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BROADWAY KARKAT ~ Strider be Mine.


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TO THE MEMBERS OF TFWoGTFaP WIKI: Yes, this is a smutty fanfiction(or as the Bronies here call it, a clopfic). You all knew it was coming, even you, Phazon.

To Phazon, please don't hate me.

To Ayla, yes I can write smut and not be sorry. I'm actually kind of ashamed.

To the others, give constructive critisism. No perverse comments, please.

Alex x Kenzi - Be Mine(Lemon)Edit

Kenzi was stuck at home on her usual Friday night of going to the N1GH7CLU8. It was closed down due to the yearly asbestos check, which was ordered by the state after the 2011 incident.

She was on her laptop, with multiple tabs opened. Her Wikia, her Tumblr, her deviantART, YouTube, Inkbunny,, and anything that caught her attention was on her screen. You name it, there was a chance she'd seen it.

She came across this one YouTube video, a song by Broadway Karkat. She loved to listen to Homestuck songs, so of course she clicked.

The recognized the tune immediately as Lady Gaga's 'ShieBe'. This version was better than the original, she decided. Then again, most other versions of Lady Gaga's songs were better than the originals.

When the song was done, she shut her laptop. She sighed and ran her fingers through her short, spiky dirty-blonde hair. Her eyes were a bit achey from staring at her computer screen for so long, and she was a little tired. She looked over at her bedside clock, the green numbers reading 10:30 P.M.

Might as well get to bed, she decided. Besides, tomorrow would be a teacher day at school, and she could sleep in as long as she wanted.

Before she got up from her chair, she looked over at the picture on her desk. It was a picture of her and her old friends from the MarbleHornets cast. She was between by Tim, who was standing by Jay, who was standing by Jessica. Alex was on her other side, with his arm around her waist. They were all smiling, all buddy-buddy with eachother.

That was about a year ago, just when Kenzi turned sixteen. Alex was about... twenty-ish? She couldn't remember, and she didn't really care. Alex could die and rot.

Kenzi put the picture face down, not wanting to let any memories come to mind. Although, one did make it through...

"Alex, stop it!" Kenzi screamed as he stomped on another tape.

"Why?! Nobody is gonna want to see this shitty movie anyway!" he hollered, stomping on it harder, trying to make it unrepairable, "Especially with your stupid parts!"

Kenzi was stunned. Alex had always said she did just fine on her acting. She thought he liked it. Tears welled up in her blue eyes, and she wiped them away feverishly.

"Well at least I'm not the one who puts the entire cast down! I'm sorry to say it, but ever since we started going out, you've gotten a little bit too har-"


Kenzi's fists clenched, tremblign slightly. She suddenly reared forward, and punched Alex dead in the face.

Alex's cheek instinctively went to his cheek to access the damage, but before he could process his surprise, Kenzi finished her sentance.

"YOU, SIR, ARE AN ASS!" she spat. She turned on her heel, but before she left, she took out a lighter from her pocket and flipped it on, throwing it into the box of tapes.

Alex's eyes widened in surprised anger, and Kenzi walked out.

As she passed Jay, she advised he get the fire extinguisher.

"Why?" Jay asked, before turning when he caught scent of burnt plastic.

"Take it as my resignition."

Kenzi sighed as the memory passed. She had to admit that it was pretty asinine of her to do that. She was too tired to reflect now. She had to get to bed.

She got into her favorite oversized Joe's Crab Shack tee and black, white, and grey toesie socks. Before she could lay down, however, she heard a noise in the kitchen.

Somebody was coming in from the back door.

Kenzi quietly got her forty-five out from under her bed, and quickly snuck down the steps. She stopped at the edge of the kitchen door. She heard munching, so she safely presumed the culprit was otherwise accupied.

She flipped on the light, and pointed her gun at the stunned perpatraitor.

However, when she saw him, she nearly dropped her gun. 



"So, you're sure it's okay for me to stay?" Alex asked warily, looking for any quirks that may suggest against her affirmative.

"Yeah, man, it's all good," she assured him, "I owe you for wrecking your tapes back then."

"It's okay," Alex chuckled, "I was being a dick anyway."

Kenzi smiled weakly. Alex was still Alex, but he was... Different somehow. Not as she remembered him. He'd cut his hair shorter, and he seemed a bit paler and more beaten up. He also seemed more... Cocky, dominant.

Kenzi offered him her room for the night, and turned away as he began to take off his shirt. After Alex had settled in, she bid him goodnight and turned to leave.

