heads towards Freddy*

Jeff:HE`S MINE!*Grabs chainsaw,and stabs it through Thomas*\

Devil:Oh!That`s 3 left.You know what this means.

Annoucer:Of Course,Lu,EVERY MAN FOR THEM SELF.


Micheal:*Attempts to stab Jeff,But Freddy stabs him in the neck*

Freddy:I created him.And only I,can destroy him.

Micheal:*Falls down,and dies*

Devil:Only 2 challengers left.Only one gets out of Hell alive....FOR NOW.

Freddy:He he,Fire vs Fire.Or shall I say,Demon vs Clown.


Devil:*trips Freddy and tosses Jeff a sword*FINISH HIM will not.*drops sword*I will not stoop to his level.

Devil:You have passed the test,you will return to Earth,and be freed of your curse.You will be allowed in Heaven,at one exception.

Jeff:What is it?

Devil:You must Kill Chucky an-

Jeff:Easy enough.

Devil:Wait.You also have to.Kill Andy Barclay.

Jeff:*poker face*Challenge Accepted.

  • Earth*

Andy:This is it,isn`t it.24 years in the making.

Chucky:Bring it on.

Jeff:*stands up*Not without going through me first.

Chucky:*charges at Jeff*

Jeff:BURN,BABY,BURN*Throws Chucky In the fire*


Jeff:*grabs switch blade*Now.To earn my freedom.I need to kill one last person.You,Andy.You are next.

Andy:*grabs Bottle of lighter fluid,and crushes it.The fluid spills on the fire,and Jeff.*

Jeff:AHH!MY EYES*Stumbles back and falls into the fire*


  • The fire spreads,but Andy Escapes before he the house burns down*
  • 2 weeks later*

Detective Dolly:*picks up burnt doll,but finds no human remains,despite Andy`s claims Jeff was there*Hmph

  • Back in the forensics lab*

Dolly:*looks at doll,then looks at some papers*Hmm...There was a doll,but that proves nothing.*turns back,doll is gone*What the...*is stabbed by a figure in a black hoody holding a doll*

Figure:*Takes off hood,and reveals him self to be Jeff*MUHAHAHAHAHA

The end............?

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