Alice of GTF and Phazon Wiki Sacrifice...

This story stars

Maskedman0000 as the Red ALICE of the Spade

RayvenTheInsane as the Blue ALICE of the Diamond

PhazonGumball123 as the Green ALICE of the Club

SublimePie and GumballTransformerFan as the Yellow ALICE of the Heart

SweetieBotXLS as the Little Dream

RainbowDerp99 as the Narrarator

Who is the next ALICE??

The StoryEdit

Narrarator: Once upon a time, in a place unknown, there was a dream. No one knew who had dreamt the dream. But such a tiny dream it was. The tiny dream began to think.

Little Dream: I don't want to disappear. How can I make people dream of me?

Narrarator: The tiny dream thought, and thought. And finally, it came up with a idea.

Little Dream: I will let the humans stray into me. And then, I will let THEM create the world!

The First ALICE(Maskedman0000)Edit

The first ALICE was walking through the woods of Wonderland;

Bravely with his fearsome claws clenched within his hands.

Slaying countless creatures in his hot, unyielding wrath;

He left the carnage in his wake, a red and bloody path.

The first ALICE came to rest deep within the woods;

The people saw him as a sin and locked him there for good.

Had it not been for that red and bloody path he left;

His life would be a mystery until this very day.

The Second ALICE(RayvenTheInsane)Edit

The second ALICE was a tame and tender teenage girl;

She was meek and shy and pretty in the Wonderland.

Here she sang her insanity to people in the world;

Creating sounds of madess waiting to be unfurled.

This ALICE was beautiful, but deadly, like the rose;

A madman came to her one day and silenced her to death.

Her blood stained the blue roses a bright and somber red;

A girl, once loved, now dies with a smile as her one last breath.

The Third ALICE(PhazonGumball123)Edit

The third ALICE was a handsome, clever man in Wonderland;

Very special, very needed in this lawless land.

He charmed, decieved the people to his every beck and call;

Creating a green country that ruled above them all.

This third ALICE became the country's king;

Taken over by a strange, distorted dream.

For the fear of decay from his own impending death;

He stayed inside, secured his reign for all eternity.


Find the path into the forest, that's where the story starts.

A tea party under blue rose trees, right where the forest parts.

An invitation from the country's king was...

The trump card; The Ace of Hearts!

The Fourth ALICE(SublimePie and GumballTransformerFan)Edit

The fourth ALICE was twin children in the Wonderland;

Straying into this mad world is where their tale begins.

Going through this land, they found they passed through many doors;

Trying to find where they began, only to be made lost even more.

The pervy younger brother;

And the silly older brother;

These golden kids came close to being the true ALICE, but...

What Happened?(Little Dream)Edit

They will never wake up from their dream as they had planned;

Forever they will wander hopelessly in Wonderland.

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