"Where do you think you're going?" he asked right before she could leave.

She turned around, confused. "Uh, to the living room. I have a futon down there, so I'm just gonna-"

"Oh, no. I'm not going to put you out like that."


"Look, you can sleep in your own bed tonight. Come here," he growled, pulling the covers aside for her.

Kenzi could hear the force in his voice, and she felt that if she told him no that he'd end up dragging her into her own bed. She found herself laying on her side away from Alex, on the furthest corner of the bed.

Alex didn't approve. "... Fine. If you won't come to me, then I'll go to you." He scooted over to the middle of the bed, then pulled Kenzi against his chest. Kenzi blushed automatically the moment that she felt his bare chest against her back. "There. Now isn't that better?" he whispered into her.

Kenzi was shivering, but mostly from nerves. After a while, though, she did start to warm up. They were actually getting quite comfortable.

"I missed you so much," Alex murmured, nuzzling her neck.

"You... You did?"

"Mm-hmm. I've missed everything about you. Your smile."

His finger trailed along her jawling.

"Your voice."

His finger trailed down over her neck.

"Your body..."

"M-my what?!" Kenzi stuttered, trying to roll over. Alex did that for her, getting on top of her and crushing their lips together.

Kenzi was all but stunned. Nobody had touched her like this before. She didn't really think anyone actually considered it, either. She wasn't exactly resisting, so Alex pressed against her lips harder, forcing her into the pillow.

Kenzi felt the hem of her tee being lifted, and then she felt a pit in her stomach as her lower regions were suddenly exposed to the cold air of the room.

Alex bit her neck harshly, but not roughly enough to break the skin. It hurt, but is also felt good... Funny. Like a good kind of funny, though. Like she could get in trouble for it, like it was naughty.

Alex smirked against her neck. His ministrations began to become more gentle, and he consoled her.

"It won't hurt too much," he promised.

Kenzi nearly grimaced as she heard the sickening noise of a zipper being opened.

"Alex, what are you doing?" she whined, trying to squirm away, only to have herself shoved harder into the bed by Alex.

"I've waited too long for you, Kenzi," he panted, "but I'll be gentle."


Then her lower half was on fire. She screamed, tears welling up in her eyes as she instinctively tried to adjust to his size. Alex held onto her shoulders, gripping them tightly.

"You're okay, y-you're okay," Alex nodded, his voice sounded like he was in as much pain as she was, "G-gah..."

Kenzi nodded, her breathing slowing down. She expected it to burn a lot the entire time, but the pain slowly edged away. He pulled out slowly, to the tip, then shoved himself back in, going a little bit deeper.

Kenzi gasped. Alex moaned.

Alex slowly began to pump in and out of her, causing both of their faces to dust bright red in blush. Pleasure coarsed between their legs, rocketing throughout their bodies as they both snapped forward to increase the blinding pleasure. They built up a good rhythm, and Kenzi immediately matched it with the beat of the song she had listened to earlier.

It seemed to make the experience hotter.

Kenzi felt a kind of pressure building up, a huge pressure that needed to be released. She felt it getting stronger and stronger and stronger, until...

Alex bumped against something inside her.

And that, of all things, was going to send her over the edge.

"ALEX!" Kenzi squealed, her walls clenching around his length.

"Kenzi!" Alex groaned, both of them screaming as they felt a new wetness down below. Alex collapsed on top of her, both of them breathing hard. Alex slowly wrapped his arms around her as they both fell asleep.


When Kenzi woke up, Alex was gone. He just up and left, just like that.

Kenzi blinked, wondering what the fuck had actually happened that night. For some reason she didn't know, she was kind of insulted by Alex's leaving.

She got up and put on her robe, tears welling up in her eyes. She went out to the balcony, blankly gazing out at the sunrise above the beach.

She remembered the lyrics to the song again.

" wish that I could dance on a single prayer,

I wish I could be strong without these hipsters yeah

I wish that I could dance on a single prayer,

I wish I could be strong without you Strider yeah

Na na na na na

Without you Strider yeah

Na na na na na

Without you Strider yeah

Dave Strider beats the shit

Bitches can't handle this

Though Blackroms make me sick

I've fallen for this prick

Dave Strider beats the shit

Bitches can't handle this

Though Blackroms make me sick

I've fallen for this prick."

Kenzi decided there was a little room for humor, so she added with a smirk, "No, seriously. I don't speak a LICK of hipster."

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