Chapter 1:Early LifeEdit

When Blujamin Homes was born to Jasup and Maria Homes,they promised him all of the love and affection in the world.That was true until his father developed cancer and could not home school him anymore.As a result of his keemo therapy he was bald,and all of the kids at school bullied him for it.

Chapter 2:Friends and CrushesEdit

When Blujamin entered middle school he meant a kid named Jasup.Jasup befriended Blujamin and Blujamin`s father was pleased at how they shared names.Blujamin soon got the nickname Blue and Jasup was nicknamed maskedman or mask for his habbit of wearing masks.They then meant Jarood and Jackup,and their friend Carl Foul,or CF.Despite this Blujamin was still bullied and so were his friends.In 7th grade,Blue developed a crush on a girl named Mary.Mary slowly returned those feelings,but hid them in fear of being bullied too.

Chapter 3:A misunderstandingEdit

As Blue became a freshman,he saw a man run from a orphanage holding a child.He tripped the man and retrieved the child but was framed for kidnapping.After getting out of jail he had missed 3 years of high school,and his friends had moved away.Enraged,he set a tree on fire,accidently burning down the forest.Suddenly everyone in town decided to put him in a cage and throws rocks at him in the middle of a park.He slowly lost his grip on sanity.One day he old crush walked up to his cage.When Blue tried talking to her she would throw sticks at him."I know you didn`t steal that child,but I saw you burn down the forest"She screamed."Mary,WAIT"Blue called after her but she was gone,and soon moved away to Esquestria.After this Blue went mad,and developed an alter ego.He was no longer Blujamin,or Blue,but named him self the Incinerator.He organized a plan and stole a lighter from a man,and set the grass on fire.He then dug a hole with his bare hands and escaped.

Chapter 4:The Hooded man.Edit

While running from the cops he ran into a hooded man with a sword.The man then took Blue under his wing,and trained him strategic assassin technques,and became a master assassin.Although Blue didn`t want to live a life of crime,the Incinerator did,and continued his reign of terror and became Public Enemy #1.

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