As he wakes up he makes his way to the kitchen,where a news report on one of his crimes is airing.After eating cereal he walks outside in a hoodie that covers his face and walks around town.Everypony who sees him calls him a weirdo and a freak,but he doesn`t mind them,as he walks to a skyscraper.Taking the elevator to the top,he makes a manican(out of materials he brought with him)and held it over the ledge,threatening to drop the "child"with out a certain payment.After they shoot the money up via cannon,he drops the manican and jumps off into a helicopter that was waiting for him.As everyone sorounds the manican,realizing it`s fake,Blue is smoking in the helicopter,as he lets out an evil grin.That`s just another day in the life..of Public Enemy #1.

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